River Run

River Run

My gurlfriend Tamie and I decided to make a run to the river and cruise the casinos last weekend. We had arranged to meet up with two other gurls, Michelle and Monica. When we arrived we decided to go to a couple of the off scene bars and see who was lurking about. These bars are not specifically gay bars but are more alternative scene bars where people looking to link up will go to get away from the main gambling crowds. Two in particular offer happy hunting for sissies in search of horny traveling salesmen, retired bachelors and other guys who would not be above getting a quick favor from a needy old queen. Just my kind of place, my kind of crowd.

The first place, the Loser’s Lounge is in the back ground floor area of a large old casino. We came in the back, slid in to the bar and to the back of the bar where we found a table and ordered drinks. In the place were a few older guys sitting at the bar and three young studs sitting at a table across from us. They were obviously military guys, probably drove across the desert to get some civilization and get their horns trimmed. If they showed any interest we would be happy to oblige. The bartender, Luis, was working without help that night so we had to go to the bar to order. As Michelle and I did the three young studs took a long look at our legs as we passed. On the return trip one gave me a nod and one we were seated at our table we started a low conversation with them. They confirmed our suspicions that they were indeed Marines, had just come back from the Middle East and had a long weekend to get some civilization. I joked that we were USO gurls and were there to make their transitions easier. They laughed and one cute kid said “I’ll bet you know just how to do that, too.” He was a slim ginger kid with a dark tan. As I gave him the once over he did the same to me. He did not know how to proceed so I led the way. I nodded toward the back of the place, the rest rooms and back exit and got up and strode to the boys room. He followed. When he entered I locked the door behind him, put some paper towels on the floor and got on my knees. He asked “is this cool” and I told him the bartender was understanding and I would take care of him later to ensure his cooperation. This young stud approached me with his hand on his fly and once in front of me he opened his slacks and produced a slender, 8 inch long cock with a bright pink head. I took his manhood between my lips, flicked his pee hole and the rim of his glans with my tongue and he rewarded me with a shot of precum and two hands behind my head.

He lasted about three minutes even with my restraint and exploded in my throat with a foaming stream of cum. He apologized for cumming so fast and I shrugged it off and told him I would take good care of him all night if he wanted and not to worry about impressing me. With that, we straightened our clothes, I brushed out my red hair in the mirror and gave myself a quick swipe of lipstick in the mirror. When we reentered the bar the other two were talking and giving us knowing stares as we took our seats. A few seconds later Tamie led the Hispanic looking kid to the men’s room while Michelle took a pretty blond boy out the back door and to the parking structure and her mini van. Monica explained that she lost the coin flip for the blond but I assured her she had next “ups” on the next needy cock coming through the door. A couple of the older Latin guys at the bar cast glances our way and continued their conversations in Spanish. The other three guys watched the action and conversed in a language I could not make out. My Spanish is pretty good and I could catch the drift of the first conversation. They apparently intended to hang out until these young studs drifted off and they would move in. The other group of three I could not make out the conversation but one of the men made direct eye contact with me and his body language told me the story. I nodded and smiled.

Tamie and Michelle returned after ten minutes and the two satisfied Marines came back to the table. I had brought Brad, the ginger to our table and Tamie and Michelle too their seats with the other two. The blond Marine appeared to be the leader of the group. He finished his drink and told Michelle they were going to go to the casino and another bar but they had exchanged cell numbers and room numbers and would try to link up later for some fun. He then turned and said, “all of us. And I will try to find a couple more guys if you like.” They stood and bid us adieu as they walked out the front of the bar.

