Cousins at Play: Part 8: Saddle Sore

Sharon asks David to test her limits and rewards him well

I carried my bicycle off the train and set off to ride the mile or so to Sharon’s house. It was the school holidays and the two of us were going to spend the day cycling up to “the castle”. I was going to stay for the night too (in the spare room, of course) so it was a rare chance for us to enjoy precious time together.

Our relationship was “in a really good place”.

As far as anybody else knew, we were just young, but Sharon and I knew that we were a couple and we were in love. It was a glorious teenage love, but without any of the usual adolescent angst.

We were committed to each other. We both enjoyed experimenting, exploring each other’s bodies and discovering new delights. But more importantly we both knew that there was no pressure for either of us to go any further, or any faster, than we wanted to.

We had agreed that we wouldn’t go “all the way” until Sharon was 16 (at least), and that gave us the freedom to live and love one step at a time, without worrying that we were risking our relationship by frustrating or disappointing our the other.

We were totally relaxed with eachother and so confident in the strength of our bond that it seemed as though we could ask eachother anything.

But one day Sharon made a very unexpected request….


We had cycled out of the village towards “the castle” – actually a ruin, but a local landmark with a great view of the valley and a snack bar with lovely ice cream. I was looking forward to the trip and we were making good progress, until Sharon took a sharp left turn.

“Where are you going?”

“Wellington Wood. It’s at the far end of the Country Park.”

“I thought as were going to the castle.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I had a better idea. You’ll like it. Trust me.”

So I followed my girlfriend down the lane. Following her was a pleasure because I got to enjoy the sight of her beautiful bum. It’s shapely form exaggerated by a pair of skintight jeans. I’d never seen her in jeans before. She’d always worn a skirt in my company – I liked to think she did it on purpose, so l could pull it up and get my hands on her knickers and backside..

I suppose jeans were more practical for cycling though.

Eventually we left the path and climbed off our bikes to wheel them through the woodland.

I was puzzled, but Sharon obviously had a surprise in store and would tell me about it in her own good time.

At last she found the spot she was looking for, leant her bike next to a spreading beech tree, sat on a nearby stump and beckoned me to join her, taking a deep breath.

“David, I want you to do something for me.”


“I want you to spank me.”


“But not a normal spanking. I want it long and hard, until I can’t take any more. Even if I cry or tell or to stop, just carry on until I use our code word – you know “marmalade”?
I want to find out how much I take.
I want to know how it feels.
Will you do that for me?

You know I’ll do anything for you, but, don’t know.
I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

“Oh David, spankings always hurt. You always hurt me when you spank me but that’s just a part of it.
You make me feel nervous and excited and scared and naughty and grown up and sexy and loved.
Yes, my bum is sore afterwards but that’s good, because it means I feel all those things for longer.
I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense, but it’s the best feeling.”

“You really want me to do this?”

“Yes. I’ve been planning it for ages. My backpack is full of all the stuff we’ll need. Please say you will.”

“Okay, but if I think I’m going to harm you – break your skin, draw blood, that sort of thing, then I’m going to stop whether you want me to or not.”

“Alright. I thought you’d say that.”

She kissed me. “Let’s unpack the bag.”

She started by pulling out a skirt, which she put on over her jeans before tugging them off along with her knickers.

“I want you to spank me on the bare, but if we hear anyone coming, you need to stop and cover me up with the skirt, so we look like a normal courting couple.”

“Good thinking.”

“Obviously, I want you to use your hand, but I want you to use these too.”

“A slipper and a ruler?”

“Yeah, I found the slipper in Mum & Dad’s room. I’ve never seen Dad wear it, though.
Anyway, Minnie the Minx always gets slippered when she’s naughty in my comics, so l want to see what it’s like.”

“What about the ruler?”

“Claire Philpott said her brother got it across his hand off his headmaster.”

“What was that for?”

Giggle, “Lifting up girls’ skirts to look at their knickers.”

“Silly boy. I bet Claire would have let him do that anyway.”

“That’s what I said! Anyway I want to see what it feels like on my bum.”

I rolled my eyes in resignation.
“Ok, where do want to do this?”

“Over here.”
She spread a towel over the tree stump and lay on top of it, confidently pushing her bottom out with practiced ease.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, but I won’t be for long, will I Sir? I’m sorry I lied about going to “the castle”. I am ready for my punishment now Sir.”

They were the magic words. My cock spang to life and I shifted my mindset. I was going to do this thing – as long and as hard as this mischievous girl wanted, and I was going to enjoy it…

I flipped the skirt up and admired the delicious naked bum cheeks, presented for my pleasure.

Slap. I didn’t hesitate. Sharon didn’t want me to. We weren’t counting but I gave her at least thirty before, pausing to stroke her reddened flesh and rest my palm.

Another, more frenzied volley followed.

