Hot-Wife Lovers

Acquiring a Taste!

I got home from work that evening and I was absolutely shattered. It had been one of them days – nothing goes right for you and you just feel like hitting the nearest person to you (know the feeling?). I stripped off my work stuff and put on a comfortable pair of shorts and went …

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Maid to please

After shopping all day with the wife we decided to go to the pub for tea, we found a table and I went to the bar to order our food, while I was waiting for our drinks I felt a tap on my shoulder turned round there was a chap standing there, I was confused …

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I Dare You

Sometimes my husband and I like to play a game we call “I Dare You.” It all started innocently enough. We were at an amusement park, and Chad dared me to go on the big roller coaster. I did it, and then dared him to go on this scary free-fall ride. He wouldn’t do it, …

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