As soon as our first dates were gone the two Latin men moved to a table next to us and asked if they could buy us a drink. We thanked them and accepted and engaged in conversation. Michelle and Monica were closest to them and they were admiring both queen’s legs and asses as they conversed in clear English. Both explained that they were from Mexico, Nogales to be specific and were up for the week on business at the river and up in Vegas. They went on to compliment us and joked that they might be more to their liking than the “fast” Marines and we all laughed. They were both really nice, really funny guys and told jokes, talked about business trips and let it be known that they had ‘next’ on us. I told the one closest to me that I liked that in a man. I then nodded to Michelle and she leaned over to him and asked if he and his friend would like to come to the room she shared with Monica? Both agreed and they finished their drinks and the happy foursome was off to the rooms and a cozy adventure.

As they left our other three friends took notice and also took notice of two other single guys who had entered the bar and a ordered drinks at the bar. One of the three took his drink and came to our table. He nodded and smiled and I indicated he could take a seat next to me. We started talking and I noted a thick Middle Eastern accent. He explained that he and his two partners were from Egypt and were in the area on business. His two friends were shy and would like to meet us but not here in the bar. He asked if we might finish our drinks and maybe step out to talk in the parking structure out back and then maybe go to their hotel. As we finished our drinks our new friend explained that they were staying at another casino but he found out about this bar on a cruising web site and that is why they came. They were looking for “special” gurls and would like to spend some time. We finished our drinks and stood to go out the back exit. Our friend, Amir, nodded to his two buddies and they followed. Once in the parking structure Amir indicated his rental car was close so we walked over to it. His two buddies lit smokes as he began a negotiation with me. I leaned my fanny back against the car and he leaned in to me, placing a hand on my left hip and talking in a low tone as he stared in to my eyes. He then asked me for a price and I explained we were not hookers, just sissy whores and we would go down for nothing. At that he leaned in closer, brushed his other hand in front of my skirt and on to my leg and began assuring me that he and his two friends were clean and were gentlemen and just wanted a nice time. As his buddies smoked and took in the view of me and Monica his hand slipped up under my skirt and to my panties and found my small erection. This was the hardest I had been in a long time and I knew if he kept rubbing my panties and clitty I would cum fast. He looked at me and cooed assurances as he stroked me. When I came he clasped my tootie in his hand and made me shoot all over the gold satin panties I was wearing. He then leaned in to me and as he held me he said “we will take very good care of you and your friend.”

At that he unlocked the care and I slid around to the front passenger side as he mounted the driver’s seal. The other two ushered Monica in to the back seat and one sat on each side with hands up her skirt and on her legs and boobs. Amir drove to the casino on the far north end, parked in the underground parking structure and we rode the elevator up to the 4th floor and dismounted. He ushered us in to a large suite with a bar, large sitting area and two bedroom suites on each side. We entered and sat down on the sofas and Amir poured us each a glass of wine. The other two men did speak English so we engaged in conversation and they gently intimated how they wanted the evening to go. Monica leaned over to me and said “Bobbi, my fanny is still healing from last week. Mike and Ben gave me a tear and it is not healed. I can’t fuck.” To that I responded “Honey, you fluff, I will take them all on.”

As the conversation proceeded the guys got a bit more free with their hands and we did not resist. It got to the point where I simply stood up, took my purse and walked in to the bedroom and started to strip off my blouse, skirt and panties. They followed and Monica shed the same save her panties. I got my lube and rubbers out and placed them on the night stand and then turned, sitting on the edge of the bed and motioned Amir to come stand in front of me. He did so and I reached up, opened his fly and searched for his cock with my lips. I found his glans, pulled it between my lips and sucked him in to my mouth. He leaned back and sighed and said “not too much, you make me shoot.” I sucked him gently as he came to full erection. As I did so Monica did the same to number two and number three went to the bathroom and emerged with a bath sheet and spread it on the bed behind me. Amir was now fully erect, almost painfully erect and he pulled out of my mouth with a pop. He then pushed me back, on to my back, pulled my legs up on to the bed and turned me head facing the head board. From there he rolled me on to my stomach and reached for a condom as I reached for the lube. This was going to be traditional, with me face down, fanny up and him in complete control from the top. This is the normal means for men to relieve themselves with faggots in the Middle East and most of the non-Western world. If not oral, prison style fucking. I put a dab of lube on my pussy hole and a dab on the condom and he mounted me. Amir was over six feet, giving him a six inch height advantage over me as well as probably 80 pounds. He was a big, strong man so my best approach was to help him enter and let him ride me and just go along with his motion. I knew I could take him and also his friends as long as I kept the angels good and let them have a wide open ride.