By now, Sharon was squealing, writhing and complaining but she was doing her best to still and take the pounding she craved.

“You’re being too loud, someone’s going to hear us,” I warned her.

“I should have brought a gag.”

“This will have to do, open your mouth.”

I pulled her knickers out of her jeans and shoved them into her mouth, before resuming her spanking.

There were more squeals, but they were sufficiently muffled for us to continue with confidence until my hand got sore.
I decided we could both use a break.

I spent the next few minutes caressing Sharon’s buttocks, allowing my hand to slip between her legs, making her gasp as I enjoyed the texture of moisture in her tangled pubes.

Then I picked up the slipper.

I’d never used more than my hand before so I decided to hold her in place with my left hand while I positioned the slipper across her bottom. She held her breath….

It was a size 10 and so much bigger than my hand that it covered both cheeks at once.

Slap. It splashed down across both cheeks too – the heel landing first and the toe flicking down a millisecond later with a loud clapping noise. I got into a steady rhythm, hitting her every few seconds.
Each strike left a wide new blotch on the already battered arse. The red wine stain of her spanking spreading across Sharon’s willing arse. Every blow made her squirm in pain, but, despite my prompting she didn’t use her code word and urged me to continue.

After pausing to stroke and caress, her now warmer bum and wetter pussy, the ruler was next. Twelve inches long, wooden and sharp sided.

Thwack. It landed squarely across the centre of her arse, producing a shriek and a stripe of burning crimson. The ruler was easy to use, so l gave her six more in quick succession before stopping to assess the damage.

“That’s enough with the ruler,” I told her.

“Whu?” She pulled the knickers out of her mouth. “What. Don’t stop. I can take more.”

“No, no the ruler’s too sharp. It’s gonna cut into your skin. I’m not using it anymore.”

Sigh, “Ok, put the ruler away then, but don’t stop yet.
Why don’t you use the slipper again?”

“Er, no I’ve got another idea.
Sit up?”

Another sigh, “You’re not going to stop are you?”

Now do as you’re told and sit up.”

“Yes Sir” she was happier now.

“Unbuckle my belt.”


“You heard. Take my belt off.”

I hadn’t planned this, but it suddenly felt so right. I almost came in my pants as Sharon silently leant in, putting her face next to my belt buckle, before unhooking it and sliding the leather strap out of its loops. She handed it to me without a word.

“Get on all fours.
Shoulders down.
Bottom up as far as you can.”

“Like this Sir?”

She was perfect, but I was playing mean so I wasn’t going to tell her that, “I suppose that will have to do.”

Nervously, “What are you going to do to me Sir?
You’re not going to whip my little, bare bottom with your big, nasty belt, are you?

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do. That’s what happens to naughty little girls who tell lies.”

“Oh no please. ..”

I stood beside her. Her bottom was perfectly presented and at my mercy. Her skirt had fallen over her back, so there was nothing in my way.
I lifted my arm and swung the belt at my target.


I swung again.


I realised that I actually had no idea how to whip my girlfriend’s arse. I had threatened her with a fierce lashing when, in reality, I could only give her a harmless patting.

How embarrassing.

I wasn’t going to give up though, and after a few attempts I adopted the technique that I would use in a conker fight. Wrapping most of belt tightly around my wrist and using my other hand to grip the business end. Taking aim, before flicking the strap down sharply to strike Sharon’s sort naked flesh.

My technique was working too. Every lash sent a spasm through the girl’s body. Jerking and squealing as her bottom was criss crossed with fresh and painful stripes.

I felt like we were getting towards the end of her tender torture.
“Have you has enough yet.”

“Almost,” gasp, “just ten more, but no harder, please.”

I told her to count down from ten.

I didn’t hit her any harder but each stroke seemed to have a greater effect, as we approached zero.

Crack. “Owwwwww! Fffffuck. Three Sir.”

Crack. “Shhhhitttt! Two Sir.”

Crack. “Ohhhhh. Fucking helllll! One Sir.”


“Yes Sir, yes, marmalade, please.”

I wrapped my arms round her, laying her down next to me on the towel, holding her tight, telling her that I loved her and telling her how brave she had been.

I kissed her as sobbed in my arms. I didn’t know whether the tears were because of the pain or an emotional release, but I knew I had to comfort her and give her all the time and love she needed.

I got a bottle of water out of her bag. The bottle was cold so I held it against her scorched bum and even poured some of the water onto her bum, but the chilly shock didn’t really help reduce the pain. Drinking some did calm her though.

Sharon had brought a picnic too, so we had lunch whilst I stroked her backside and helped it cool. We continued to lie together as she became more comfortable. We laughed and joked and I slipped my hand back under her skirt to tickle her pussy. She always liked that.

“Stop.” She suddenly whispered. “I can hear someone coming.”

We sat up and I pulled her skirt down to protect her modesty.

