How I raped 14 year old Olivia at Church Camp, true story

Part 1 of the time I viciously raped this innocent, pure-hearted little 14 year old Christian girl named Olivia at Church camp. True Story!

First of let me start by describing my victim. Olivia was about 5 feet tall, and had the most gorgeous face you’ve ever seen with these deep dimples on her cheeks when she smiled, she looked VERY young even for a 14 year old. She had braces, long black hair that looked amazing when she curled it, which she normally did. She had a pretty big ass, maybe b-cup tits and a skinny little waist. She dressed somewhat modestly except for when she played sports which she did a lot. In her tight shorts and shirts you could see just how amazing her little body was.

Now I know you’re already thinking that she was literally perfect underage rapemeat, and you’re right she was. But let me tell you her personality. This girl was extremely nice, polite and good natured. She’d cry and get emotional easily and it was known by everyone that knew her how much she loved God. She’s the kind of girl that lights up any room she enters just with a smile (or at least she was). The kind of girl that would go and sit with the weird kid who was alone during lunch. Just the nicest, most pure-hearted innocent little soul ever.

Now I’m VERY sadistic and the less deserving a victim is of rape, the more I want to rape them. Especially when she’s a tight piece of jailbait ass like that. So I devised a plan to hatefuck the little girl. Church camp was coming up soon and I knew it was going to be her first year going. I had been a counselor there for several years before that so I knew the layout well. Camp lasted from Monday till Sunday so if I played my cards right I could rape her several times a day for the whole week.

I had a simple idea and it was time to put it in motion. As soon as we got off the bus on Monday I showed her a video of a guy at her house pointing a gun to the back of her little brother’s head and I told her if she didn’t want him to die she had to meet me in the Gymnasium at 1 in the morning. She looked so scared and sexy. I followed it up by telling her she better act natural because if anyone finds out what I said to her, her brother’s brains would paint his crib. She nodded her head and I went about my business just waiting to meet her that night.

I got there about 12:50 and she was already there waiting for me, I guess she knew not to be late. Never in my life have I seen a more terrified kid before. She was absolutely petrified, she was shaking uncontrollably and tears were filling her eyes and streaming down her adorable little face. She tried asking me “h-how i-is my b-b-brother?” but the little whore could barely get the words out. Talk about perfect foreplay, I was rock hard seeing her like this, I hadn’t even touched her yet.

There are many ways I love to hurt girls during rape, I love tearing open hymens with my cock and stretching open tight virgin assholes, I love seeing girls, especially young girls, scream out in pain, begging me for just a single ounce of mercy that they’ll never receive. But what I love even more than their physical destruction is the emotional damage I cause to their developing young minds. I love knowing that this violating act will haunt them in their dreams forever. I love knowing that she’ll wake up in a night sweat years from now after reliving what I did to her in a nightmare. I love knowing that I’ll always be right there when she closes her eyes.

I’m sorry if it’s taking a while to get to the good stuff but I promise it is worth it. There’s one last thing I need to explain so you can understand the full context of just how fucked up what I did to her really was. You need to understand the religious views of the Church, the ones Olivia deeply believes.

Our Church teaches that if a man enters your vagina for any reason, even in the case of rape, you can NEVER have sex with another man again! If teens at my Church have sex that’s it they might as well get married because they’ll never have anyone else if they want to stay “saved”. But if a girl is raped she can never have a family, she can never have a husband unless it’s her rapist which you would never do. Kind of fucked up huh? Well it gets worse, if she does have vaginal sex with a second man, her soul is damned, again even in the case of rape!

I say all of that to paint the context, that when I rape this innocent little girl, I rape her future away, and if I have a friend join in the future, well in her mind I just damned her soul into eternal hellfire and torment!

Alright where was I? Oh that’s right all alone with the little bitch in an empty gymnasium on the bleachers, far from any witnesses to hear her scream. I show her the livestream one more time and tell her that her brother is still alive and if she wants it to stay that way she needs to do what I ask. She nods her head. I tell her to take a deep breath and that everything is going to be fine, that what I want from her is actually very simple.

She calms down a little and asks what I want. “You.” I say as I start molesting her tits through her sundress. The look of panic on her face was amazing when she realized what I wanted and that she couldn’t stop me. She starts asking me to stop, I told her that I wouldn’t take her virginity as long as she gave up her asshole and did every other sex act I asked her to do. She looked so fucking cute and scared, she reluctantly agreed.

