Chronicles of Meenakshi – Part 1

Hi everyone this is my first story and it is fictional about a housewife who is deprived of sex by her husband but finds the way to fulfill her lust.

The main character of story is Meenakshi who is 38 years old she looks like TV actress Divynaka Tripathi. Meenakshi lives with her husband Kalyan whom she married at the age of 18 and they live in a wealthy area of Delhi, Kalyan is businessman by profession and travels a lot. Due to which he has least interest in sex and Meenakshi remains mostly unsatisfied.

Meenakshi has also worked as a teacher in nearby school later her husband forced her leave her job as he thought she’s having an affair with her principle so she left the school and became a housewife now. One day one of her friend suggested her to join an NGO who looks after education of poor. She thought for a while on how she’ll convince her husband but somehow she managed to convince him and later enrolled herself in NGO so that she can kill her time.

Being a teacher her NGO got the job of teaching to those living in Seelampur ( an area inhabited by the Bangladeshi refugees ) it was a 3 day camp that was organized by a MLA to gather vote of that area during elections. She and her team members headed to a 3 day teaching camp in Seelaampur. That day she was waring a transparent black saree with a deep cut red blouse in that attire she was looking an angel.
As the camp was in the middle of the slum the bus dropped all of them in the main road as the camp was 500 m away from road they had to cover the remaining distance through walking and everyone headed to camp. While walking she witnessed that the area was very dirty and smell of urine was coming from the streets and the shelter were also dirty.

While on her way to camp Meenakshi saw a young boy who would’ve not aged more than 20 was standing outside his house Meenakshi saw him and started a conservation

Meenakshi – Hello my name is Meenakshi work for an NGO which looks after the education of poor
The boy introduced himself as Rahman and greeted her in a gentle way Meenakshi was impressed by his gesture

While Meenakshi was talking to him Rahman smelled the fragrance of perfume that was coming from Meenakshi and he also got the view of cleavage and naval that was visible due to deep cut blouse and transparency of her saree.

Seeing this he got an instant boner Meenakshi noticed this while talking but she continued her conservation.

Meenakshi – Rahman my NGO has been given an assignment of teaching the locals in the camp can please assist me to convince people to attend the camp??

Rahman agreed but Meenakshi knew the main reason behind Rahman’s help but she was also happy after seeing a guy getting his dick hard while noticing her.

Just when all of them were asking everyone to arrive at the camp Rahman continuously was behind Meenakshi.
All of a sudden more people started to gather and as the street was narrow there was not enough space so there was a chaos. Rahman used this as an opportunity and started to throb his dick behind Meenakshi.

Meenakshi was feeling something behind her ass as her saree was thin after sometime Meenakshi was getting aroused by this and was biting her lips with eyes closed. Rahman continued his activity for 4-5 minutes then Meenakshi turned around and saw Rahman behind her seeing this Rahman maintained a distance and passed a smile to Her

After some time they reached the camp where Rahman introduced Meenakshi to some of his friends they were Iqbal, Zahir, Mustafizur, and Basir. Rahman introduced Meenakshi to his friends and told them that why she’s here. Then in there native language Zahir tells Rahman and everyone this bitch is a real sex bomb. The saree which she was wearing was turning everyone horny and there dicks were saluting her

Meenakshi saw this and blushed then after introducing everyone her team started to teach everyone one by one. When Meenaskshi was standing alone all the boys went towards her and surrounded her from behind just then Zahir pushed his dick towards her saree she knew what these boys are upto.

After sometime Basir kept his hand over her saree and started to press her boobs from behind and Mustafizur kept his hand on her navel and was feeling her hot body Rahman whispered in her ears “do you like it” Meenakshi was enjoying herself between them…. Just then one of her team members called her for some work she left all of them in a hurry. Later the camp was completed for the day and her team started to leave, while leaving Rahman and his group followed Meenakshi and each one of them was finding a way feel Meenakshi.

After leaving the camp when Meenakshi reached her home her daughter also came back from college. Meenakshi after arriving went to have a shower and after shower she wrapped her wet body with a towel after wiping herself she started to wear her nighty and slept on her bed, while lying on bed she reviewed all the events that happened in slum when she was giving those boys a real hard one and how they started to feel her like hungry wolfs.

While imagining all this she slid her right hand under her nighty and started to rub pussy over her panty and after sometime she slid her hand inside her panty and stared to rub her cunt vigorously while imagining everything that happened earlier
She started to moan very lightly but later on her moan became more louder…. Ummmmmmmm yesssssss ooohhhhhhhh sssssisssssss ahhhhhhjhjjjj mmmmmmmmmm fuuckkkkkkk yesssss

All of a sudden her room’s gate opened and she was shocked when she saw the person who was standing behind the gate.
It was her daughter Payal.
Now let me describe Payal, she’s 19 years old currently pursuing her graduation and look alike Aditi Bhatia.
There is Also a secret about Payal which only Meenakshi knows and I will be revealing it after some time
Payal saw her mom was rubbing her pussy for 10 minutes she also got very turned from that but later tried to confront her mom
Payal – what the hell you are doing mom don’t you have any shame??
Meenakshi was standing frozen but lust inside her was still there she didn’t listen to her daughter and went towards her

Meenakshi – yes honey I don’t have any shame left but it’s all because of you dad he’s not been able to satisfy me.

Payal – but mom you should’ve at least shut the door, while talking Payal was also under fire but she kept her control

Meenakshi – look honey I know its very awkward situation for you but I also have my needs I’m sorry for what you saw, but tell one thing I was rubbing my pussy for past 10 minutes then why didn’t you immediately confronted me???

