Fucked the Thieving Neighbor for Trying to Steal Goods

The night was warm so I had decided to sit out on the porch for a while. As I was almost closing my eyes for a quick nap, I saw a silhouette creep up, pick up my watering can and sneak off. I run behind that slowly and catch the body. I see it is Emma my neighbor, Miss Good Two Shoes. “Why are taking my can without asking?” I ask her. “I…I needed it once for a project,” she mutters. “Because you didn’t ask, I have got to punish you. Come over tomorrow for your punishment,” I tell her this and walk away. I am not sure if she will show, but if she does, then I will teach her a lesson and then give her pleasure. My luck was in my favor and I fucked the thieving neighbor real hard.

She actually came over to my house at 10 am the next morning. I had some equipment set up in my spare bedroom and when she came in, I led her there. She saw all of that quietly and then said, “Will I be in pain?” “Only if you like it. But there will be pleasure too,” I tell her. She nods and begins to take off her clothes. Her petite little body makes me hot and horny. All I want to do is fuck her, but I withhold. To ease off her anxiety I hold her and kiss her on the mouth. She opens up to me and I push my tongue in her mouth. She tastes like chocolate and kiss her deeper. “It will be ok,” I reassure her.

I lay her down on a leather bench and tie her hands under it. I then lift both her legs and tie it to a rod hanging from the ceiling. I can control how high or low her legs are lifted and I can do this to access her pussy easily. “I am going to punish you now. But if you don’t feel like it, tell me to stop,” I tell her. She nods again and lies back calm. I want to punish immediately but looking at her lying there, so trusting, I decide to go slow. I caress her breasts slowly and then kiss her again. I have brought out the whip and its going to hit her breasts. I then tell her about the whip and that I am going to use it on her. Ten times each side. She nods again.

I go towards her butt and whip her once on the ass. She flinches but doesn’t scream. Then in quick succession, I hit her five times on both buttocks. Then she moans when I stop and rub her butt. I kiss her clit after parting her folds and give a long lick. She moans and writhes again and then I quickly smack her ass again, the remaining five times. Her skin is red from the hits but she hasn’t made a sound. “Now, I am going to hit your breasts,” I tell her. She looks afraid, but before she can say anything, I hit her three times on the nipples. This time she does mewl and tries to move. I immediately caress the nipples and take one in my mouth. She calms down as I gently suck on them alternatively.

I am horny now and I want to take her cunt. I take my cock out of my pants and start rubbing while looking at her bound body. I go towards her legs and pushed in two fingers inside her pussy. She is wet and I can feel some liquid on my fingers. Now she is moaning loudly and moving her pelvis. “Do you want my dick?” I ask her. “Yes!” she shouts like the sexual goddess I saw on Ishtarxxx. I rub my cockhead over her clitoris and enjoy the feeling. I can see her pussy opening and closing, almost trying to grab onto something.

I push in my cock just a little inside the pussy and its grabs on to me hungrily. I begin moving inside her wet pussy and I can hear the wet sounds of our movement. I bend forward and slap her breasts, fondling them roughly. Her pussy is holding on to my cock. I hasten my pace and start pumping in and out of her faster and harder. I can hear my balls slap against her and she is screaming now. Her pussy is clamping around me now. I push her clitoris and pinch it and then she stiffens. I feel her wetness come out of her pussy and I too orgasm hard.

Our playtime has just begun and I know I will be asking her again if she wants to play. You never know when your luck is going to take turns. It was my day and I fucked the thieving neighbor. Just that, now she does financial domination over me and I oblige to her orders. She doesn’t steal anything yet I am her cash machine. We enjoy great sex!