Adult Education

Adult Education

“Mandatory class?”, I groaned as my sergeant handed me a piece of paper, “What the hell is this about?”. I already had a crappy start to my evening when my car broke down and now this garbage. My sergeant just smiled and shrugged, turning back to his briefing. I tried vainly to ignore the smirks of the rest of my shift as I took my place for briefing. Distracted, I ignored the usual rhetoric of stolen vehicle descriptions and business checks that our fearless leader loved to throw at us before every shift. I read the crumpled paper in my hand to find out what new horror I had to face. It was a week long class on developing community and police relations. Great, I knew I was going to have to pay for wrecking that damn patrol car. Maybe I could still get out of it. I waited until the patrol assignments were read out and then I made a bee-line for the sergeant’s desk. A firm grip on my shoulder brought my forward progress to a sudden halt.

“Are you going to wait for your partner, or do I have to smack you in the back of the head so that I can catch up?” I looked down at the short figure who had so boldly told me off.

“Sorry, Liz. I need to talk to Sarg. I have to get out of this friggin’ class next week.” I held up the offending paper.

“So, finally making up for that car you crashed?” She laughed and held up her own paper. “I pissed the old man off, too.” We both started laughing at our mutual bad luck. “You know we should just go and do it. If we are gone for a week, somebody else will be bound to screw up back here.” Liz shrugged, “I’m just gonna go and enjoy the vacation. The thing is in Florida, for God’s sake.” My temper wavered a bit, cooled off by the concept of at least having someone pleasant to spend the week with. Of course, pleasant would not be a word that most people would use to describe Liz. She was only about 5’6” tall, but her attitude and skill made up for her short stature. And out of the confines of her uniform and bullet-proof vest, she was quite well-endowed. My radio crackled and interrupted my thoughts with news of a fight in progress in our patrol area. Liz grinned and headed to the patrol car, walking with gusto. Those idiots didn’t stand a chance.

Several hours later, I finally got a chance to call my wife and invite her to meet us for dinner at the local twenty four hour burger joint. It wasn’t actually an all night place, but Liz and I took good care of the business owners in our area by keeping the riff-raff out. They showed their thanks by making certain we always had food, coffee, and someplace to warm up in during the winter months. Community relations class my ass, we already had a great working relationship with everyone in our zone. Liz and I were reliving previous arrests when my wife, Beth, tapped my shoulder. I noticed Liz giving her a look that she normally reserved for her sexual conquests. My mind painted a brief, but arousing, picture of Liz and Beth having sex while I watched. I quickly forced the image from my mind and focused my attentions on my wife.

“Great, more shop talk. I just love eating dinner while the two of you act like you are on that stupid television show.” Beth rolled her eyes as Liz flipped her off. Now, Beth initially had serious reservations to my female partner. She had never been around the job field before she met me. I had seen many an officer’s relationship turn sour because of a jealous spouse. Fortunately, Beth had taken a liking to my lifestyle and she learned to tolerate our humor and close companionship. It had taken quite a while, but she gradually accepted the intimate relationship that two partners who protect each others lives simply must have. Beth had even go so far as to investigate going to cop school herself. I considered myself an extremely lucky man when Beth agreed to marry me. Still, every once in a while, I would catch my mind wondering about sex with others. It made me feel guilty and while I wanted to talk to Beth about it, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“Hey! Are you gonna order somethin’ or what” Liz’s voice cut through my fog, “What are you feedin’ this idiot, Beth?”

“Pipe down, Lizard-breath”, Liz hated that nickname. “I’ll just have a burger and a side salad with some feta cheese and ranch on the side.” Lou, the owner, was laughing so hard at Liz’s antics that I thought he would hurt himself. He nodded and headed back into the relatively safe confines of his kitchen.

“So, Beth, did lard-brain here tell you about the class yet?” Liz smirked at me as she spilled out that undisclosed fact. She knew that I hadn’t had time to tell Beth yet. Bitch, she loved trying to get me in trouble.

Beth raised her eyebrows, “Class, why no. I haven’t heard about it yet.” Of course, Beth loved playing along with Liz’s little games. I was outnumbered by estrogen yet again.