Meanwhile Monica was blowing number two while stroking number three and getting them hard but not too close to cumming to blow early. Pace is everything. While she worked preparing the other two I took Amir. He first pressed against my outer sphincter and I rose to meet his advance. Then he pressed in to me and I took him in and from then on I worked him in to me to full length. He was probably 9 inches and thick so it took me three presses to get him in and once in he took control and started fucking me. He had his hands up and under my arm pits and held me tight against his chest while holding my knees together with his and lunging at me from the advantage of his knees and toes. I took him full length each stroke as he pulled out almost full length before launching back in to my pussy with a hard thrust. As he did he hit my walnut hard which got me erect again and started me buzzing. He went at me for a solid ten minutes and then I could tell he was approaching his orgasm. As he did he forced my knees and then legs apart with his knees, braced himself with his knees and legs and drove hard in to my pussy. He was rock hard and lunging and breathing heavily as he took his pleasure in me so for my part the only thing to do was keep my angle correct and keep my pussy expanded and not try any cheap hooker tricks to get him to cum early. I wanted him to get the experience he dreamed about while jacking off and worked to take him without resistance and let him extend his pleasure.

I could not see what was happening over on the divan next to the far wall but I could hear the sounds of Monica sucking a cock and could hear both men encouraging her verbally. Her task was to get the men hard and keep them hard but not let them get to the point of orgasm before they each got their turns in my fanny. I lost track of her activities once again as Amir banged my pussy and stroked my walnut with each pass and brought me to an orgasm. I gave up a little sissy cum but my fanny muscles started to contract and milk his cock and in doing so brought him to an intense orgasm deep inside of me. When he came he dropped his full weight on to me, held himself hard against me from head to toe and held himself deep inside of me while his balls pumped his cum and filled the tip of his rubber. I could feel his pumping and convulsions and then felt his hot breath on the back of my neck as he took the right side of my neck in his mouth and gently but firmly held me with his teeth. I continued to milk his cock with my pussy muscles and with each contraction he would flinch and hold me harder. This went on for another minute or two and at that point I felt him start to soften. Having used me for his pleasure and now done with me for the time he pulled himself up, pulled out with a pop and got up. Once off of me he rolled me on my side and leaned down and said “thank you, princess, it was beautiful.” I then reached for a kleen-ex to wipe my my pussy and for another to wipe his saliva off of my now bruised neck. As I rolled up to get a look at myself in the head board mirror number two strode over to me with a beaming hard on and once again I was pushed to my stomach, rubber on, man on top, this time knees flung far apart as he entered me without so much as a sound. This one was horned beyond belief and went right at me. I opened myself up as much as I could to help him make it last but he plunged away at me like a pit bull on a bitch in heat. Amir came back out of the bathroom and began coaching his compatriot in Arabic but I could get the drift of what he was saying. Number two slowed his pace a bit and now was going for a full deep stroke in me. He held me tightly under the arm pits and over the shoulders and directed my position by pulling me up. Once again helpless I complied and gave him what he wanted. He was so horned his breathing was hot on my neck and I could feel the intensity through his thrusts. Amir said something else and he started a mad rush at my pussy and came hard. I could feel the pulses of his semen and the contractions of my pussy milked him and drove him up the wall. Holding deep inside of me he expended his loaded balls and then just held me in position while I milked his cock. Once he caught his breath he pulled up, pulled out and was off to the bathroom like a flash.

