Amy and Carrie Part 3

Amy was now 13 I was still 14. Carrie just turned 15. The three of us are going to have a camp out. Not what I wanted but Amy did and Amy gets what she wants.

“Do I have to?”, I asked. I didn’t want to because her sister Carrie and I were not on the best of terms.

Amy just shook her head. “Ugh! Why do we do this dance? I ask you to do something you say no and you end up doing it anyway! When will you learn I hold the keys to your heart?”, she said and smiled. She was right. “Things will be different I promise. I talked to her.”, she said. Then she said in a cute voice, “She was jealous of us. She was jealous of you and my Dad hanging out all together and she has a crush on you!”

I said “she has a weird way of showing it.”

We set up two tents one for myself and one for the girls. We built a fire and talked. Carrie actually started mellowing out and started talking to me. She apologized and I actually started liking her. She was actually pretty cool. I could see Amy was right about the crush on me. Carrie was a little overweight but not bad. She was still cute. Nice tight ass and some big ass tits. Very doable.

We decided to turn in. I begged Amy to come to my tent but she smiled and said no waving her finger.

The girls were giggling in the next tent. I heard “wait till he is asleep!”, they giggled. “No come on he is just starting to like me and we are becoming friends. I can’t.”, I heard.

“He is easy going.”, Amy said. “Besides he does whatever I say.”

“You know these tents are not sound proof you knuckleheads! I can hear you!”, I said. They both started laughing. “Shut up and go to sleep!”, Amy said.

“Be nice!”, Carrie said.

“Oh you finally like him now? Huh?”, Amy said. “Want to hear the bad stuff?”, they giggled.

“Well he is kinda cute”, Carrie said

After another half hour of giggles and whispers they finally fell asleep. I woke up the next morning from an uneventful night. Zero sex.

I was in the basement when Carrie came by my house the next day. “Hey is it ok if we just hang out?”, she asked. I said sure. We hung out and talked. She apologized to me again about before and told me some stuff about her. How her and her last boyfriend were into domination and she knew Amy and I liked that stuff. She liked the role playing like Amy and I do.

She told me I was kind of cute. I got up and she pinched my butt.

I looked her in the face. “You are kinda cute too cuz!”, I said, “Eh…step cuz”, she laughed

I kissed her lips. Her hand tapped nervously. I smiled at and chuckled. Her heart melted. She was like a giddy schoolgirl. Her face blushed.

“Oh my god you are adorable.” I said. “Obviously ain’t your first time kissing a guy! What gives?”, I asked. She giggled, embarrassed, and told me to shut up. I grabbed her face and kissed her and our mouths met and opened as our tongues danced. I went to cop a feel on her big tits. She bit my lower lip and backed away then slapped my face playfully.

She said, “I tell you what. You want them CUZ? Take them!”

I told her I had to use the restroom.

She sighed. “Gee don’t kill the mood.”, she said mockingly, “hurry up!”

I ran upstairs and grabbed some stuff from my room and faked using the restroom.

“Sorry”, I said

I stepped towards her and our mouth’s met. I slipped the handcuff on her one wrist and moved her arm up her back.

“Tim what the fuck are you doing?”, she said. I told her shut up.

I was able to get her other cuffed. “You want them take them!”, I mocked her in a mean voice. I slapped her face and lifted her shirt up. I fumbled with her bra. She rolled her eyes. Her nice big D’s in front of me. I licked her big nipples and I hid my face in between them. I squeezed her breasts on my head. I forcefully kissed her. She was far more passionate this time. Really into now. “Still like me now? Huh?”, I asked mockingly. She looked at me with a blushing smile. I lightly slapped her face. “Don’t look at me that way dirty girl!”, I said. She called me a dick and started cussing me out. Getting in character. She was loving this. She gasped when I took my dick out. I made her sit on the couch.

“Hey….hey….come on Tim! Timmy please I don’t want to!”, she said.