I grabbed her with my left hand by her hair and pulled her face towards mine. She shut her eyes and mouth and I tried to tongue kiss her but she was resisting. So I slapped her really hard with my right hand. Enough to leave a red mark where my fingers where. “LOOK AT ME! YOUR BROTHER IS DEAD IF YOU RESIST!” “Now” I said in a calmer tone, “Open your mouth and give me access to your tongue.” She did as I said as I started licking her tongue and lips. She wasn’t really kissing me back, she didn’t even know how, but she was giving me the access I wanted so I just violated her mouth with mine. God she tasted so fucking good, hands down the best mouth I had ever sucked at the time. She was crying pretty hard even now so I decided to start licking the tears off of her face. I love tasting rape victim’s salty tears. This only made her cry harder, I guess she could tell from that just how much I really enjoyed her suffering.

While pulling her face to me with my left hand my right hand was going to work all over her sexy underage body. I was feeling up her dress and touching her panties, her pussy was very warm obviously but I thought I could detect a little bit of wetness through them. “I guess I’ll find out later” I thought.

I took the dress off of her and I could see that she was getting more uncomfortable in just her bra and panties. It was such a turn on seeing the 14 year old squirm around like that. I started kissing my way down her chin, then the sides of her neck then towards the exposed part of her tits. The bra she was wearing wasn’t lingerie by any means but it did show some cleavage which was more than she had ever shown before so I started taking my time kissing and sucking on the 2 inches of cleavage or so that were exposed. She was breathing very hard which was apparent from the moving of her chest.

I noticed she was having a bad time so I decided to try and make it worse. “You know Olivia, you’re really sexy maybe I SHOULD take your virginity!” “No! Please don’t.” She pleaded. “Then you better be a REALLY good whore for me! You better do every fucking thing I ask little girl!” She was crying pretty badly at this point but she managed to nod in agreement.

I gave her a wet kiss then laid her down on the bleachers. I pulled out some rope and managed to tie her arms straight up and behind her head. Not that she was resisting I just wanted her to be more helpless. I starting playing with those gorgeous teenage tits, bouncing them up and down in her bra. I noticed the little slut was looking away and closing her eyes. I told her she has to watch and she complied. You never want to let your victims escape in their own minds, if you really want to traumatize them you need to make them stay present in the experience.

I pulled a temporary marker out from my pocket and wrote “14” right on her forehead. I wanted that constant reminder of just how young she really was, something I do to all my underage victims. I took off all my clothes and got between her legs and wrapped myself around her basically in the missionary position. I ripped her bra open from the front, ruining it and exposing the child’s beautiful tits completely. She let out this adorable high pitch squeal. Her nipples were these small but puffy, pinkish purple little things. If I was designing her myself that’s basically what I would have given her. Naturally I started aggressively sucking on them. Motorboating and just ravishing her little titties with my mouth. She had the most intoxicating smell to her. I swear little girls put out some kind of pheromones when they get raped or something, it’s like her whole body was just begging me for sex. Her armpits were exposed so I licked them too. Girls get a little embarrassed by their armpits so licking them is another way to claim her body and violate her innocence just a little bit more. I’d hate for her to think she could keep any part of her body private from me.

I was getting pretty worked up toying with my jailbait fucktoy so I decided it was time for my first orgasm and her first experience with cock and cum. I got naked and then on top of her. I moved my way up until my 8 inch cock was right above her face. Poor little Olivia looked so upset seeing it she begged me not to make her suck on it but I laughed at her complaints. “I told you, you needed to be a good whore if you want to keep your virginity today! Now be a good little 14 year old and put that man dick in your mouth!” She opened just enough for me to fuck her mouth, I had to tell her to wrap her lips around her teeth so they won’t scrape my cock. She tried to look away again this time I corrected her by simply opening up her eyes with my thumbs. I then started fucking her mouth, she was cute before but looking down on her with my cock in her mouth, tears streaming down her face and 14 painted on her forehead was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen.

I wasn’t gentle to her at all after that. I told her if she threw up I’d kill her brother and then I started to burry my cock down her throat. She was gagging so bad but trying desperately not to throw up for the sake of her brother. I was pounding her throat so bad her whole body started to shake. I fucked her for so long her gagging turned into gasping for air. I would pull out for just a second give her a gasp or two than fuck her throat again before she could catch her breath. After 4-5 times of doing this I actually waited too long and she went unconscious. I slapped her back awake gave her a small recovery period then kept going. A couple of times I’d even pull my cock out just to gag the back of her throat with my fingers. Surprisingly she never did throw up. It was a bluff anyway I needed her brother for leverage for the whole week, I wasn’t really going to kill him, I just wanted to make her suffer.

