“‘Lighter 108 to Beta Centauri 2 is now boarding. ‘Lighter 108 to Beta Centauri 2 is now boarding.”

“That’s you, honey.” said Mommy Brannen.

Kaitan picked up hir bag and then stood on hir toes to hug hir mothers.

“I’ll ‘wave you as soon as I get there.”

Mommy Anara lifted hir off the ground for a crushing hug. Kaitan rubbed against Mommy’s large, matronly breasts and hir dick started to get hard. It wasn’t very long ago that s/he drank from those breasts. Mommy Anara passed hir to Mommy Brannen.

Mommy kissed hir softly, slipping hir tongue briefly into hir mouth.

Mommy put hir down and brushed tears out of hir eyes. “Have fun, but not too much fun! Learn something too!”

Kaitan laughed. “I will, Mommy. I’ll see you at Wintermas.”

Kaitan got aboard the ‘lighter and took hir seat. From here s/he couldn’t see the terminal where hir mothers were waiting to see the ‘lighter off. S/he would miss them but s/he was thrilled about starting university. S/he hoped hir differences wouldn’t alienate hir too much from hir fellow students. People in hir small Earth town had known hir all hir life and accepted hir. But s/he’d already seen newswaves about the male that would be attending Beta University this year.

Kaitan was an anomaly, a one in billions mutation. Even though the entire human species had been genetically perfected to weed out genetic defects millennia ago strange but harmless variations could pop up. Kaitan was an evolutionary throwback, born with a penis but no vagina. The technical term was male.

S/he could have been normalized through radical gene therapy but hir mothers had never thought it was necessary. Kaitan was always the shortest child in hir class, that was common for anomalies like hir because humans were smaller back when the species was divided into different genders, but it was no big deal. Hir mothers always told hir s/he was just special.

Then puberty came. While all the other kids were growing breasts and their bodies were becoming curvy and sensual hir body became thick and blocky. Also all the other kids shot up like weeds. S/he stopped growing at under two meters and felt like a dwarf in hir gym class showers surrounded by the tall, beautiful people with dicks nearly three times as long as hirs. S/he’d wanted the gene therapy desperately then.

But such a radical body alteration at such a late age required years of therapy. And hir mothers and friends and classmates were so supportive that s/he eventually decided against it.

S/he’d even had a matefriend in hir sixth year of high school. A really big kid who liked to lift Kaitan and carry hir around since s/he was so small and actually found hir differences sexy. S/he’d had Tamani’s big beautiful dick in hir mouth and had sex with hir dozens of times but S/he was still pretty inexperienced for hir age. There had been nobody else since s/he and Tamani broke up late in their seventh year. S/he really hoped everything s/he’d heard about all the sexual escapades that went on at university were true!

A waitbot floated down the aisle offering drinks and various narcotics. Kaitan took a caffeinated nectar and looked out the window as earth receded behind them. Then the stars warped around the ‘lighter and they were off to Beta 2.

Kaitan towed hir luggage down the dorm hall. S/he’d only been on campus an hour and s/he was amazed how beautiful the people were. S/he was going to love it here!

S/he found hir room, 318, and pressed hir finger to the lock.

The door swung open and the first thing s/he saw was a beautiful person sprawled out naked on a bed. Hir sparkling gold skin marked hir as someone who’d grown up under the red sun of Betelgeuse. Hir long, muscular legs were spread and s/he was pulling hir thick golden cock up and down with one hand while sliding the fingers of the other hand in and out of hir pussy. Hir eyes were closed and s/he was nodding hir head in time to some music, making hir long blue hair and big golden breasts bounce.

Kaitan cleared hir throat loudly. The person opened hir eyes(which were almost the same gold color as hir skin) and smiled.

“Hi! You must be Kaitan!”

S/he stood, waving hir hand over the musicpod to silence the music beaming into hir auditory nerves. The person’s big erect dick bumped against Kaitan’s stomach and hir huge gold breasts were right in front of hir face as they shook hands.

“Hi. Yeah, I’m Kaitan.”

“I’m Narma. So…you’re the male, aren’t you? From Earth?”


Great. Here we go.

“Can I…see?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Kaitan quickly removed hir clothes, hoping this big golden goddess was attracted and not repelled.

“Wow. You don’t have breasts at all.” Narma’s strong hands stroked Kaitan’s bare chest.