“Suck it you filthy whore!”, I said

“No Tim please!”, she said

“Is it cool to hang out Carrie? Huh? Is it? You dumb broad.”, I said. “Huh is it?”, I tapped her head with my dick. She looked at me angrily. “Is this fucking cool with you?”, I asked and violently pushed her back on the couch. “Is it cool if we hang out?”, I mocked. “Is it?”, I yelled angrily. I brushed my dick against her lips.

“I am going to bite it off fucker!”, she said. “How did my nice step uncle raise a piece of shit like you?”, she asked. I whacked her hard with my dick. I grabbed a handful of hair.

“Suck it!”, I said

I pulled hard making her feel the pain. She ate the pain like an exquisite meal. She was totally turned on. She still resisted. Making a painful grunt.

“Suck my fucking dick.”, I demanded she still didn’t do it. I got up and took off my pants. Her eyes eagerly eyeballing my body. She was almost drooling.

“Damn! Let’s just do it Tim. Skip this shit.”, she begged. “Please! I want it. Fuck me rough!”

Put my finger over my lips and shushed her. She will get it but on my terms. I straddled her on the couch and kissed her. She found the switch for the handcuff and freed herself. She grabbed my dick and was jacking me off.

“Tim.”, she whispered, “please? I am so turned on!”

I whispered, “SHUT…..UP!”. I squeezed her face with my hand. “Do you fucking understand English?”, I asked. She looked away and nodded pitifully. Pushed her back into the cushions.

I unbuttoned her pants and she moved my hand away and did it herself. She was so eager. She did it so quick. My hand went down between her legs. They spread eagerly. Her pussy was totally wet. She wasn’t kidding. She really got into this shit.

I had her get up and I got on bottom and she got on top of me. She started blowing me. I was spanking her ass and digging my fingers in. She was beating my hips as she deep throated my cock. I rubbed her clit and fingered her asshole and pussy with one hand while punishing her cute buttocks with the other. She moaned. Her head went back off my dick as she moaned. “Dammit Tim”, she said as her ass cheeks tightened and her body clenched as she came. She dug her nails into my legs. Her juices shot out on my hand.

“I am tired of your shit! FUCK ME NOW! NOW! Quit being an asshole!”, she said. She gave me a death stare and she took my spot.

“You know technically I am still a virgin. Amy and I only did it in the ass. I thought you should know.”, I said to her. I saw a gleam in her eye. She was about to steal the prize from her sister. I lined up and slid my cock in her no problem. Her tunnel was like a well oiled shaft. She went back into character and acted like she was crying and didn’t want it. Pushing me away. I fucked her harder.

“No please!”, she said. Which made me ram her harder. She broke character, “Aw fuck yeah Tim. Harder harder please!”, she said.

“You’re a dirty little girl! You know that?”, I dug my fingers into her sides as I pounded her, “Naughty little girl! You like when guys ram their cocks in you dirty girl?”, I said. The noise of our bodies slapping filled the house. I felt my orgasm coming on. “Uh uh uh!”, my dick exploded into her. “Aw fucking hell Carrie!”

“Oh fuck Tim! You’re amazing”, she said as I came. I collapsed into her D’s resting my head on her natural pillows. “You like my titties Timmy?”, she asked. I smiled and nodded.

Amy comes downstairs to my shock. I was relieved when I saw it was her. She laughed. “Shit! When did this happen? I thought you hated each other? I cannot leave you too alone for an hour without my sister fucking my boyfriend.” I took a couch pillow and threw it at her.

“You arranged this!”, Carrie said

“I said for both of you to talk. I never said for you to fuck each other’s brains out! But I am glad to see you two getting along.”, Amy said

“Was he as good as I told you?”, Amy asked. Carrie just blushed. They laughed. “Did he cry for his mommie? He does that all the time!”, Amy said

Carrie told her she was mean and she should be nice.

“He knows I adore him!”, she said. Amy asked if I had anything left for her. Unfortunately, I would have to wait as my parents came home. Damn.