When I finally came I pulled out and squirted my cum all over her face. A pretty massive cumload as I was extremely horny at this point. She started crying again while catching her breath and I just relaxed for a minute. I untied her ropes and while she was still crying I told her to slowly scrape all of the cum off of her face and put it in her mouth without spilling or swallowing any. I made her swish it around in her mouth while teasing her saying things like “How’s that taste cunt? Do you like that semen in your mouth you fucking whore? You’re only 14 and you’re tasting a full grown man’s cum, not very Christian of you is it?” Just demoralizing her in any way I could even through at the time I wasn’t even horny because I just came. I kept making her slowly spit in back on her tits then scrape it up in her mouth again. Then I told her to spit it in my hand, I took the cum and smeared it on my cock and told Olivia to lick it up again. Finally after toying with her for half an hour or so I was ready to get back to raping her.

I made her swallow the cum then I tied her hand back how they were before. I got back on top of her in roughly the missionary position the same as before but this time the only piece of clothing between the two of us was her panties. I started licking and sucking on her tits then working my way down her body. I licked her perfect flat stomach and navel and just licked and kissed my way between her legs. Most of what I did to this girl was cruel but this time she was clearly trying to fight off pleasure, which does corrupt her mind so it’s still kind of cruel. She was also visibly wet at this point but I’m not sure if she knew that yet. I started licking her inner thighs and the edge of her pussy through her panties. She was just kind of moaning and sobbing. I could already smell her pussy even through her panties, again she smelled so good it drove me crazy. I started rubbing her clit and licking and sniffing her cunt with her panties still on. I wanted to make her panties as wet with her little girl juice as possible because I wanted a nice souvenir from this night.

It was also around this time I took out the marker and wrote “underage whore” right above her pussy. I was teasing her so much “I’m writing whore because you’re so fucking wet you little slut!” “No I’m not!” “Your pussy is saying otherwise.” Etc. etc. Finally I have enough and I rip her panties off, again I could have just taken them off but it’s more fun to destroy them like I did with her bra. I just start going down on her like crazy. This little underage Christian girl is soaking wet I mean of course she is she’s a sexually repressed hormonal 14 year old girl getting sexually assaulted I can’t blame her for self-lubricating but this truly was a lot at this point. I mean it almost felt like I was sucking fluids from a fountain more so than just sucking on underage vag. She tasted so amazing, I would lick from her asshole up to her clit and back down over and over again. I spent a lot of time carefully licking her hymen too, I didn’t want to risk breaking it (yet) but I did want to taste it as it’s just another reminder that the little bitch is a virgin. Finally I flipped her on her stomach so I could start eating her out from behind too. I wrote a “1” on her left ass cheek and a “4” on her other cheek so I could have one more reminder that she’s just a minor. Afterwards I essentially licked every square inch of her big 14 year old ass cheeks. Then I started sliding my tongue up and down her crack like a credit card machine. Even penetrating her asshole with my tongue a little bit though still being careful not to penetrate her virgin cunt.

I was getting tired of playing with my food at this point and was ready to start raping her. I flipped her back over to her back and started teasing both her anal and vaginal entrances with my dick. She got so panicky with me again because it would just break her little heart to be raped in her pussy because then she could never have a husband or children. So of course I used that to my advantage I made her beg me to fuck her ass. “P-please don’t take my v-virginity.” She barely managed to stammer out through her tears. That made me want to fuck open her hymen and emotionally rape her broken little heart right then and there, but I’m a patient man and I knew I could torment her so much worse by taking my time. I decided to continue blackmailing the little girl, making her repeat everything that I said. I made her say things like “I’m only 14 please don’t take my virginity” “I’m just a little girl what if I get pregnant” “Please don’t rape me I’m underage” etc. Meanwhile while I was making her debase herself I was slapping her around, spitting on her face and in her mouth, I was pulling her hair and making her gag on my fingers. I’d also tease her pussy entrance so she’d try even harder to prevent her vaginal rape. I even made her say stuff like “Fuck God, fuck Jesus, fuck the Holy Spirit”. Making her blaspheme her own god.

Eventually I told the young slut that I wouldn’t take her virginity so I made her wet my cock because it was the only lube her asshole was going to get. I taped her eyelashes open so she couldn’t close her eyes and demanded that she make eye contact with me when I start raping her asshole. Right when I was about to penetrate her the sweet innocent little girl tried one last plea, this time to try and save herself from anal, she said “Please don’t do this I really am only 14, I’m too young.” That’s not a joke the dumb whore is so naïve and clueless that she basically just repeated the pleas I was making her say a minute ago.

