Tutoring My Girlfriend’s Daughter

Continuing from My Daughter’s Tutor III, told from the tutor’s POV. If you don’t remember, my name is Amber. For over a year, I had tutored a young woman named Sofie. One day, I came over, and Sofie wasn’t there. Long story short, I ended up fucking Sofie’s mom, Roxanne. That developed into a great relationship. That also meant that I would have to be replaced, as Sofie’s tutor though.

Roxanne had gotten her a male tutor for the next semester of college. I don’t know why, but it was just not working out. This was about a year after I moved in with them. Her new tutor, Ryan, had just left, and Sofie felt like she had learned nothing. I came to check on her, as Roxanne was out, and she was losing it.

“Damn, the whole time he’s here physically, but mentally, he’s just fucking some skank. That was just another hour of my life I’ll never get back,” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry to hear about that, is there anything I can do?” I wondered.

She just sighed.

“I’m sorry, you don’t need to hear about this,” she told me.

“Well, I was your tutor before, maybe I can help,” I put on the record.

“Well, you remember how it was after you hooked up with my mom. You couldn’t concentrate, and you two kept fucking in the bathroom. I’m glad you two are happy, but it’s still a bit of a bummer. This guy sucks, and you were just too good to give up,” she explained.

I felt bad, she did have a point. Before Roxanne started driving me crazy, we did get a lot done. So, I told her I’d help her once again, and I’d make a commitment to her. I told Roxanne about it, and she understood. Over that year, Roxanne and I had really become attached to each other. We had sex constantly at first, but we slowed down after a while, and really worked on our relationship.

The first day I was gonna tutor her, Roxanne said she would leave, so I wouldn’t be distracted. She gathered all her books, notes, and everything else she needed. At first, it was just like old times. We worked together, and got along. Even though we went over everything, somehow, she still managed to get some words out about her mom and me.

“So, how are things with you two, still going strong?” she wondered.

I thought it was weird, considering she always went ape shit about her studies. Although, I thought this would be an opportunity to get a little personal with her.

“Yes, things are still going strong. We’re getting along, and still have that chemistry too,” I let her know.

I thought that would be enough of a generalization for her, but she wanted to take it a bit further.

“Is the sex still hot too?” she wondered.

My face turned red, I had no idea she’d ask about that. I wasn’t sure what to say that question, so I just gave her a general answer.

“We’re still having hot sex, Sofie. Can we not talk about that, please?” I pleaded.

Answering that was just awkward, but she wanted more awkwardness, I guess.

“Is it true that you had never been with another woman, before my mom?” she pondered.

It was just getting annoying really quickly. I inhaled and exhaled loudly, so she knew I wasn’t loving her questions.

“Yes, your mom was the first one I had ever been with. Can we please just get back to work now?” I pleaded again.

She smiled at me, and got close to me. I was looking at the books, trying to pretend she wasn’t eyeballing me. Then she put her hands onto my face, and slowly took off my glasses.

“Damn, my mom was right: you are much more beautiful without these glasses. Why don’t you check into contacts?” she had to know.

“I just like my glasses, and I don’t want contacts,” I said a little angrily, as I took the glasses back, and put them on.

Roxanne had brought out my kinky side, I admit. Although, when I wasn’t having sex with her, I preferred wearing them. I also preferred them, instead of contacts. Roxanne and I had talked about it, but she knew my feelings on the subject. So, she never pushed it. After that, Sofie just decided to close up all the books.

“What are you doing?” I inquired.

“How was your first time, with my mom?” she wondered.

She was getting on my nerves, she wasn’t Roxanne’s daughter, I would have quit by then.

“It was great, we made love to each other, and it was passionate. OK, are you done?” I wondered.

“She told me that you masturbated with her dildo, is that true?” she wondered.

I sighed quite deeply, that was something I had become embarrassed about. I knew it played a role to get Roxanne interested in me, to start our relationship. Although, I didn’t like talking about it.

“I take your silence as a yes. Were you interested in my mom, before you had sex with her?” she had to know.

“Maybe a little bit. Do you have enough information now?” I asked her angrily.

“May I just ask you more thing?” she pondered.

Finally, I thought. We could finally we done with talking.

“Fine, what is it?” I asked to shut her up.

She got really close to me once again, and took off my glasses. She just looked at me for a minute, and I had no idea what she was doing.

“Will you fuck me, just how you my mom?” she pondered.

All of the sudden, she got me to smile. I didn’t know why, but when the fact that she wanted to have sex with me came up, I saw her as a young and sexual lady. My panties became moist, and she could tell I was down. She undid the top buttons of my blouse, and got a good look at the crack. She grinned quite widely, and put her face right on the crack.

I took in a deep breath, and she stuck her tongue in their. It tickled, and just reminded me of her mom. I let out a couple chuckles for a few seconds, and then I brought her head up to mine. I laid my lips on hers for about a minute. It was Roxanne, just nineteen years younger. After that minute, I put about a foot between our faces.

“Your mom will only find out, when I tell her about this, got it?” I warned her.

“Got it,” she let me know.

