Sexy Bunny

Ren & Anaria’s love story. Asian Boy x Black Girl

[ Bunny XO ]

I’ve always dreamed of getting treated like the little slutty princess that I am. I’d always wear the shortest & tightest clothing around my friends, hoping someone would take advantage of me. Who would’ve thought the boy I look up to would be the one to finally please me.

It was the night after our eight grade graduation that my virginity was taken from me. We hosted a halloween themed party, I guess you can infer that I came as a 14 year old bunny dressed in lingerie. Ren came as a sexy police officer. I would’ve let him arrest me anytime before that night. He was only a few years older than me, so you can see how he was my role model.

The party was full of older teens, younger teens..adults. It wasn’t really my scene, I’ve only ever played with myself from the comfort of my own room. Being out in public dressed like a slut around older people made me feel vulnerable. Trust me, I love being put on the spot but… not like this. That’s when Ren came and found me drinking a virgin margarita in the corner. I remember him running his hands alongside my ribcage, bringing them back up to my soft lips. I followed his lead, trusting him fully. I could feel my little chocolate pussy getting wetter by the second, it was only a matter of time before Ren found my thong completely soaked for him. It was just something about him being 18 that turned me on. “C-can we go up to the room?” I managed to whisper. Before I knew it, I was naked in only my thong, handcuffed to the bed. He planted kisses all over my body, giving me hickeys on my boobs and neck. “You’re so beautiful, Anaria.” He whispered, parting my hot pussy with just two fingers, slipping his tongue in. I was squirming and moaning so much, I was sure I looked like a silly little virgin girl. “You taste good.” He said, before kissing me right on my pussy & then my mouth. “Good girl.” He said as he watched me lick my own pussy juices off of my mouth.

Part 2?