Best Laid Plans Part 2 Chapter 7

Part 2 – Chapter 7



Ted lifted himself up and rolled Pam onto her knees. He helped her move her knees apart and planted himself between her open legs. Ted’s hunger to take her was screaming through his body and his cock was like a piece of steel waiting to feel her heat and wetness. He watched Pam put her head down on the fur and her dripping pussy turned up and offered to him. Putting his hands on her hips, he pulled her toward him and, in one swift move, buried his cock.

Pam made a loud groan and pushed back against him. He held her there for a long moment, simply feeling how hot and wet she was inside. Ted felt like he could feel her heartbeat through his cock, but he knew it was just his pulse pumping through him and wanting more. Slowly he pulled out almost entirely before sliding back into her. He was greeted with another groan. Once more, slow withdrawal and a slow re-entry and another moan. He heard her saying, “Fuck me, baby. Please. I need it. Fuck me hard and fast!”

Very quickly, Pam got precisely what she asked for. Ted began hammering into her and quickly moving in and out of her as hard and fast as he could move. There could have been a bull running through the room, but all he could hear were the cries of ‘please’ coming from her mouth, the sound of their skin slapping together as he rammed into her, and the sounds of her wetness as he withdrew.

Ted opened his eyes and looked down at Pam’s beautiful ass and could see his wet cock sliding in and out of her. He couldn’t think of anything he’d rather see than Pam’s butt and nothing more erotic than his cock gliding in and out of her, covered with her fluids, and feeling her juices running down to cover his balls.

He was almost too crazed to cum, but once again, his ears heard those sounds and he felt that familiar tingle start running up from his toes. Pam must have felt it too because she suddenly moved her hand back between her legs and took his balls in her hand. She rubbed them between her fingers and gently squeezed them again and again. Ted began to pant and could feel himself losing control of his body. 

Pam squeezed his balls harder and shouted, “Cum for me, Ted!”

The game was over. The sounds, the noises, her fingers and her voice pushed Ted over the edge. He grabbed Pam’s hips, pushing as deeply into her as possible and let go. Pulse after pulse of hot cum shot out of him and into her womb.

Ted didn’t move. He couldn’t move. The jets of cum continued until he could feel it coming out of her pussy and running down to cover her thighs.

Slowly Ted’s head began to clear and he could hear Pam panting. He could feel the muscles in her legs trembling. Ted put some of his weight on her back and whispered, “Lie down.”

Together they sank down onto the fur rug. Ted remained on top of her, his cock still inside her. Once they were flat, he could feel they were both covered in sweat. They were each breathing hard through open mouths. They were utterly spent. Ted did not have the energy to roll off of her.


It seemed like long minutes had passed before either of them moved or spoke. “Would you like me to move off of you now?” Ted asked.

“Actually,” Pam said clearly, “I would like you to stay right where you are. You are still inside me and you are still hard. I think I may give you some of those little blue pills as a gift.”

Ted couldn’t see Pam’s face, but he knew she was smiling.

“So are you saying that the pills make me better?” he said into her ear.

Pam saw the trap coming and answered, “No. But they do make you as good as you always are for longer.”

“Well, just let me say that I like this position. I love feeling your ass under me and if you move any more, I may have to use that still-hard cock in another spot,” he told her.

Pam paused a few seconds and said, “If I thought I had the strength to go another round, I would help you put it into another spot. In fact, the idea totally excites me, but I’m afraid I’m just too weak to move.” Pam waited a few more seconds before saying, “But I want you to know that I love you in my ass. I love how it feels and you may not admit it, but I know it really turns you on.”

Ted readjusted his position just a bit and slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy. It was thoroughly coated with his cum and her juices. He looked down and moved it that very small distance from Pam’s pussy opening to her rosebud and pressed just enough to get it to slide inside.

Her muscles were all completely relaxed and there was no way that she could have resisted. His cock was so well lubricated that it slipped in quickly and Ted continued the pressure until he was flat on top of her and completely inside her. As it slid in, she groaned once again and said, “Oh my god. Oh god, baby. That feels so good.”

Ted didn’t move. He didn’t go any farther because he simply couldn’t, but the feeling was exquisite.

He moved his mouth beside her ear and whispered, “This does turn me on. The only thing that keeps me from fucking you all the time this way is I can’t see your face while we’re doing it. When I make love to you, I want to see your face and suck on your nipples. But make no mistake, I do love your ass. It always turns me on, even when I have no strength left.” Ted moved his cock inside her a little and stopped.