“Next week Liz and I have to go to Florida for a community relations seminar” I sighed, “My punishment for that wreck I had a few weeks ago. I don’t know what the barracuda over here did” I pointed at my open-mouthed partner. Beth looked at us both and laughed.

“Well, I have my first week at the academy next week anyway. I’ll be busy getting used to the schedule, so I doubt that I’ll miss you at all.” She sipped her drink and smiled at me. I blinked, more then a little taken aback by Beth’s candor. She started laughing, presumably at my hurt response. “Ok, but you owe me when you get back.” She glanced down at my crotch. “You owe me big time.” I smiled at her and slipped an arm behind her back.

“I think I can help you out there”, I puffed out my chest as Liz started making gagging noises on her side of the table. As if on queue, our dinner appeared from the kitchen. Unfortunately, dispatch must have had a crystal ball that let them know that we were about to eat. Our radios came to life with reports of a stolen vehicle being pursued into out area by another department. Beth shooed us away, telling us to call whenever we got done so that she could bring our dinner to us. Lou, bless his soul, had already put our food into carry out containers.

Seven days later, I stood in line with Liz at our local airport. Beth hadn’t been able to see me off since it was her first day in the police academy and she couldn’t miss it. I was disappointed, but I knew what the academy was like. Liz stepped into the metal detector, which squawked in warning. The rent-a-cop at the machine jumped up and tried vainly to wrestle Liz off to the side before she could pull out her large metal badge. Anticipating this hassle , I already had my badge and identification out. After a few tense moments and several profane words, Liz and I managed to work our way past the hyper security guards and head towards our gate.

“Jack ass,” Liz spat out when we were farther away, “Screw with a real cop again and I’ll make that moron rue the day his parents met.”

” ‘Rue the day’, who the hell talks like that?” I baited Liz, trying to turn her aggression away from the security guards. The poor buffoons didn’t stand a chance against her. Unfortunately, they could also make our career dissipation lights kick into overdrive if we screwed with them too much.

“Fuck you if you can’t stand a little culture, you uneducated flea.” Liz’s insults always seemed to mix a bit of sarcasm with almost Shakespearean fluency.

“Yes, dear.” I rolled my eyes, earning a stinging slap against my arm. I put my arm around my irate partner’s shoulders and steered her towards the closest bar. “We have a hour to kill, light as well limit the number of brain cells that we are wasting”. I ordered a pitcher of beer and two glasses. Setting them down on a table carefully, I pulled out Liz’s chair.

“You know, if you weren’t married, I’d almost want to fuck you.” Liz poured the first round.

“Almost want to? Baby, I’m one hundred percent pure American steak. Any woman would die to have a taste!” I puffed out my chest and flexed my arms. Liz nearly choked on her beer. “Don’t spit, that’s alcohol abuse” I loved needling her. I relented and gave her a minute to recover and swallow her drink. “Anyway, I thought you only batted for the other team.” I swung my arms in my best batter pose.

“Just because I prefer the subtle company of the better sex doesn’t mean that I don’t, on occasion, enjoy the performance of a man” She took another, smaller, sip of beer.

“So, you switch-hit”

“When I feel like it.” Liz looked at me over the rim of her pilsner glass. “If I came onto you, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.”

I leaned forward, suddenly intrigued by our exchange. Our kidding had gone just a little bit further then either of us intended, and my body started to react despite my intentions. Liz suddenly sat back with a blank look on her face. The moment was gone, but it left a deep sense of guilt churning in my stomach. I had just been willing to engage in god only knows what with my partner, a woman that I honestly respected. And behind my wife’s back. Mercifully, the time had raced by and it was already time to catch our flight. I gulped the remained of my beer to quench the dirty fire in my belly. Liz walked quietly next to me as we boarded the plane. We sat next to each other, crammed into too small seats. We spent the entire flight silently contemplating what happened, each trying not to accidentally touch the other in case it rekindled a previously unexplored pyre.

