Sam (Part two)

His sister’s game plagued him all afternoon. Was she seeing how far she could push him? What would she do if he were to go into her room and force himself on her? That idea appealed to him, but the potential fall-out would be too high a price to pay¦ What would all his friends …

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Sam (Part one)

Sam lay naked on the bed. The rest of the house was quiet. His parents had gone to bed an hour ago, and his sister was at University. With growing excitement, he dragged his schoolbag closer and opened it. Earlier that evening, he had been at a friend’s house playing on his X box. During …

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Fun Together

‘Why don’t we go back to my place? We wouldn’t touch off course, but it would satisfy our immediate needs. How do you feel about that Mike?’ ‘Very interested’ I replied as Jennifer continued ‘I would like to change into something I know you would like. Give me 20 minutes before you come’ and she …

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