“Would you prefer to shower before or after our nap?” Ted asked.

“Maybe we could just stay here like this until we’ve regained the use of our bodies and then continue where we are right now,” Pam offered.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” Ted said honestly, “But it might become problematic if we were sleeping like this when Bill showed up.”

Pam made a dull moaning sound and said, “I told you that I’d be happy to do you in front of Bill if that’s what you wanted, but I’d rather not be in this position when he walks in the door.”


Once again, Ted removed his cock slowly, enjoying the sensation for as long as possible. When he was entirely out, he turned to Pam and said, “I was thinking about us getting into that big bathtub in our bathroom, but I’m guessing that would lead to something. So I suggest that we take a shower and then follow that with a short nap. I’d like to be fully awake when we have dinner with Bill and his friend.”

Ted stood up and helped Pam, taking her in his arms and kissing her. Ted let his hands move over her bare skin and marveled at how much she excited him every time he touched her. As he was about to caress her breast, Pam said, “I think that getting in the shower now would be a good idea. I have fluids running down my legs that will give that bear rug a different look.”

Pam headed for the bathroom as Ted hesitated just a minute to inspect where we had just spent the last few minutes to ensure they left no traces of their activities. He picked up his clothes and drink before following her to the bathroom.

A half-hour later, they were both washed and a little refreshed. Still, Ted led her to their large bed and turned the sheets back. “Let’s get a little nap in before Bill arrives. We can have lunch when we wake up. How does that sound?”

Still naked, Pam slipped in between the sheets and held her hands out to Ted. “Come on, baby,” she said, “Lie here with me for a while.” Ted moved in beside her and they were both asleep within two minutes.

After an hour, Ted woke. He stood and looked back at Pam. Now it was broad daylight and her perfect body was displayed to him. “She is a goddess,” he thought, letting his eyes wash over her nakedness. “Her breasts are beyond perfect. Not huge, but large enough to catch any man’s eyes,” he thought. “Her ass is absolute perfection.” A curl of blonde hair lay across her cheek. “Those big brown eyes would bring any man to his knees,” he thought. Then smiling, his next thought was, “They would bring most women to their knees as well.”

Ted stood there for several minutes, watching as she lay completely still. His mind was saying, “Look at that. She’s there for you. Take it. Take it again.” But while that ran through his head, Ted was hoping that her mind was saying something similar before both of their rational minds said, “A little rest wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Unable to take his eyes off Pam, Ted decided to lie back down to be close to her. After some time passed, Ted heard Pam say, “I’d like to do what we did on the rug again.” There was a pause and she said, “About a thousand more times.”

Before Ted could come up with something witty to say, Pam spoke again. “I love you. I want you to know it. You are the sexiest man alive. You drive me insane. You make me crazy with lust. But that’s because I love you and I’ll never get enough of you.”

For the first time Ted could remember, he was stumped for words. He really didn’t know how to respond.

Then before he could reply, Pam said, “You’ve said that to me many times and I wasn’t certain that I understood it. But I do now. Honestly, baby. I do now. I may not ever get enough of you.”

Pam turned around so that they were face to face. Running her hand through his hair, she said, “You are my master and I am your slave. Command me.”

Ted enjoyed it for a second before saying, “Bullshit.”

Her head popped up. Pam stared into his eyes, “Bullshit?”

“Absolutely,” he said with a smile. “It will be a cold day in Hell before you are my slave. When we are joined in sex, we are one. But no one, and especially not me, is in charge or your master.”

Pam gave him a smile and said, “Does that mean that you’ll fix lunch?”

“Absolutely not,” he countered. “You just said I am the master and I say you have to make lunch!”

They both laughed as they got out of bed and once again ran into the shower before getting dressed.


Because they weren’t sure when Bill and his friend would arrive, Ted agreed to let Pam put on some clothes, but only after she assured him there would be no lingerie underneath. Ted thought her protests were only for show because he knew she really enjoyed the feeling of bare skin underneath her shorts and tops.

Pam gave Ted the usual complaint about her nipples showing, to which he simply said, “Good. I hope they do.” Again, this was a false argument because she knew she would thoroughly enjoy watching his eyes pop out if she did show some nipples during the evening.


