Alley Cat

Alley Cat


Ella was very bored one evening late and feeling very naughty. She had no Master now and was feeling pretty lonely. Ella decided to go out and see what was hanging. She put on her finest French whore outfit. It was a short, black flared skirt with vertical, wide-striped, red and white jersey type blouse. She slipped on her dark silk knee highs and 5″ black, stiletto heeled boots and found her black beret which she slanted on her head. She wore no panties by the way, feeling very naughty and hopeful. She had been waiting to hear from her new lover and hoped to be Master soon, but he hadn’t called. So Ella was going to take care of her own needs. Bad slave, Ha! Well she wasn’t a slave just yet. With her long, flowing black hair and bronze skin she looked like the slut and whore she was.


Ella took off down her street toward the seedy side of town. It wasn’t far as she intentionally lived close for needy reasons. She was indeed a very naughty girl. She giggled and thought very naughty thoughts as she approached the part of town where she hoped to get lucky. She was happier now and started looking down the street, hoping to see a man who looked good to her. She approached an area where an alley ran into the street. As she approached she saw a man standing in the shadows. This scared her some and she bit her lip thinking how nice if he just grabbed her and fucked her good. She no longer cared what he looked like, just wanted to get fucked good. As she approached the man, she saw it was her lover and she jumped back.


Sir Patrick was her lover and wanted to take charge of her. He stepped out into the streetlights and asked, “What are you doing here bitch? You are a nasty cunt and going behind my back aren’t you? I will take care of you now, you slut.” He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the alley. He pressed her against the wall and grabbed her ass hard and pinched as hard as he could with both hands. Ella winced and rested against the wall letting Sir Patrick do anything he wanted to her. She didn’t care as long as he was there.


Sir Patrick said, “you like this don’t you, slut?” Then he reached down and grabbed Ella’s pussy hard and pinched her clit. Ella said, “Oh gawd fuck me, fuck me!” Sir Patrick laughed and said, “Not yet bitch you have something coming first.” He pulled up her short skirt and rubbed his hands against her bare bottom. Ella moaned and let him explore. Suddenly Sir Patrick pulled off his leather belt and smacked it hard against the wall. Ella winced and knew now what was coming. Sir Patrick used one hand to press Ella against the wall hard and reared back with the other hand and spanked her as hard as he could with it, over and over very quickly. He sneered at her and spanked with all his might. He said, “How do like them apples lil girl?” Ella said, “More Master, please more!” Sir Patrick continued his way with Ella’s sweet ass, and a fine ass it was. He spanked till his arm was getting tired. Ella was crying and wailing by now. “Shut up, bitch! You had this coming.” said Sir Patrick. He stopped spanking and let her fall to the ground. Ella lay there sobbing and saying she was sorry over and over again.


Sir Patrick said, “I told you to shut up, cunt, NOW do it!” Ella held back her sobs now. Good girl, said Sir Patrick. He pulled Ella up to him and held her against his hardened chest. She was in heaven now. Then just as suddenly Sir Patrick pushed her away, turned her around and pressed her to the wall again. Ella was taken aback but realized what was about to happen. Sir Patrick loosed his pants and let them slide down to his ankles. He pushed his shorts down exposing his massive rock hard cock. He pushed two fingers inside Ella’s sweet ass, probed and told her to relax. Ella did as she was told. After all she was used to doing what she was told to do. She was a slave wasn’t she.


Sir Patrick retrieved his fingers and shoved them in Ella’s mouth harshly. Ella knew what she was to do and licked them clean. “Good girl,” said Sir Patrick.. Then he shoved hard and inserted his cock into Ella’s waiting open anus. He fucked as hard as he could for a long time. Ella moaned and begged him to stop. It hurt a lot. Sir Patrick was making sure Ella got punished, not pleasured. She had been a very bad girl in Sir Patrick’s eyes. He fucked her hard till he got tired and left her against the wall and sat down to rest. Ella pulled away from the wall slowly. Her ass hurt a lot and was still stinging from the brutal spanking she had just taken plus the ass fucking. She walked over to Sir Patrick and said, “Thank you sir, I need that as I was a very bad girl.” Sir Patrick looked up at Ella and smiled. “You are my good girl now aren’t you, my sweet cunt?” said Sir Patrick. Ella sat down beside him, smiled back and rested her head against his shoulder. Sir Patrick caressed her long black hair and put one hand on her perky breasts, rubbing gently. Ella started crying and said, “thank you sir, I do love you so! I will be good for you, I promise.”