A labrador padded by, nuzzling up to Sharon for a fuss and sniffing around the remains of our picnic.
“Here, Rex.” called his elderly owner.
“Nice day for it, eh kids.”

“Yes, isn’t it?” We replied, stifling our laughter until he was out of sight.


The journey back to Sharon’s house was difficult.

She was too sore to wear her skintight jeans, so she had to cycle in her skirt. And, of course, her bottom was in no fit state for cycling anyway.

So we took our time. Riding when Sharon felt able but mostly pushing our bikes back to the village.

We called at a shop for snacks. We both wanted an ice cream and, of course we didn’t just eat them…

Sharon pressed her (still wrapped) lolly against the seat of her skirt and she said it made her feel a little better. Unfortunately I had bad news for her.

Her mother had seen her leave home wearing jeans. If she returned in a skirt she would have some explaining to do…
Sharon had to get changed. She hid behind the shop while I kept a look out.

It took a while for her to return and when she did she was walking as stiffly as a cartoon robot – clearly in pain.

Then I explained that she’d need to cycle home, if we were to avoid her mother’s suspicions.

She bravely endured the discomfort and rode home slowly and carefully in her jeans, only to discover that the house was empty!

Her father was working away, but her mother had left a note saying that she had gone to the club to play bingo, with friends and wouldn’t be home until about 10.30. She also said, she knew we were old enough to look after ourselves so she’d left us some money for fish & chips.

I went to fetch supper while Sharon unpacked her bags and changed into something more comfortable. I returned to find her in nothing but a light pyjama top.

“Nice outfit.”

“Why thank you, kind sir.” She gave me a twirl and wiggled her bum for me.

“I see the fish isn’t the only thing that’s been battered today.” I joked.

“Oh yes. Very funny.” was the sarcastic reply.

“You are okay, aren’t you? Not too sore?”

“I’m fine, silly. More than fine. It was perfect.”
She kissed me.
“Thanks for doing it. I know you were worried about hurting me.”

“Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t use the ruler. It just wasn’t safe.”

“That’s okay. It’s lovely that you cared enough to stop, even if I was getting too carried away to realise we needed to. I know I can always trust you to look after me. I’ll just have to try to find a nice bendy, plastic ruler next time.”

“So, you want there to be a “next time”?”

“Probably – if it’s okay with you. Maybe not quite so intense, though and without a bike ride at the end.”

“Well, if we’re going to do it again, you’ll have to tell me what you liked most, so I can do better next time.”

“Well,” Sharon turned looked me eagerly in the eye. She was as excited and serious as a scientist explaining their latest discovery. “A hand spanking will always be the best. It’s personal, intimate, just you and me with nothing in between and I’m never sure what you’re going to do.” She grinned. “I know you like to take the chance feel me up, stroke me, squeeze me or tickle my pussy. You sneaky thing!”

We giggled. I was pleased to here that was her favourite. I loved to do it.

“The slipper was good too. It made a great noise, didn’t it? It stung but it wasn’t too harsh and it was nice and big so it spread the pain across my bum and I could take more whacks. Lovely. You can use that again.”

“And what about my belt? Was that okay?I know I wasn’t very good with it.”

“Oh the belt was a brilliant idea,” she kissed me again. “It made my tummy flip when you told me to take it off. You were really masterful. Very sexy, especially when you made me get on all fours to take my punishment, like a naughty little girl.”

“And did it feel alright?”

“Yes, it hurt more than the slipper so I couldn’t take as many, but it was really hot. Maybe we’ll save it for special occasions, when I’ve been really bad, or when I need to be taken under control.”

“Well, I wear a belt every day, so I guess you’ll just have to behave yourself in future, young lady…”

I was pleased to hear that I had given Sharon a good time. I had fun too.

We snuggled down to watch TV.
I sat behind and astride my girlfriend, who balanced on a soft cushion, as we watched a saucy “Carry On…” film. I held her in place with my arms around her waist and my hands fondling still growing boobs. Sharon, obviously liked this arrangement as she peeled off her top to let me enjoy her charms to the full.

We decided to go to bed before her mother got home. I gently slapped Sharon’s bum as she made her way “up the wooden hill” before kissing her titties good night and reluctantly dragging myself away to sleep alone in the spare room.

It was quite late when my auntie called us down for breakfast, the following morning. She thought we’d be tired after our bike ride.

“Did you two have a nice day?” She asked.

“Yes thanks.”

“It was such a clear day – you must have had a great view of view of the valley.”

“Oh it was lovely.” I replied, thinking of very different valley.

“And I hope you tried the ice cream.”

” Oh it was the best ever, I was ready for it.” said Sharon, and she certainly was.

“Are you okay Sharon? You look stiff. I told you it was too far for you to cycle.”

“I’ll be okay, Mum. I’m just a bit saddle sore that’s all.”