As the plane touched down in the bright sunshine that bathed Florida, the events at the airport seemed to have played themselves out. Liz and I both seemed to be approaching our normal state, with insults and jokes freely flying about. We found our rental car booth, only to be informed that the economical vehicle that we had requested had already been rented out by mistake. I stepped back, poor customer service was always Liz’s territory. As she verbally berated the clerk, I turned away to hide the laughter that threatened to erupt from my quivering mouth. The encounter ended with Liz demanding to know the name of every member of management from the local level on up to the corporate headquarters. The clerk satiated Liz’s hot temper with a free upgrade to a luxury class car and several apologies.

“Do you practice that in the mirror or something, you’re so good at it” I teased.

Liz flashed her usual, self confident smile at me. “I just don’t accept anything less then what I deserve.” Laughing, I reached for the keys and was greeted by Liz’s scowl. I exaggerated a cringe and got in the passenger side.

The hotel was only a few miles away, and to our delight, was located in the heart of the entertainment district. Considering our healthy appetites for alcohol, the close proximity of bars was a boon that might make the trip a lot more bearable. We checked in and headed up to our rooms, with plans to meet in the lobby in an hour for dinner. I found my room, despite the confusing signs in the hallway. Stretching, I looked out my window to get a lay of the land and was greeted by a perfect view of the hotel pool. Satisfied, I flopped onto my bed to relax. As my body started to release all of the stress the trip had piled on it, my mind wondered back to the steamy moment that Liz and I shared at the airport bar. My member began to twitch at the thought of her small frame and her searing eyes. Guiltily, I succumbed to my inner lust and unzipped my pants. I ran my hand along my cock lazily, imagining what a sexual union with my partner would be like. Soon, I was stroking my turgid member heartily as my mind raced. My other hand groped for my bulging testicles, finding them and squeezing. As suddenly as my imagined affair began, it ended with a hearty orgasm. I lay gasping for air on the rock hard bed. Glancing at the clock, I realized that I had only fifteen minutes to get cleaned up and meet Liz for dinner. I jumped into the shower and was rewarded with a frigid blast when I accidentally turned the water to the cold position. Well, at least I wouldn’t be horny for a while. I threw on clean clothes and tore through the hallway in search of the elevator. Luck smiled on me when I finally found the elevator. Liz was standing by the call button, eyebrow raised at my antics.

“What the hell are you doing?” she demanded.

“Thought….I …..was…late” I gasped. Damn, I need to start jogging again. The opening door interrupted any further conversation. It wasn’t until Liz stepped into the car in front of me that I was fully able to appreciate what she was wearing. Liz had on a sheer black shirt with a little tank top that struggled to contain her ample breasts. As if that wasn’t enough to arouse the dead, she had selected a black skirt that was so short it must have only just covered her underwear. If she had any on, of course. Too late, I realized that she caught my gap-mouthed stare.

“If you weren’t my friend, I’d slap you for looking at me like that” she chided.

Recovering, I cleared my throat. “Well, Christ Liz. You look gorgeous, what is a guy supposed to do?” I kept my hands in front of me to hide my growing erection.

Liz glanced down at my hands, “From you, I’ll take that as a compliment”. Our conversation ended as the elevator reached the ground floor. Liz brushed past me, rubbing against my straining manhood. It was going to be a long night if she intended to keep this up. Part of me felt guilty for wanting her, but another part of me was fascinated at the side of my partner that I had never seen.

“What do you want for dinner, Liz?” I was trying to play it cool. Nothing was going to happen, at least not on purpose.

She glanced at my lap again, “I’m game for anything.” The tip of her tongue just teased the edge of her upper lip. Christ, why was she doing this to me? I would never cheat on Beth and I would never disrespect my partner, my friend. My thoughts raced, trying to figure a safe way out.

“How about that Chinese place across the street? I haven’t had any oriental in a long time.” Liz nodded and we headed out into the simmering air.

“Florida is such a sauna, isn’t it?” I nodded in agreement with Liz’s statement. We entered the air conditioned restaurant and settled into some well prepared food and free flowing alcohol. While we ate and joked, a tall man started yelling at one of the young waitress’. His rants quickly became abusive and extremely demeaning. I could never tolerate someone who enjoyed being an ass to others. Liz, on the other hand, had absolutely no tolerance for abusive males. Period. We waited for a few minutes as the manager tried to calm the disruptive lout down. As his efforts failed, Liz and I shared a look, each knowing exactly what the other was thinking. Local law enforcement hadn’t shown up and the encounter had been ongoing for almost fifteen minutes. It was time to act, if for no other reason then to prevent a physical fight. Liz and I rose as one, each heading for a different side of the table where the shouting originated from.