Hir hands ran over Kaitan’s body as s/he inspected it. S/he crouched down and squeezed Kaitan’s dick. All the touching had swelled it to it’s full fifteen centimeters.

Narma giggled and stroked it. “It’s so tiny! It’s kind of cute!”

S/he took it in hir mouth and tongued it for a few seconds. Kaitan moaned with delight.

But Narma was only inspecting hir, not pleasuring hir. S/he took hir warm, wet mouth off Kaitan’s dick and hir fingers started probing between hir legs. S/he lifted hir balls and looked.

“Wow! Nothing there at all!”


“That’s so weird!” S/he paused. “Oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to make you feel like a freak.”

“That’s okay.”

“Here, let me help you with your stuff.”

Narma was nice enough but after seeing Kaitan’s differences it was obvious that s/he wasn’t at all interested in sex. S/he helped Kaitan get hir things moved in. Then several of hir friends came to their room. They were still naked and once Narma’s friends had introduced themselves they all wanted to poke and prod Kaitan’s body. They asked if s/he’d like to go out with them but s/he was pretty tired from the trip and still had to call hir mothers. So Narma got dressed and they all left Kaitan there alone.

Kaitan went over to the callwave and dialed hir mothers’ number.

The first thing s/he saw was Mommy Anara down on hir hands and knees with hir large breasts bouncing.

“Ah! Oh! Kaitie, honey! Oh!”

Kaitan saw now that Mommy Brannen was fucking hir from behind.

S/he leaned down and said over Mommy Anara’s shoulder: “Hi, baby! You get to school okay?”

“Hi mommy. Hi mommy. Yes, the trip was okay. I like it here. There are so many pretty people!”

“Oh yeah! That’s university!” Mommy Brannen gasped as s/he resumed ramming hir dick in and out of Mommy Anara. “Ohhhh! And we…we have news too!”

“You’re-Oh gods yes, Bran!! You’re going to have a little sibling! Oh! Oh!”

“Really?? That’s great!! Who’s pregnant?”

Kaitan waited patiently as hir mothers screamed out in orgasm.

“Me.” Mama Brannen gasped.

Kaitan was asleep when Narma stumbled in, obviously intoxicated. S/he got most of hir clothes off before s/he collapsed into Kaitan’s bed.

“Oops!” S/he giggled.

S/he grabbed Kaitan and kissed hir hard. Hir mouth tasted of alcohol and stimulants.

“Hey there, you freaky, sexy male! Wanna fuck?”

Without waiting for a response s/he rolled on top of Kaitan and started humping against hir stomach. Kaitan squirmed under the big gold person.

“Narma! Wait! Let me get-“

Narma shot hir load all over Kaitan’s stomach and then collapsed on top of hir.


Narma started to snore.

“Damn it!” Kaitan squirmed out from under Narma and tried to wrestle some of the covers away from hir.

Kaitan started classes in the morning. Narma slept in with a hangover. S/he had no memory of what had happened.

Hir first class was Anthro 101.

The professor was a beautiful person with green skin which meant chlorophyll infusion.

“Then in the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries, by the ancient Earth calendar, the more efficient hermaphroditism gradually replaced the dual gender model of humanity. Prior to that time hermaphrodites were almost as rare as males and females are today. But hermaphrodite/hermaphrodite unions began increasing their numbers exponentially until they became the dominant gender.” s/he pointed to the ancient diagrams projected on the wall. “Females had vaginas and uteruses and carried the children. They also had all the secondary sexual characteristics we recognize today. Males…but why just describe them? We have one of the eighteen known males in the galaxy right here with us. Kaitan? Would you mind coming down here and modeling for us?”

Kaitan walked down to the front of the classroom. The professor lifted hir onto the desk and started undressing hir.

“You can see that s/he, or more accurately he, has a penis and testicles but no vagina.” The professor handled Kaitan’s genitals as s/he talked. “The male was only responsible for impregnating the female and was incapable of carrying a child. Also notice that he has no breasts. Males had only vestigial nipples and never fed their children. They mostly functioned as caretakers and providers for mothers and children.

Kaitan, you are an amazing specimen! Do you mind if I take a sperm sample?”

“No. That’s okay.”

“This will just take a moment.”

The professor’s strong green fingers started pulling Kaitan’s small dick as s/he reached for a specimen dish.