“I’ve got some cream for that, are you okay, David?”

“Yes, I had a much easier time of it thanks.”

Auntie went to her bedroom and returned with a pot of cream.

“It’s cold cream dear. It’s great for getting makeup off, but it’s also good at soothing, er … sore skin. You should try it.”

She had to go shopping.after breakfast so, my cousin and I had the house to ourselves.

I chased Sharon back up the stairs trying to slap her arse, all the way to the bathroom. “Want to have a shower with me?” she asked.

It was a rhetorical question.

“You can undress me, if you like.”

I quickly stripped her of her dressing gown and pyjamas – enjoying her body as usual but paying particular attention to her bottom.

“That looks sore.”

We checked the damage in the mirror.

“It’s not too bad. I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t feel anything this morning. Those deep red lines are the worse, I guess they’re from the ruler. It’ll all heal up though.”

We had a great time washing each other down. We had never shared a shower before. I thoroughly soaped up Sharon’s naked body, sliding my hands over every inch of her beautiful flesh but, of course, paying special attention to those parts that excited me the most.

I loved the way her skin shone when I jetted the suds away with the showerhead and noticed her reaction when the spray played on her pussy.

Sharon returned the favour, washing me with an intimacy I had never felt before. My cock was already erect but my girlfriend stimulated it even more – gently caressing the balls, sliding both her soapy hands up and down the shaft and over the head.

It was more than my teenage flesh could take and it was only a matter of time before I came. The stream of my spunk jetting up like a fountain, to meet the stream of the shower jetting down.

“You deserved that.” said my girlfriend, kissing my lips.

When we dried eachother off I couldn’t resist playfully flicking my damp towel at her nude damp body, whipping her one more.

“Ow! Stop that you beast!” she squealed and giggled running out of bathroom. I chased her flicking my towel at her jiggling bum. She ran into her bedroom, where I caught her and bent her over her mattress.

“Don’t spank me. Please.”

“This is for your own good!”

“Aahhh… Oh. What’s that?”

I laughed, pleased with myself. Instead of delivering a hot stinging spank, I was applying the cold soothing balm, her mother had supplied.

“It’s just the cold cream. No need to scream.”

“Oh well just use it on those ruler marks. I want to stay a bit sore all day.”

“Okay. Do you want me to slap some of the white bits, then?”

“Yes please of you don’t mind.”

So I stroked, creamed, squeezed and slapped her bum to my heart’s content before turning her over and putting my hands and mouth to work, on her tits and her pussy.

I worked my tongue to her clit, slowly but purposely. Sucking her cunt lips, licking around her hood and fingering her slit before taking her nub between my lips and driving her over the edge to a breathless orgasm.


We kissed and held each other in ecstatic.
“That was marvellous…..
Let me do it for you.
Is it true that boys like to be, er kissed down there too?”

Nervous laugh, “I don’t know. No one’s ever done it to me.”

“Well, don’t tell anyone, but Claire Philpott says her brother loves it so much he’s offered to pay her.”

“Ha ha, Claire Philpott again.
Has she still got the biggest boobs in your class?”

“No. She. Has. Not!
These are the biggest boobs in my class” she proudly cupped her breasts and pushed them up to show them off, “And your kissing and sucking helped them grow.
So let’s see what my kissing and sucking can do.
Good job I’ve just washed your cock.”

I had no time to reply.
She quickly lowered her head to my crotch and started to lick. Tentative at first, but with growing confidence and enthusiasm as my obvious arousal grew.

It felt wonderful, full of exciting new sensations – far deeper than those I had been able to achieve with my solo efforts. And then…..

“Oh my God! Sharon!
Where did you learn to do that?”

She had my cockhead in her mouth, sucking it hungrily. I was completely in her power.
I had no time to warn her. My teenage reflexes kicked in too quickly and my spunk squirted uncontrollably across her tongue into her throat.

She pulled away quickly.
Cough, “Wow, it worked! Oh look there’s so much. It’s still coming.”
“Bloody hell, it’s all over me. We mustn’t get it on the sheets. Quick, get something out of the dressing up box so we can clean it up! Wow I didn’t know I could do that!”

We laughed together, mopping up the sticky evidence of our exciting discovery.


It had been an unbelievable couple of days but it was almost time for me to start the journey home.

It was hard to leave my wonderful girlfriend lying naked on her bed.
“Aren’t you going get dressed today?”

“I dunno?
I can’t fund anything to wear now you’ve made my bum so sore!” she teased.

“Well perhaps I should decide for you then.” I pulled open her underwear drawer and started sorting through her lingerie.

She jumped up, “Hey, stop that. That’s private!”

“Really? Is there anything in there that I haven’t seen you wear before. ”

“Er, no I hadn’t thought of that!
Yes those French knickers would be a good choice…”

To be continued ( but almost done)…