Number three approached me with rubber already on and by his motions indicated that I was not going to get a break. He mounted the bed, spread my legs with his knees and put his hands on my shoulders as he lined up and rammed his cock in to me. Amir scolded him and he lightened up a bit but continued to fuck me hard and fast. This one was not as long as the other two but thicker and had a very thick, powerful body with powerful hands. He held me down and fucked me at his own pace. I could tell he was trying to make it last because he would occasionally stop and catch his breath before once again commencing his frantic ramming of my pussy. Number three was not romantic but was intense as he took full advantage of my body. Once he was ready he rammed fully in to me and expended the hot contents of his balls. He held deep inside of me, squeezed my shoulders as he held me in place and allowed his prostate to drain the tension. Once finished he pulled himself up and out and dashed to the shower. I lay there with my pussy open wide and Monica wiping me down with a wet wash rag and towel. I rolled to my side just as number two and number three joined Amir on the divan and chair right across from the king sized bed. They admired my body as I got up to head to the bathroom and Amir indicated for me to sit on the edge of the bed. He noted my shriveled tootie between my legs and my destroyed makeup and asked if I was OK and whether or not they had hurt me. I answered that I was fine and could take a lot more but wanted to go take a pee and get cleaned up. He granted me my leave and I waddled in to the bathroom to get cleaned up and fixed up. Monica stayed out front and talked with Amir while I was cleaning up.

I came back out of the bathroom and pulled on a fresh pair of panties that I keep in my purse for just such occasions. Cleaned up and now made up the guys looked at me as I sat on the corner, crossed my legs and gave them a Bacall look. All three lit smokes and then another bottle of wine appeared. Amir started talking and it was apparent that he and Monica had already brokered a return appearance for the next night. I told them I was fine with it and hoped we could to straight to the room and straight to work at about 7 pm that following evening. I also told them that we could bring Michelle and Tamie in to the action which seemed to please Amir. Then he told me that they had two more partners who would be wanting to play as well that following evening. Amir also stated that if we got to work earlier the guys could stay up to midnight and get multiple fucks in. I smiled and told him that was fine and I would cum prepared along with Tamie and Michelle. Monica could fluff and act as bar tender and towel gurl for the gurls who would be putting out.

And with that Monica sent Tamie a text and we started dressing to get ready to go home. The guys watch approvingly as we dressed and touched up make up and perfume. Then Amir escorted us to the door and down to the parking garage where he then drove us back to the other casino. We got out of the car and thanked him and told him we would be back the following night at 7 and would text him as soon as we were in the parking structure. And then we looked around for Michelle’s van as Amir pulled away and out of the garage. The van was not yet there so we decided to head in the back entrance of the bar and get a coffee or something. When we entered the dark room we noted Luis behind the bar talking with two older heavy set men. Monica asked for coffee and brought over two cups. Once back at the table she sat down and looked at my face as I was making eye contact with the two men at the bar. They smiled, turned and looked at Luis who nodded and both men slid off of their bar stools and came to our table. Both sat in the chairs against the wall and introduced themselves and asked if we wanted a drink. We declined and motioned toward our coffee but started the conversation by sharing names and a bit of life information like where and when, etc. Both men were locals who lived across the river so we eased in to some local banter. Then Ray, the guy seated closest to me asked “So, have you had a hard night?” I responded that I have had a lot harder and that “I can take a dicking and keep on ticking.” He laughed and said that he and his buddy were regulars but that they were not aware that special gurls frequented the place. They kept later hours as dealers in the casinos and asked when and what times we came to the place. Ray also said he and his buddy liked to get a little relief before heading home for the night and the adult theaters on the other side of the river were hit and miss for fun people, especially gurls.