“The old males and females had one less chromosome than we have today. Females were missing the Y chromosome and males were missing one of their X chromosomes.”

Kaitan felt a big erection moving against hir bare ass through the professor’s pants as s/he jerked hir off. S/he gasped and shot hir load into the little cup.

“Mmm, thank you, Kaitan. You’ve been very helpful.”

Kaitan slipped off the desk and grabbed hir clothes.

When class was over Kaitan filed into the hall with everyone else. A beautiful person with deep green skin like the professor’s and long beautiful black hair pulled hir aside.

“Hi Kaitan! I’m Meena.”


S/he stood close to Kaitan, towering over hir with hir arm around Kaitan’s shoulder and hir big green breast pressing against Kaitan.

“You’re really pretty. Your body’s so unusual. It really turns me on.”

“Thank you. You’re very pretty too. Green’s my favorite color.”

Meena giggled. “Hey, I’ve got to get to my next class. There’s this orgy over at my frarority house tonight. We’d love to see you there.”

S/he leaned down and kissed Kaitan. Then s/he turned and walked away. Kaitan’s eyes were glued to hir incredible ass. Now this was more like it!!

Kaitan got to the frar house right after the suns set. The party was already in full swing. Hypnotrance music designed to increase arousal and heighten orgasm oozed from speakers all around the room. People were fucking and sucking and licking and groping all over the house’s common room.

Kaitan quickly ditched hir clothes and went up to the autobar. S/he scrolled through the full menu of intoxicants. Endorph, Rapture, Lightning, and of course good old-fashioned alcoholic and supercaffeinated drinks. Kaitan swallowed two Eros. That should keep hir fucking all night.

“Hey, sexy! You made it!” Meena leaned down and kissed Kaitan then straddled hir, sitting on hir lap.

“Hi Meena.”

Kaitan’s head was between the tall person’s green breasts. S/he leaned back to suck hir large hard nipples. S/he felt the heat of Meena’s wet pussy against hir dick and the hard green dick pressed against hir stomach.

“Mmm, I want that little dick of yours inside me!” Meena slid back, pulling Kaitan’s cock inside hir and started bouncing up and down on it.

Kaitan felt another pair of breasts press against the back of hir head and strong arms wrapped around hir.

“So this is the male, huh?”

Kaitan looked up and saw another beautiful green person. Hir hard cock bumped against Kaitan’s back.

“Yep,” Meena gasped. “This is Kaitan. Kaitan, my sister Sheena.”

“Nice to meet you, Sheena.” Kaitan arched hir back to suck the new person’s nipples upside down.

Sheena pushed Kaitan down and s/he was confronted with an enormous green upside-down cock. S/he opened hir mouth eagerly and Sheena started pounding hir throat hard.

The huge cock exploded in Kaitan’s mouth just as s/he came, thrusting up into Keena’s tight pussy. Keena came seconds later, hosing hir sister and Kaitan with cum. Sheena pulled hir cock out of Kaitan’s mouth, still spewing cum.

Kaitan coughed and gagged, completely covered with cum.

Keena slid off hir cock and lifted hir. “Come on! Let’s fuck my hot sister!”

S/he spun Kaitan around and sat hir on hir cock. Kaitan looked down and saw the big green rod sticking out right under hirs Sheena was eagerly leaning over the bar, exposing hir dripping pussy.

Keena plunged their two dicks deep into hir sister‘s cunt.

Keena thrust into Sheena faster and faster, holding Kaitan tightly against hir. They all came together and Kaitan was pinned between the big green sisters.

Then Keena pulled out and pushed Kaitan off hir cock and onto hir knees.

“Clean it up, bitch!” She growled, shoving Kaitan’s face into hir sister’s sloppy cunt.

Kaitan liked the rough treatment and eagerly ate all hir and Keena’s cum out of Sheena, who screamed out in two more powerful orgasms.

When s/he was satisfied Sheena left Kaitan there on her knees, covered with cum and pussy juice and Keena was nowhere in sight.

Kaitan got up and went to explore the rest of the party.

In the next room s/he saw a gorgeous heavy-gravity worlder who was not much taller than hir but bulging with powerful muscle. Hir skin was a reddish hue and hir incredibly long, thick cock matched hir huge powerful body. Kaitan couldn’t imagine any person could take suck a gigantic cock.

Raffa Jorn, the university’s star athlete was covered with no less than six admirers but there was still room for Kaitan.

