Young girl controls me

A story of a little 13 year old finding out she really enjoys controlling a grown man.

Sarah had always been a shy girl, at only 5 foot 1, with barely A cup breasts, dirty blonde hair, and braces she thought her only good quality were her bright green eyes and her heart shaped butt. She did discover something though, after talking to someone online.
Sarah was wearing a pair of black parties and nothing else, A thin latex spatula in her hand. Named on his knees in front of her was a 34 year old man. Naked with a ball gag strapped into his mouth. Licking her lips she looked at the bed, at the leather harness with a thick rubber dick jutting from it.
He had used a fake name, calling himself pup. She called him pet. Looking at him again he didn’t look up even as she pulled her panties off and set them in his face. She had shaved herself smooth and it filled her with wonder as pet breathed deeply, his uncut 8 inch cock jumping up as she put on the harness, moaning softly as it rubbed against her pussy. Taking the gag off her pet she smiled and licked her lips.
Grabbing the back of his head she found a new thrill. Control.
Rubbing the fake cock against his face she wrapped her dirty panties around them. “Open your mouth pet!” As soon as he did she jammed the cock into his.mouth. forcing him to gag as she raped his mouth. She loved the power as she forced him to gag, but he didn’t try to get away. He was painfully hard as she used him.
Long out of his mouth she pointed to the bed. “Lay down, ass up and arms in front of you.” She smiled as he quickly obeyed. Rubbing KY jelly along her fake cock ahe suddenly spanked him hard, loving his yelp and moans as she forced a finger into his ass. Adding a second she moaned and slapped his ass again.
Standing behind him the slim teen spread his cheeks and rubbed the fake cock up his crack before pushing harx, forcing the head into his hole well he whimpered. “thank you mistress Sarah!”
Licking her lips she started thrusting into him, her hips clapping against his ass. “You like that don’t you pet? You like mistress fucking you with her underage cock?” Spanking him again she moaned, the feeling of power fucking an adult addicting to her. Thrusting harder the dildo rubbed against her clit as she hammered him into the bed.
With a cry Sarah started to cum, her toes curling as the adult under her came with a soft cry.
Pulling out she grabbed his hair and dragged him to his own cum. “Did I say to cum? Clean that up!” Yanking his hair she forced him to lick up his own cum. Ahe was addicted to controlling her pet already. She couldn’t wait to make him eat her out well she did homework. She loved owning him so much!

Hello! If you are a young girl and want to control me my Kik is AdultRP
Send me your age and that you want to control me. I can’t ask you for pics or anything as you own me. Young girls only please though.