Boys will be Boys then become men..

After my obvious teenage years of unwanted and wanted attention I was about to get a bit too much than I expected After Mel and I parted she still used to phone and say hi now and again I’m a week away from Naval training and I’m so excited our sexy games had taken second …

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Don’t Give Up Spice It Up

My wife of 10 years now, Jill. As most all married couples our sex went into a routine and quickly became boring. So like most we tried watching porn together. I got to noticing she preferred the more public ones especially the accidental flashing ones. So the next time we went out, you guessed it …

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Replacing hubby part 7

Cheating slut wife Priya discusses her fantasy with her neighbor…Will it come true? Fucking Logan , Duke and Jax had become a regular thing… everytime my Clit twitched I could would call Jax over for a licking .. Id started taking pics and vids and teased logan with it ..mand every opportunity I had to …

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