To this I asked “got a spot?” and Ray indicated his car out back. I then looked to Monica and asked “you up for it sweetie?” and she nodded. So at that we hit the back door, went out in to the parking garage and straight to an older Ford LTD. Older but in great shape. Ray joked that is was his wise guy car from New Jersey as we slid in. He slid beyond the wheel in the front seat as Monica and her date Tony slid in the back. I entered the front passenger door and slid in next to Ray and he directed me to the floor as he unzipped his black slacks. I complied and slid to my knees and scooted in front of him as he brought out his beer can shaped cock and put a hand behind my head. I could hear the gentle sounds of Monica’s sissy mouth already at work on Tony’s tool and Tony murmuring approval as she worked. I went down on Ray, took the head of his cock between my lips and swirled my tongue around his glans as he laid back and let me go to my work. Both guys were horned up after a night of watching the feminine side of the gambling crowd and both were loaded for bear. As I worked on Ray I had to take a few breaks to keep him from cumming too fast. From Tony’s breathing I could tell he was also getting close and I knew that Monica knew how to help him make it last. So we have the guys a nice time for fifteen or so minutes and then within thirty seconds of each other both men erupted in to a flow of hot cum and held our heads down on them to make sure we did not lose a drop. We both love after sucking so both guys got a good working over as their hyper sensitive cocks stood at attention for more attention than they normally get. In time I could feel Ray was done and I pulled up. Monica had already let Tony go and both guys were whispering to each other “what a find” and “thanks to Luis.” Both thanked us and I slipped Ray my card with numbers and e-mail and told him to call me any time. We then left the Ltd and went back in to the bar to await Tamie and Michelle were on the way so we waited with Luis as he finished the last of his bar back work. He and Monica were chatting and I was listening and watching the front door as he finished his work. No one was in the bar save us and Luis had two more hours left on his shift. I turned to Monica and said “honey, you talk to Luis while Mamasita goes to pay the rent.” With that I slid to the end of the bar, slid around back and pulled out the little foot stool Luis keeps behind the bar. Sitting on the rolling stool I scooted around in front of him, eased him back a bit and then dropped his fly and fished out his cock with my lips.

Monica put on the appearance of having a conversation with Luis as I worked on his cock. Luis is a well built, 65 year old man who keeps himself in good shape. In his prime he was a greek god. Now he is still more of a stud than most men 40 years younger. As I worked on his 9 inch tool he stood and took it as Monica talked to him. I felt him turn and look at the back door as it opened and he did not pull away so I knew it must have been Tamie and Michelle coming in. I heard Tamie ask “Where is Bobbi” and Monica must have pointed behind the bar because Tamie responded “whore” and laughed. Luis piped up “No, my next wife.” They all laughed as I could not because I had his tool down my throat. Luis needed to get off so I did not waste any time giving him what he needed. He is still virile to the point where needing to cum regularly is a matter of comfort as well as desire. As I worked he stiffened, leaned back and I pulled him back in to me with my hands wrapped around his waist and hips. I had blown him enough times to know exactly when and how he likes to cum and he was now there so I went fully down on him and let him explode down my throat. As he did so he held my head in position and emptied his balls down my throat. When he released my head I went back to stroking him mindful that he is super sensitive after he cums and I took it easy on him. He loves the after attention and loves the fact that I swallow him whole and never gag or spit. It is a respect thing as well as an affection thing and sometimes I think he is not kidding when he calls me his next wife. I would if he asked.

So, my duty done for my guy I took my feet and slowly walked out in front of the bar and to my coffee. The gurls were getting restless and Luis had to get ready for shift change so I pulled myself together and we got ready to head to the van. I turned and said to Luis “call me when you need me baby. I love you” and he blew me a kiss. We went to Michelle’s van and hopped in, Monica and me in the back and Tamie and Michelle in front. Tamie turned to me and asked “so just how much cum did you take, bitch?” I laughed and told her we had a nice time and did our bit for manhood world wide that night. As we got back to my car Tamie and I hopped out, blew kisses to Michelle and Monica and said “same time, same station tomorrow night. Bring knee pads and lube.” We laughed as Tamie and I got in to my car and headed home. On the drive across the desert I let the images of the beautiful men we served that night drift through my head and started plotting for tomorrow night.