Obviously I started pounding her ass as soon as she said it. On my first thrust I didn’t stop till I was balls deep in her tiny little fuckhole. Oh my god was this underage whore tight! Olivia SCREAMED in pain, very loudly. It’s a good thing the cabins were miles away and we were inside because goddamn she was in serious pain. I had never seen anyone in that much physical anguish. God I loved hurting her! And because I had just came I was able to pound her ass for a little over half an hour. Her pain never seemed to subside at all, I basically just tortured her asshole while she screamed in misery. Five minutes into her half hour anal secession she had screamed so much she lost her voice and sounded very horse.

Eventually I came deep in her ass and made her play with the cum pretty much the same as last time. At this point it was about 90 minutes into her rape, and the next 3 hours were pretty much repeats of the same stuff I had done before. I verbally degraded her, spit on her, gagged her, choked her, came down her throat and in her ass. I threatened multiple times that I would take her virginity. There were different positions and stuff but I don’t need to write about every detail, you get it. I did have her suck me off on her knees instead of just fucking her face but that’s about it.

But now it was time to end the night. I wanted to get some sleep I had pretty much abused this young girl as much as I was going to and it was time to pop her cherry and call it a night.

I told her very seriously that it was time and I was going to take her virginity. She looked so distraught and hearth broken before it even happened she was trying to beg me not to but couldn’t even get the words out. Her whole body was shaking underneath me, as I laid her back down in missionary, I taped her eyes open again so she’d have to watch in complete horror when I violated her. She was finally able to get out a sentence “Please I want to have kids one day.” “Yeah? Well maybe I’ll fuck a rapebaby into your cunt right now.” I answered. The poor child was just crying uncontrollably at the thought I was going to take away her future but she couldn’t fight me or her brother would die.

I spread her legs wide apart, lined up the head of my cock with her pussyhole and pushed a little but intentionally let it slip over her pussy without penetrating, I did this over and over again just to build the suspense. Finally when Olivia was just completely heart broken. I leaned in and told her in a very trusting voice told he that I was just kidding. She didn’t believe me at first until I told her I was serious because if I fucked her vagina then I might impregnate her and that would be evidence that I raped her. She calmed down a little bit and when it seemed like she finally believed me that she could at least keep her virginity I grabbed her by the hair forcing her to watch and then I shoved all 8 inches of my cock balls deep in her virgin underage cunt!

God tearing up her hymen felt great, she cried and screamed again, but this was different. When I fucked her ass she was in physical pain, but here she’s just completely emotionally devastated. Don’t get me wrong the feeling of her 14 year old virgin cunt was amazing, tearing her open and fucking her with every inch was great, she was soaked and tight and it was some of the best pussy I’ve ever had, but what really got me off was seeing the emotional pain behind her eyes. It really felt like I was raping her broken heart, just sadistically taking away her future. Raping a 14 year old’s body is nice but raping her fragile emotions is where it’s at.

While I was just brutalizing her little cunt I just kept trying to find ways to emotionally destroy her. I kept reminding her that she’ll never get married or have a family of her own. I kept telling her that she’ll probably get pregnant and have to carry her rapist’s baby, saying weird shit like “I’m going to fertilize your eggs.” and “I’m going to fuck your ovaries.” I was actually going to give her plan b in a few days but I figured I could let her sit with that fear for a while. I took her panties from before and shoved them in her mouth. “Smell that bitch? That was your pussy back when you were still a virgin! Now you’re just a used up whore.” I already came multiple times in the hours prior so this lasted about 45 minutes with me occasionally pulling out to last a bit longer. The rape ended when I creapied her fertile teen pussy. I ruined her bra and panties but the dress was fine so I told her to put it on. She eventually did and then just walked back to her cabin in the cold. I reminded her that if anyone finds out about this that I would kill her brother. She nods and just walks away, no underwear, cum leaking down her thighs and unable to even cry anymore. Nah, that’s not true, even if I stopped there she would have been crying about that for years, but of course it’s only Monday night and I have till Sunday with her.

Ok I hope you all enjoyed that story. It was all 100% true except for one minor difference. It wasn’t actually rape, it was just very intense sex play. This might be a controversial opinion on here but uh, I actually think real rape is bad. Anyway she was 14 and a virgin and as far as everyone knew she was that innocent Christian girl but I got to know a different side of her. Most of this was actually her idea. Olivia and I got into all kinds of depraved sex all the time until she was like 19. Now a days she is married and I’m hoping she’ll breed some girls I can visit in the future.

In the future I’ll probably write fictional as well as true stories. They’ll probably all involved young girls getting raped in some way or another so hopefully that’s your thing.

My reddit is Corruptionofmind2023, one I just made for this account don’t DM me asking for more details unless you’re willing to pay for it or something. No I’m not interested in talking to gay guys either. Girls of any age are encouraged to dm as well as men if you want to share a woman in your life like a wife, gf, sister daughter etc. In future stories I’ll probably add more ways to contact.