Dirty mommy

I’m the dirty mommy you see at all your friend’s parties, wearing the same clothes as all the teenage girls are, flirting with all the younger men, and of course drawing all the male attention to me! I am the type of woman that your mother has warned you about, but you can’t seem to stay away. I wonder why that is? Might it be you and I share something that most people could never even imagine to admit to those whom they are close with? Ahh, that’s right it’s just me and my dirty little secrets that turns you on so very much. You wish you had the guts to do the things I do to my little ones. But you don’t… that’s where I come in though. I’ll help you out. I’ll let you try out that little fantasy of yours on any one of my little darlings. It’s not like they aren’t used to being fucked by a bunch of random men! Oh no, they are used to being used for what they’re good for and that’s supporting my ‘habits’ and paying my bills of course. Don’t be scared, they won’t tell anyone that what gets you hard the most, what turns you on more than anything is their precious, young, and innocent little holes. Your secret is safe with me, and of course them. They are beyond happy to help, even though they weren’t always so cooperative… even when things got painful. It’s how they were raised though, raised to be my personal source of income, raised to do anything and everything to not only please me but please you. Because they know if you’re happy Mommy is happy and what could make me happier than watching you have your way with my little ones just like you’ve always yearned for?!

You know I’m right.