They made lunch from the goodies Matilda had left for them and took everything out to sit by the pool. The weather was especially nice. There were no bugs to bother them while they ate. After lunch, they settled into a total relaxation mode by the pool. They sat quietly, both of them reading and enjoying the time together without being disturbed or having to be alert to anyone observing them together. Those occasions had been rare and they both enjoyed the freedom. Pam turned to Ted at one point, saying, “It’s been almost two hours since we’ve had sex. Aren’t you afraid we’ll forget how?”

Ted had just returned from the outside bar with a lightly spiked lemonade for Pam and a cold beer for him when they heard the back door open and saw Bill coming out. Right behind him was an astonishingly beautiful woman. As they walked toward the pool, Ted stood up and felt confident he and Pam were both watching the woman and trying to guess her age. They knew that Bill was in his late 60’s. She might have been 40. Pam quickly turned her face to Ted and said, “Try to keep your mouth closed,” before turning back to greet Bill with a big smile and a bigger hug.

“Oh, Bill,” Pam said as she wrapped her arms around him, “This is such a wonderful place and we can’t thank you enough for the invitation.”

As Pam let go of him, the other woman stepped up beside Bill for introductions. “I’d like you both to meet my special friend, Jeanie. We met in California when I was out there on some business a year or so ago. I can tell you that this sweet little filly is good people and you will love her as much as I do.”

Ted and Pam shook hands politely with Jeanie and Ted shook hands with Bill, once again thanking him for his hospitality. Pam took the opportunity to size up Bill’s date.

Bill said, “Now, I’ve told Jeanie all about the two of you. I’ve told her how you are crazy for each other but can’t let anyone know. So, if you two decide to strip off your clothes and have a go at each other right here in the grass, she’ll understand. I’ll do my best to hold her back and not let her join in.”

At that remark, Jeanie offered, “Bill, why would you say such a thing? I might take pictures of them, but I wouldn’t join in unless I was invited. Keep in mind I had a good upbringing and was taught manners.”

Everyone laughed. There was no question that Jeanie’s remarks made everyone feel much more at ease.

“Could I get you a drink?” Ted asked Jeanie and Bill.

“Not right now, ole son,” Bill said as he took Jeanie by the hand. “We need to get settled in and put on something a little more comfortable. Jeanie’s been wantin’ to get nekkid since the time I picked her up this morning and I think I should show her my good upbringin’ and just let her do it. If we’re not back in two hours, no need to send out a posy. It looks to me like you two took the big bedroom on the right inside the front door. We’ll take the one across on the other side of the great room. Maybe Jeanie will want to swim a few laps in that big ol’ tub before dinner.”

They walked back up to the house and Ted saw Bill stop at the outdoor bar and take four bottles of beer out of the cooler. He opened the door for Jeanie. He gave her a good swat on her very shapely ass as she stepped through. They could hear Bill and Jeanie laughing as the door closed.

Now on their own again, Ted and Pam looked at each other with big smiles. “That Bill is something,” Pam said. “She’s about half his age and absolutely stunning. Everything she has on is expensive.”

“She looks a little familiar,” Ted suggested, but he certainly didn’t know anyone from California outside of clients, so he couldn’t possibly know her. Without thinking, Ted said, “I guess there’s no point in me mentioning that Jeanie has a fabulous body.”

“Are you kidding?” Pam asked. “Holy Crap, Batman! Hell, I’d do her!”

“Oh, good idea,” Ted said with a laugh. “I’ll see if I can set that up.”

Pam wrapped her arms around Ted and kissed him before saying, “I’m thinking I need to take Bill’s advice and throw you down in the grass and fuck you silly. I don’t need you looking at her and forgetting I’m here.”

Ted slipped his hands under her top and held both breasts. “You don’t need to worry about that. You are my little filly and the only one I’m interested in riding.” They stood in the shade of the big umbrella, kissing for a while until Ted said, “I think that we can sit back down and continue reading for a while. Jeanie may be swimming laps, but they’re in the bed, not the tub. I don’t expect them to be joining us for a while.”

Pam gave him a mock shocked look and said, “You think they’re having sex? I’m appalled.”

“I’m just sayin’,” was his reply and they both sat down, clinked our glasses together and Ted said, “To hot, steamy sex!”

“Here, here,” Pam said as they both took a long drink. She studied Ted’s face and could tell that he had a question on his mind. “Go ahead,” she said. “What’s your question?”

“Is it that obvious?” he asked.

“I’m beginning to catch on,” Pam responded. “What do you want to ask me?”