“Can we be of assistance?” I asked the manager as I showed my badge. Liz stood slightly behind the offending party, ready for anything as always.

“Mind your own fucking business, asshole!” the stench of alcohol assaulted my senses as the irate customer stood up to protest our intervention.

“Look, this is no way to handle a problem, now is it?” I looked at the waitress, then back to the drunk. Before he could answer, I continued. “So, tell me what is wrong?”. I was best at playing the good cop in these situations. Even though I couldn’t stand the jerk’s behavior, sometimes playing along could resolve the situation without violence. Liz was very familiar with this game. She was always the bad cop.

“The fucking whore” I held up my hand at his profanity and shook my head. He got the point. “She didn’t bring out my white rice then she charged me for it. They are ripping my fucking off” This guy was a piece of work. I looked at his eyes, looking for the true signs of intoxication. Even though he reeked of cheap beer, I could see that his eyes were clear and sharp. He was faking his stupor, most likely in order to get out of paying for his meal. I pulled him closer and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Look, we both know that you aren’t drunk and that you don’t intend to pay for your meal”, he started to pull away and protest, “Personally, I don’t care. This isn’t my city.” I paused to give him a minute to digest my words. “But, you used some pretty nasty language towards that young lady. And my partner over there”, I pointed to Liz, “She’s extremely sensitive about things like that.” I paused again, giving the jerk a friendly squeeze. “So, why don’t we avoid a situation where you get your face smashed in like a rotting Halloween pumpkin. Pay the bill, apologize, then leave” I kept my arm around his shoulders so that he couldn’t pull away and start swinging. I smiled and nodded my head towards my obviously angry partner. The man looked at her briefly, then he angrily slammed enough money down to cover the bill. He fumed as he passed the waitress, mumbling an apology. As he stalked out the door, Liz quickly followed him. More concerned that she would get in trouble then get hurt, I scrambled to follow her. As I opened the door, I saw the man back into a corner and fumble for his back pocket. A brief moment of panic gripped my throat as I thought that he was grabbing a weapon. Before I could act, the man pulled out a five dollar bill and threw it at Liz before he ran away. Astonished, I could opened the door for Liz as she stomped back inside.

“Jerk forgot a tip”, Liz walked to the girl clearing the table and handed her the crumpled bill. With a smile, she steered me back to our table and our cooling food. Before we could continue, the manager stopped us and insisted that we allow them to remake our order. Our protests fell on deaf ears and the table was rapidly cleared. While we waited for our meal a second time, two large carafes of sake found their way to our table. Smiling, the manager made a drinking motion.

“Well, I guess they appreciated our help” Liz picked up a carafe and poured us each a cup. By the end of dinner, two more carafes of sake were brought out and the manager and wait staff had joined us. Drunkenly, I looked at my watch and realized that it was almost midnight. I thanked our new found friends and promised to return before I collected my equally drunk partner. Somehow, we tottered back across the street without requiring emergency medical intervention. Our raucous behavior drew surly looks from the hotel security guard, much to our amusement. As we staggered to the call buttons for the elevator, Liz decided that flashing the entire lobby would be a great idea. Once again, the elevator decided to save me from a world of embarrassment and opened its doors quickly. Unfortunately, I ended up in the elevator drunk and alone with my horny and half naked partner. Her naked breasts captured my eyes despite my best efforts. She pulled me close to her and kissed me. Enthralled, I returned her kiss and slid my hands over her bare chest. I pressed my rapidly growing manhood against her as I moved my mouth down to her rock hard nipples. Her moans rang in my ears, encouraging me to press the encounter further. The elevator stopped our floor and I pulled Liz towards my room. Lust and alcohol controlled my every move. I didn’t care about the repercussions of what I was about to do, I just wanted to have Liz. Fumbling with the key, I managed to open the door to my room and pull Liz inside with me in a tumbling heap of horny flesh. As we fell onto the bed, I caught a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. Investigating further, I realized that the light from the desk lamp was reflecting off of my gold wedding band. I stopped cold, staring at the accusing band of precious metal that was supposed to signify my undying loyalty and love to my wife. Liz followed my gaze, understanding my sudden behavior. I stood up, backing away from the temptation that lay before me.