Then she cleared off the table, and laid down on her back, on the table. I got on it with her, and laid right next to her. I put my right hand, on her right boob, and we made out again. I was gonna tell Roxanne about this, that wasn’t bullshit. I guess I thought if I did find Sofie attractive, I’d fuck her once, and get it out of my system. I wasn’t gonna tell her that though.

With one hand, she undid my blouse completely. She put that hand onto my boobs, and slowly caressed them through my bra. She looked like her mom, she sounded like her mom, and her she had the same touch too. I guess the only difference was that, she only had a B-cup rack.

“Do you like that, Amber?” she pondered.

I just took in a very deep breath, and she had her answer. I guess that was another similarity, she could read me quite well. She got a little closer to me, and slowly put her hands underneath me. She slowly unclasped my bra, and pulled her hands out. She pulled the bra out from under me, and starred at my boobs. She had the exact face that her mom had, the first time she saw my tits. She was stunned, and she grinned.

“No wonder you swayed my mom,” she said slowly.

She leaned down, and felt my right boob with her face. My nipple was right up against her cheek, and it was quite a feeling. She just rubbed her face against my boob several times, and eventually brought her head up over to mine. She laid a single kiss on my lips, and leaned up. She took off her shirt, and exposed her B-cup tits, with no bra on.

She seemed like she was on a mission, she might have been trying to grease my wheels, with all the questions. To me anyway, it seemed like she was trying to seduce me. Then she laid down right next to me, and slowly took off her shorts. That was when I discovered, that she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

“No bra, or panties?” I pondered.

“Well, ever since you started fucking my mom, she never wears both anymore. It’s always one or the other. I always see her wearing skirts, when she doesn’t wear any panties. Is that to get you off?” she wondered.

I got right on top of her, and we pressed our breasts together. I was used to Roxanne’s matching C-cup rack, but it was a nice change of pace, nonetheless. I put my lips on hers yet again, she put her hands onto my butt. She slowly caressed it, and I took in a very deep breath. The first time I had sex with Roxanne, it was completely unexpected, but this time, I was gonna prep myself a little bit.

I relaxed myself, and tried not to just go nuts. We just made out for about ten minutes straight, and then she was ready. She had us turnover on the table, and she quickly went down towards my glistening pussy. As far as I knew, she had never been with a woman, but she was ready. She leaned in quite quickly, and began eating my pussy.

“Oh, you, little, sexy woman. That’s good, don’t stop, keep going,” I moaned.

Damn, she was the spitting image of Roxanne, and she pretty much was Roxanne. She even ate my pussy like her. I knew she must have at least tried it before, or she was just a fantastic miracle lady. She spread out my pussy lips, and stuck in her tongue in there. The table was made of wood, and was uncomfortable.

Although, she made it worth it. I put my hands right onto her forehead, as I looked over towards her. I had no idea what to actually say, that wasn’t caused by the feeling of her tongue. I think my face said it all, and she wanted to let me know her feelings. So, she climbed up on top of me, and kissed me for about a minute.

“My mom has been keeping you all to herself, that’s not nice,” she let me know.

“Well, we’re kind of in an exclusive relationship,” I put on the record.

“And yet, you are laying here naked, with me,” she mentioned.

“This is just a one time thing, and you are like your mom’s twin almost,” I said slowly.

Then I just had one more thing to check out, so I could compare. I climbed down towards her pussy, and she had a shaved pussy too. It was hot, and then I leaned down. I began eating her out, and her pussy felt a little different from Roxanne’s. I guess it was because I knew it was different, otherwise I may not have been able to tell the difference.

“Oh shit, Amber. My mom is one lucky bitch,” she muttered.

“Hey, that’s my girlfriend you are talking about,” I told her.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

I went back in, and continued eating her out. I spread out her pussy lips really far, and fucked her hard. I was obviously a lot more experienced, but she wasn’t feeling too bad about that.

“Amber, I fucking love you,” she whispered.

In a way, I did love her too. I loved Roxanne, so I guess it was love by close association.

“I love you too, Sofie,” I whispered back.

I went back in, yet again. I stuck in a few fingers, and really made her scream. In this case, she actually screamed a little louder than her mom. She put her hands onto my head, and made my face get absolutely drenched. I was having one hell of a time. I knew I was technically cheating, but I was sure that Roxanne would let it go. A minute later, she leaned up. She reached over, and felt my butt once again.

“Oh, you have such a smooth butt,” she muttered.

Touching my butt was her breaking point, she began moaning really loudly, as she laid back down.

“Shit, Amber!” she screamed.

In no time at all, she splattered my face. It took me back, to when Roxanne was splattering me for the first time, and I loved it coming from Sofie too. After that, I climbed up with her, and laid down. We stayed close, and fingered each other a bit too. It was hot, and I felt somewhat proud of myself. I could sexually satisfy a woman, and her daughter. Plus, I had only been a lesbian for a year by then. I looked over at her, and she had a giant smile. I was gonna tell Roxanne that same day, and just be upfront about it. I really was, but then she came walking in, and saw both of us smiling.

“Well, Sofie, I know that face,” Roxanne put on the record.