Ted hesitated a minute before saying, “You just said that Jeanie was so hot that you would do her. Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

The question didn’t bother Pam. In fact, she was surprised that the topic had never come up before. “I don’t know that you could say I have had sex with a woman,” she answered softly. “But I did with a girl. My bestie in high school and I spent some hot nights together about the time we turned seventeen. We were both curious about sex. I told you that I had watched my mother and stepfather having sex, so I knew a lot more than she did.”

“So, you became the teacher and she was your student?” he asked.

“I said I knew more,” Pam corrected him. “I had no practical experience. One Friday afternoon after school, I asked Mom if Kim could spend the night with me after the football game. She agreed and I called Kim to set things up. After the phone call, my Mom asked if Kim and I had ever done any touching or kissing.”

“Your mother was amazing,” Ted allowed.

“I was shocked at her question and insisted we had never thought about such a thing. But, of course, that was a lie. Over a couple of years, we had spent many nights together. We had both seen each other naked and I was impressed with Kim’s body. I had thought about touching her breasts many times.”

“Had you really?” Ted asked with a smile.

“I had also wondered what it would be like to feel her pussy. I wondered if it felt like mine. I wondered if she got wet as I did. Anyway, my mother said it was normal for young women to be curious and encouraged me to see if Kim would like to experiment. At first, I rejected the idea. But thinking about it more, it became a great idea. We could get some practical experience in the privacy of my bedroom.”

“So, did you act on it?” Ted asked.

“Yes, I did,” Pam announced. “That same Friday night after the high school football game, we were both with our boyfriends at a party. When we got home, I asked Kim if she had let her guy feel her tits. She acted embarrassed but confessed that he had touched her from the outside of her cheerleader uniform. I told her my boyfriend had put his hand inside my shorts and touched my pussy.”

“That must have shocked her,” Ted laughed.

“Oh, it did,” Pam explained. “I told her he got his hand inside my shorts and got his finger inside my pussy. I also told her that I loved the way it felt.”

“Did that revelation blow her mind?” Ted asked.

“Actually, it did,” Pam revealed. “Kim was just totally worked up and said something like she was jealous that I was bold enough to let it happen. At the time, we were in my bed and wearing pajamas. I put my hand between her legs and asked if she wanted to know how it felt.”

“Did you?” Ted asked.

“She didn’t stop me, so I continued on. I got my hand inside her PJs and found her hot, wet opening. I fingered her until she had an orgasm and then let her do the same to me. We went back and forth for about three hours until we both fell asleep from exhaustion.”

“I’m going to guess it happened more often,” Ted suggested.

“Because I knew my mother would not object to it, we got hot and heavy through our senior year of high school. We loved to have ‘69’ sex through the year. That went on every time we were together until we both gave up our virginity on the same night. We discussed what we’d done but decided we both preferred a hard cock to a girl’s tongue. We still had fun when we were together.”

“So, you never had oral sex with her again?” Ted asked.

Pam giggled. “I’ll tell you the truth. Through that last year of high school, we often spent the night together after a date. It was not uncommon for me to fuck my date in the back seat of the car and Kim to fuck hers in the front. When we got back to my house, we’d get naked in my bed and taste the cum in each other’s pussy. I’m sure that sounds gross, but that’s what we did. We were both like sponges, trying to soak up everything possible about sex.”

“It sounds to me like you enjoyed it,” Ted said. “And it sounds like you got introduced to a degree of kinkiness fairly early in life.”

“Both of our mothers had put us on birth control and encouraged us to experiment. Back in those days, we didn’t have all of the STDs that are around today. We were just told to be selective with our sex partners and discreet. I remember our dates got a hotel room with two beds one night. We had sex all night and watched the other couple. I guess we were a little kinky.”

“Let’s go back to the original question,” Ted said with a crooked eyebrow. “Would you have sex with Jeanie?”

Pam grinned. “It would be fun if we both had sex with Jeanie. My god, that woman has an amazing body. Wouldn’t you just die to put your face between her glorious tits?”

“Listen, sweetheart,” Ted told her. “Her boobs may be a little larger than yours but are NOT better. On a scale of one to ten, yours are an eleven.”

“Thank you,” Pam said with a blush. “I’ll bet Jeanie is a great kisser. You probably didn’t notice it, but the woman has a sensual mouth. Since your eyes never got above her shoulders, you missed her mouth.”

“That’s not true,” Ted said. “She has beautiful brown eyes.”

“They’re blue,” Pam corrected him.

“Blue, brown… whatever. It was close enough.”

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