S/he climbed up onto Raffa’s powerful legs, as thick as Kaitan’s own body, and started licking an unoccupied space on Raffa’s enormous cock.

Raffa came, hir powerful arm crushing Kaitan and two other people against hir. Thick, hot cum shot all the way up to the ceiling, splashing just about everybody in the room.

Kaitan started playing with one of the other people pinned against the muscular giantess with hir.

Kaitan was awakened by screaming. S/he squirmed out of a tangle of arms and legs and dicks and saw the source of the commotion. To big Heavy G-ers were shoving people around. They were even bigger than Raffa and had darker skin. They hadn’t been at the party. Kaitan was sure s/he’s have remembered.

One grabbed a confused looking person by the throat and slammed hir against the wall. “Where is it??”

“There!” Hir partner pointed straight at Kaitan.

Just then Raffa entered the room. “What the fuck is going on here?? Put hir down!!”

She ran toward the big person choking hir friend, drawing back hir fist.

The other huge Heavy-G person was quicker and slammed hir fist into Raffa so hard s/he flew backward and collided with the wall, cracking it, and lay still.

Hir partner dropped hir victim and they both advanced on Kaitan. S/he wanted to run but hir legs refused to move. One of the huge people scooped hir up and slapped a patch against hir bare ass and everything went dark.

Kaitan became semiconscious splayed over a strange bouncy bed with hir arms and legs hanging down. From the rumbling s/he gathered s/he was on a ship. Strong hands started pushing hir back and forth. S/he opened hir eyes and saw that s/he was actually laying on the Heavy G-er’s unbelievably huge cock. S/he had no idea what was going on and hir head was throbbing but s/he figured hir best hope was to cooperate so s/he wrapped hir arms and legs around the enormous organ as the huge person masturbated with hir.

The other big, dark skinned person entered the room just as hir partner was pumping gallons of cum onto the floor in front of hir.

“Hey! We’re not supposed to play with it!”

The person laughed, causing hir monstrous cock with Kaitan on it to bounce crazily. The movement made Kaitan queasy.

“How will s/he know?” S/he shoved Kaitan off hir cock.

Kaitan landed in the puddle of cum and lay there, feeling sick.

“It might tell hir.”

“S/he’ll be too busy fucking it to listen!”

“Well…maybe you’re right. It does look like fun.”

The other huge person lifted Kaitan into a sitting position. S/he lifted hir heavy balls, almost the size of Kaitan’s head, and straddled Kaitan’s small, helpless body. S/he squatted down quickly, sucking Kaitan’s whole head into her hungry cunt.

Kaitan struggled and pounded on the person’s rock-hard buttocks and thighs, breaking several bones in hir hands. Hir pitiful thrashing was just what the big person wanted and the vice on hir head squeezed tighter and tighter.

Kaitan lost consciousness as the huge beast screamed out in orgasm.

Kaitan woke up suddenly. She’d obviously been given a stimulant. She had vague, blurry memories of the two gigantic people raping hir for hours and hir whole body ached.

“Eat and clean up.” One of them growled, shoving a plate of food at hir.

Kaitan did as s/he was told and then s/he was shoved into a gilded cage. The big people carried the cage off the ship and Kaitan was hustled down long halls with thick carpeting and expensive looking art on the walls.

They brought hir into a large room and set the cage down in front of a beautiful person lounging in a throne like some ancient despot. Another beautiful person even smaller than Kaitan was down on hir knees sucking the regal person’s dick. S/he was naked except for a collar with a chain that secured hir to hir Masteress’s throne. S/he shifted to see what was going on and Kaitan was amazed to see that s/he had no dick! A female!

“Here it is, ma’am.”

“You were told not to damage him.” The person in the chair said angrily.

“It fought. No permanent damage.”

“Very well. We agreed on sixty million, correct?” S/he snapped hir fingers and another person stepped through the door and handed one of the Heavy G-er’s a suitcase.

They examined the contents and left without comment.

The little female looked up at the person in the chair and without stopping her licking said: “Is that the male, Masteress? The one you’re going to mate me with?”

S/he ruffled the female’s long blond hair. “That’s right, Eve, my pet. We will call him Adam. You and Adam are my most treasured possessions. We’re going to breed a whole new race of pretty males and females. Everybody’s going to want one!”

“Yes. That’s me.” a robotic voice called out over the intercom.