“Liz, I..I can’t do this. I can’t….” my head was reeling. I still wanted Liz so bad, but that was just lust. It wasn’t the true love that I had for my wife. I backed away, still stammering like a school boy on a first date. “Liz…I’m sorry. Beth…..”

Liz stood up and walked towards me, making no effort to straighten her clothing.

“I told her you would do this” she shook her head, “I knew you would think about it but wouldn’t follow through”

“What the hell are you talking about, Liz” I was confused and angry with myself, I didn’t need a cryptic message from my partner now.

“Oh, Beth and I have been discussing things” There was no sign of drunkenness in Liz’s voice now. “She is, quite frankly, curious about being with another woman. But, she never knew how to approach you about it.” She paused, obviously to let me absorb what she had just said. Unlike Liz, I was extremely drunk and my reasoning skills had gone straight to hell. “She thought that if I seduced you while we were down here, maybe we would all end up having a threesome back home.” She patted my still rigid cock. “I said you wouldn’t cheat on her. And, I was right”. I fell back into a chair, stunned and confused. “But, I think we should give her a call, don’t you?” Liz snatched my phone from my waist before I could stop her. “Liz don’t,” I slurred, “Don’t call her…”

It was far too late, she had already pulled up Beth’s number and made the call. Beth must have been waiting because Liz started talking almost immediately.

“No, Beth, its me.” she chatted as though they were discussing a shoe sale. “No, he is actually extremely drunk, and very horny I might add.” She patted my still raging hard-on. “Nope, he didn’t. I tried, very hard.” She easily escaped my attempt to steal back my phone. “Beth, I told him what we’ve been discussing” I could hear Beth’s dismayed voice through the phone. “Relax, I think he is okay with the idea. I told you that from the beginning.” I stood up and wobbled towards Liz, hand outstretched.

“Beth, talk to him, ok. And relax, things are just fine.” She handed me the phone. Panic suddenly gripped my throat. What would I say, I was drunk with a huge erection and a half naked hot partner. On the other hand, Beth obviously had a few things to talk about too and that made me feel a little better about my desires.
“Beth…I, um, I didn’t do anything. I…..”

“Shut up, you’re drunk. Look, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently…” I braced myself for bad news. Her tone was serious and I was afraid that marriage to me wasn’t in her game plan anymore. “I’ve always wanted to….experiment more…sexually, I mean. And, well, I think about Liz sometimes.” My mouth dropped, anger started to cut through the drunken haze that surrounded me. Before I could explode, Beth continued. “I didn’t know how to approach you about it, but I want to try sex with another woman.” I looked at my partner, who was obviously amused. “We never talk about sex and I didn’t know how you felt about, well, experimenting.” She paused for a breath, I was speechless. “Anyway, Liz stopped by one day when you weren’t here and we talked about it. I want to have sex with her. I thought that if the two of you hooked up, maybe it would be easier to get her in bed with us here.”

“Beth, I don’t know what to say….why didn’t you just talk to …..”

“Ok, drama queen, gimme the phone back” Liz snatched the phone and put it to her ear. “Liz, give that….” She silenced me with one menacing finger.

“Beth, I think that we can work out the details when we get back. I won’t kill your husband and obviously he doesn’t want to leave you. So,” she looked me and admired my still hard penis, “I’m going to fuck him now. He can call and tell you all about it tomorrow. But, you have school in the morning so go to sleep.” Liz regarded me again. “And Beth, I can’t wait until I get to fuck you.” She hung up the phone and tossed it on the night stand. “As for you, you get the best of both worlds” She wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock. I groaned and tried to resist. Grinning, Liz knelt in front of my chair, “Your wife knows, she wants it, and she wants to experiment with sex. You are a lucky man.” Her lips started to travel along my neck.

“Liz, you’re my partner. I can’t…..” I gasped as she started nibbling on my ear.

