Mama and her sons

I woke up – naked, the mattress was wet. I felt down – my ass still had some fresh cum.  My master had left me – the night was rough with him and his friends banging me through the night – in my ass and my mouth. I had masturbated dicks. Satisfying as many  I could remember. The room was empty – except there was another slave – acting as if he was still tied up.  I was standing on the wet floor. He looks and at me. He lunges his mouth towards my dick and sucks like mad. When I had emptied my cum in his mouth he lies down again. I find some clothes – wear them, they were a size smaller.

I have some breakfast, outside the café  – there was a middle-aged woman, standing next to a car. When I come out – she looks at me and comes straight to the point. The next moment I was with in her car. It was a long silent drive. She stops and blows the horn. Four young men show up.

“Mom you actually did it.” They said. The door was opened from my side and was pulled out roughly.

“Ah our new bitch!” One of them said. The women drove the car garage, I was taken into a basement  on the side of the house. A flight of stairs going down onto bare cemented floor, They take my clothes handcuff my wrist to a pole.. The oldest of the four looks at me and squeezes my balls.

“From today you will do as we say?”

“Yes sir” I say

The leave me there, look around the basement  it was long and I was stuck to this metal pole which was right in the centre. Shortly I hear someone coming down. He was one of the brothers. He kneels down before me and starts sucking my cock stopped and put a hood over my head, there was only one hole in it for my mouth. He leaves me covered.

Much later all four joined in screwing me, removed the handcuffs, I was on all fours getting screwed in both ends. This went on for a long time. The hood was removed. I was sitting on the floor – the woman had a plate in her hand and was feeding me. She was in her bra and panties. After I had eaten. She pushes me down on a mattress – which was not there before,  she is naked. Pushes me on the mattress, sits on top of me and stuffs my dick in her cunt. She is done with it, puts on bra and panty runs up with the plate.

For several days I was there – I was the slut of those of those four – the women had for the night. On the night before I was to leave that place I came across an older man. It could easy to tell that he was the father of those four. He and I were alone together. He handcuffed me to the pole and belted my ass.

“You know what this is for son”  The man asked.

“No sir!”

“You should know, you fucked my wife”

“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again”

My ass was raw. He removed the handcuffs and got me over him in the 69 position. The way he sucked me off was perhaps the most delightful experience – I had just as much fun sucking his big dick.

The next morning the women dropped me off to the address I gave her. Never saw her again since then.