The Closet Door Ajar

I’d left school at eighteen years of age, to find employment with a small and family owned and run accountancy firm. Each year, the company would take on two school-leavers and guide them to qualify as accountants. With their new qualification in hand, those employees moved on to join bigger organisations. At twenty-three years of …

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Flying High

The airplane engine roared, making me tighten my grip on the armrest. I hate flying. Shakily, I closed my eyes and took a breath as a big hand embraced mine. His grip was firm but gentle. I focused on the heat of his hand warming up mine as my breathing slowly eased. “Relax, I got …

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Let Him Watch – Part 1

Dwight had been watching me from behind the bar all evening. I marveled at the way he could effortlessly make drinks while remaining laser-focused on my body. Of course, the outfit I’d chosen was meant to draw his attention. Although it was far from practical, I’d worn a dangerously short skirt to work. Even more …

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