“After I discussed things with Beth, I put it for a transfer. We won’t be working in the same patrol unit anymore.” I pushed her away from me.

“What the hell, Liz!” She pushed my hands away an grabbed both sides of my face.

“You need to listen. I need someone I can trust to fulfill my needs. Your wife wants to explore and she wants to do it with you. And me. Shut up, enjoy your luck and give us what we want.” Liz was so brutally honest and forward. There was no denying that I wanted her. I leaned back and relaxed my body as Liz pulled my shirt away from my chest. Her warm lips caressed my nipples, prying moans from deep within me. I sighed as she flicked her tongue along my tight stomach. Her long, moist attentions gradually migrated to my frothing cock. I would have cum immediately if she hadn’t grabbed my balls and held them to prevent my ejaculation. I squirmed as the sensation of an unsatisfied orgasm burst through my body. As my gyrations slowed, Liz began trailing her tongue along my enlarged organ. My hips bucked of their own free will as she continued her oral courtship.

“God, Liz….I…I’m gonna cum.. Oh God!” my hands grasped the arms of the chair as Liz literally swallowed my entire shaft. I couldn’t contain myself anymore, my hot seed escaping the confines of my sweltering balls. Liz waited until my orgasm had played itself out before she released my cock. Smiling, she guided my trembling body to the bed.

“Now, my bad little boy, its my turn”, she kissed my lips heartily. I could feel a burning desire rippling through my body as I returned her sordid kiss. The scent of her body was a powerful aphrodisiac. I pulled her up off the bed and spun her around to face the mirror on the dresser. Standing behind her, I reached around and groped her supple breasts while we both watched in the mirror. She twisted her head to one side and kissed me, her tongue seeking mine as my fingers twisted and pinched her rigid nipples. Fueled by her passionate groans, I slid my hand down to her thighs and parted them. With deliberate fingers, I searched her drooling folds until I felt her hot, throbbing clit. As I fingered her mercilessly, I watched Liz’s face in the mirror. Her body thrashed about, rubbing her ass against my recovering phallus. I kissed her as her first orgasm crashed over her, but I never stopped manipulating her hot button. Over stimulated, she tried vainly to pull away from my strong arms. No, I was in charge and I was going to decide when she had enough. Determined, I kept teasing her writhing body until she couldn’t stand up any longer. Gently, I laid her on the bed. I needed to join with her, my cock fully recovered and so hard that it was almost painful. Liz pushed me away from her panting body.

“No, I don’t like it that way” she stood up and walked towards her purse. From within its dark confines, Liz withdrew a tube of lubricating jelly. She held it up for my review. “I only like it the ass” I gasped involuntarily. I had only a few experiences with anal sex and those had been with equally inexperienced partners who didn’t enjoy the dark penetration. How could my luck keep holding out like this? My wife wanted me to have sex with Liz, wanted to experiment with lesbian sex, and Liz loved anal. I resisted the urge to pinch myself. The throbbing in my cock and balls let me know that I was really awake. I watched intently as Liz lubricated my thick tool. With experienced fingers, she quickly ensured that her tight sphincter had plenty of lubrication to accommodate my penetration. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, she tossed a sultry gaze over her shoulder. Its magnetism drew my cock to her tight, dark hole. Before I realized that I had moved, the head of my cock was pressed against her asshole. Suddenly, she relaxed and the head was inside. Her lurid tunnel drew my cock deeper into its recesses, until I had completely entered her. For several minutes, I didn’t dare move, afraid that I would cum too quickly. This was special and it had to last. Gradually, I started sliding my cock in and out of her ass. I relished Liz’s squeals of delight as I sped up my tempo, only slowing when I felt the tell-tale tug of ready to spew balls. Liz reached between her legs, capturing my sac with her fingers. She teased and rubbed my tight balls as I continued to slowly fuck her.

“Harder, I want it harder”, she breathed. I increased my pace, delighting in the slapping sound my balls made as the hit her pussy. Liz began to match my pace, slamming her ass back onto my cock. I knew it had to hurt, but she kept going. Her moans deteriorated into guttural grunts as I sped up more.