Meenakshi asked Payal with rising her one eyebrow

Payal – well mom to be honest I also enjoyed your show and I was getting turned on.

Hearing this a naughty smile was there in face of Meenakshi and she started to get more closer to Payal. Payal was getting away from her mom as Meenakshi was getting more closer to Payal. Meenakshi looked at her for sometime and left the room Payal didn’t understood what was going on. Meenaskshi came back after sometime and locked the door of her room and “said now no one will be able to disturb us”.

Us?? Asked Payal and said what do you mean mom??

Just then Meenakshi grabbed her closer and stick her to wall and started to slide her hand inside her daughter’s legging.

Payal – mom what are you doing it’s wrong you are my mom we can’t get intimate it’s a sin.

Hearing this Meenakshi asked Payal – oh really??? Then why didn’t you stop yourself from committing a sin when you lusted on me while I was masturbating…. Look honey I know you want have me I have seen you many times that you look at me in a different way ever since you’ve passed your school. Let’s Just forget what relationship we have with each other and
enjoy this moment

Meenakshi brought her lips towards Payal and started to kiss her later Payal also corporate with her mom and now their kiss got more wild both started to suck each other tongue and neck also.

Payal was getting wild now she stopped for a while and looked at her mom with a naughty face Meenakshi asked her what happened, Payal suddenly got wild and threw Meenakshi on bed

Meenakshi was stunned by this act and said – someone’s getting charged huhhh??

Payal jumped towards her and said “I’ve waited for this for a long time, now you’re mine and I’m gonna eat you totally”
The words of Payal was arousing her and she said “then what are you waiting for honey come and eat me like a wild cat”

Payal started to kiss her like a hungry fox she didn’t even waited to remove her mom nighty she tore them apart and started to press her tits vigorously Meenakshi was enjoying to get dominated

Meeankshi was screaming – uuhhh yeessss hooneyyy please go easy otherwise I’ll get hurt by your nails ahhhhh yesssss

Payal turned her around and she was now licking her back and opened the hook of her bra and threw it…. Meenakshi turned again and they started to kiss each other… After some time Payal took one boobs in her hand and started to suck her nipples
Meenakshi had gone mad now she was screaming – yeessssss ahhhhhhh succcckkk ittttt that’s soo good fuuckk yesss it’s all yours aahhhh yessssss

Payal sucked Meenakshi’s tits fir 1p minutes after that she went below and remove her panty Payal was not able to stop herself after seeing her mom’s pussy she immediately started to lick her clit

Ahhhhh yessssss fuucckkkk oghhhhhhh myyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhh ggooddd yesssssss liccckk itttg ahmmmmmm ooooooooo ahhhhhh fuckkkkk.

She squirted after 15 minutes then Meenakshi tool charge of her daughter and after 20 minutes Payal also released her juice

After an excellent session of sex both were lying naked with their cloths all over rooms both were having satisfaction in their eyes.
Now Meenakshi thought that it’s the right time of telling Payal’s secret to her

Meenakshi – Payal I need to tell you some thing and its quite serious
Payal – yes mom tell me what is it??
Meenakshi – first promise me that you won’t tell anything about this to your dad or anyone
Payal – done mom I promise, now please tell me na what do you want to tell me
Meenakshi – honey the thing is that “I’m not your mother”
Hearing this Payal burst out in laughter and said what the fuck mom these types of jokes are now becoming old please come with something new

Meenakshi – I’m not joking my dear I’m dead serious and I swear to my God.

Payal was now getting serious about this. Meenakshi told her that she is her friend’s daughter.
Payal was in the state of shock she didn’t knew how to react she asked her why did she adopted her to which Meenakshi replied “coz your dad was never able to make me pregnant”
Payal said mom please tell me the whole story what exactly happened.
Meenakshi told her that when she got married to Kalyan at age of 18 she was still pursuing her graduation, Meenakshi got know that Kalyan was impotent but she didn’t disclose this news to him

During her graduation one of her friend who got pregnant asked for help from her. She saw as an opportunity to hide he husband’s weakness in front of society Meenakshi adopted her baby after birth and her friend went to abroad and settled their.
Payal asked whether that lady is still in contact with her?? Meenakshi said no that was the last day when she talked with her after that she is not in touch with her anymore.

Then suddenly Meenakshi saw Payal’s hand was in her thighs and she started to rub her hand all over her legs
Meenakshi – what are you doing Payal that’s not right please stop it, what we did back then was the need of an hour but that was also a sin we should not do this

Payal – why?? Have you forgotten that I’m not your daughter I was never daughter so what we did was never a sin and what we’ll do in future will never be a sin. Just think about it we are not mother daughter anymore.

Listening to Payal Meenakshi thought in her mind that what Payal said is not wrong afterall she’s not my real daughter so how having sex with her is a crime??

Meenakshi – Yeah you are right my love we never had any blood relations so we can make out whenever we want to do, but remember that your dad doesn’t know about this so it’ll be better that we behave like mom and daughter in front of him

Payal – I’m not kid anymore mom I know what to exactly to in front of whom. But meanwhile as you’ve said that I’m not your daughter your daughter is again hungry for your juicy lips and milky tits come feed your darling my love.

Saying this Payal again pounded on to Meenakshi and they had another erotic session with each other

So guys that’s all for first part but don’t worry I’ll be back shortly with second part…