“Yes! Fuck my ass, harder!” she squealed. Overcome with lust, I began thrusting into her with all my strength and was rewarded by Liz’s screaming orgasm. Her hot tunnel clamped down on my cock, pulling it even deeper as she came. Unable to escape it’s delightfully torturous grasp, I groaned and felt my load spray into her. Exhausted, I fell to the bed next to Liz, my cock still inside her. I wrapped a drenched arm around her body. We lay there for a long time, not moving.

“That was perfect”, Liz pulled away and rolled over to face me, “I love deep, hard penetration like that. Too many guys don’t know how to properly fuck a woman in the ass. But,” she stroked my chest, “You were perfect.”

“Liz, I never really had much anal sex before. I was afraid that I’d hurt you.” I rolled onto my back. My drunken stupor seemed to have worn off during our rather athletic mating.

“Well, I loved it. You let my ass relax and get used to your cock. That’s the key.” She grinned at me. “God, I want it again” I blanched slightly, certain that I couldn’t get it up for any more of the vigorous lovemaking. “Ok, sport. Get some sleep. We have class in about six hours” With that, Liz rolled over and snuggled under the blankets. I stayed on my back, staring at the ceiling and trying to make sense of the evening’s events. Confused and aroused, I got up and took a quick shower to clean up before I tried to find that elusive creature called sleep.

The rest of the week followed pretty much the same routine. Class, sex, dinner at the Chinese place, followed by drinking and really hot sex. After the first night, we called Beth prior to having sex. Liz spun erotic versions of our liaisons for Beth while I either eat her pussy or penetrated her ass. Beth loved it, having several orgasms a night while she listened to Liz’s sordid story telling. One night, Liz handed me the phone while she teased my cock with her talented mouth. Groaning, I spelled out every lick and caress that Liz performed while my wife fucked herself. With deft fingers, Liz wrenched the phone from my grasp.

“Beth, do you want me to do something special?” She had that glint in her eye, the one that made me worry. “Ok, I’m going to do that thing we discussed” she handed the phone back to me.

“Baby?” Beth sounded teasing.
“Yeah, uh.” Liz engulfed my entire shaft, “Oh shit, mmm”

“Liz is going to do something special for you. Would you like that?”

“Yeah”, it was a short answer. It was all I could manage.

“Lay back and relax”, I did as I was told. Liz responded by spreading my legs and propping my ass in the air with several pillows. Before I could ask what she was doing, Liz attacked my sensitive starfish with her tongue. I groaned, enjoying the previously unknown thrill. Liz’s tongue poked tenderly into my tight hole as I moaned and thrashed about. Smiling, she slid a well lubricated finger into my ass.

“Oh shit, oh fuck that feels good!”

“Is her finger in your ass, baby?” Beth breathed into my ear.

“Yeah, fuck, fuck! She slid in another one.” I had never even considered my own anal penetration, but with Liz’s talents I found myself enjoying the experience.

“Baby, I want you to relax.” Beth’s calm voice was turning me on even more. Her sweet coos and moans distracted me to the point that I didn’t notice that Liz had wrangled herself into a strap-on dildo. As Beth’s orgasm rippled from my phone’s speaker, I felt a gentle and large pressure against my ass. Too late to change anything, I looked at Liz just as she fully penetrated my now willing ass. Roaring, I dropped the phone. Pain shot through my ass in a concentrated wave, but before I could beg Liz to pull it out, the pain subsided. She wrapped her fingers around my pulsating member, gently stroking it as she slid in and out of my ass. Before long, I found my hips bucking to her insistent rhythm. Sensations unlike anything that I had ever experience cascaded over my body as previously untouched nerves were massaged by Liz’s ever increasing thrusts. All too soon, I came in a massive climax. Liz withdrew from my dark recesses, leaving them feeling empty. She retrieved the forgotten cell phone from my side as I gulped in huge amounts of air.

“Beth, I think he enjoyed that” Liz slid a finger over my chest. “Yes, baby, I’m going to do that and a lot more to you when we get back.” She leaned forward and kissed me. “I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship” She blew a kiss into the phone and proceeded to hang up. Sliding off of me, Liz planted a kiss on my twitching cock. “Are you ready to watch me fuck your wife?” I nodded, still unable to speak.

“Well, I guess we should get packing then.”