You look so hot in my panties. No, really. I didn’t expect to be so turned on…
It’s what she SAYS:

You look so adorable in my panties. Your cock looks so CUTE! And it fits perfectly in my thong. Oh my god! You know, I wasn’t sure that I’d be so turned on… I mean, honestly, when I saw your cock, I died a little inside, you know? Like, I didn’t think it would actually DO ANYTHING for me. But now, oh! I just LOVE it. Your cute little panty bulge. Keep it tucked like that. Is it uncomfortable? Ha! That’s the only way that cock would make anything uncomfortable. Gah, those balls are packed in there, too. Haha, that’s the only thing you’d fill out.

Admit it, you also love the feel of my thong don’t you? How it goes up your ass. When you wear it under your pants, ironically, you’ll still feel exposed from your trousers rubbing against your bum. As you walk, you just feel bare yet restrained. When you bend over, or sit down, you’ll receive that tautness tug at both your ass and that cute cock of yours.

Turn around. Unf! Your bum is adorable too. I can certainly tell that you’re a runner. Your whole body is fucking tight… but your ass is amazing. It’s like your thighs and the rest of those marvelous legs. You know, that’s what caught my attention, right? I saw you running track in those soccer shorts. Then followed those calves up to your thighs, then that tight butt. Fuck! Every time you passed by I’d flush. That curly hair of yours pushed up by your headband. I thought you were fucking cute… like something that I wanted to destroy. I just had to flirt with you. Fuck it was so easy to get your attention too. All I did was sit next to the track while doing a butterfly stretch. I had an inkling that you’d try to sneak a peek up my Umbro shorts. You did, didn’t you? You noticed these EXACT panties! And now look, who would’ve thought that you’d model them for me. God, I can get you to do anything! One look at you and I knew you were kinky. I have that way of picking out switchy guys when I want one.

And even though you were a runner, I knew that I could win the race. I just knew that you’d lose the bet. Of course, I didn’t have THIS in mind at the time. I just wanted to fuck. But now, I know that wouldn’t satisfy me, so I figured I’d still have a little fun.

Fuck, I love that ass of yours. You look so fucking hot in my panties. No really. I didn’t think I’d get so wet. I’ve certainly scissored girls too. Oh, I’m wide open for anything. I guess you are too. Anyhow, yeah, I’m bi. One of my favorite things to do is just grind pussies. Yeah, my bff is Beth. Shit! I have to send her a pic of you.

Lie on my bed! I promise, I won’t get your face. She won’t believe me. She has to see how hot you are. Spread your legs wider. Hmmm… if I had time, I’d shave your thighs and your pubes… but oh well. We both like dudes with body hair. They put off more testosterone.

Hehehe, she’ll love this one.

Okay, roll over. Let me get your sweet bum.

She responded to the first pic! She’s a little jealous that I found a such a kinky fucktoy to play with. She thinks these panties look better on you than on me!

She said — Maybe we can all play together some time? Think you could handle that? I mean, we’d just abuse you. You wouldn’t fuck us. But you could watch us get off, once we had our fun time with you. Hmmm… let’s see how you do with me first.

Roll over again and keep your hands behind your head. Don’t touch me! Just lie there.

I think we can make this work.

Let me adjust you a bit. Yeah, that’s better. Oh, your head pokes out of the top. Gah, you’re so fucking adorable!

I’m going to grind on you like I grind on Beth. Just keep still.

Fuuuuck, your little cock fits perfectly between my lips. It’s like my bullet vibe! Unf, I want my toys, but right now, you’re my toy. I’ll break those out next time.

MMmmmmnnn… yeah, you feel good against my clit. I love riding Beth when we’re both in panties, but just grinding against your little cock in these satin undies feels incredible against my cunt.

Oh, you’re sooo hard but I’m still not going to fuck you. This is the only way you’ll make me cum. Fuck. You feel so fucking good, too. Don’t move! Right there… damn…

Looks like you can’t hold back, huh? Mmmnnnn. Go ahead. Cum. I don’t give a fuck. This is about me, not you… okay, maybe you a tiny bit. Plus, it’s hot if we cum at the same time. I’m close… I feel that little cock pulsing. Do you feel your tight balls contracting in my panties? That’s it… cum for me, my little fuck toy. Fuck! Yes! Goddamn, I didn’t think I’d enjoy that little dick as much as I do now. Unnf. Stay right there. I don’t care about your sticky mess. Awww, too sensitive right now? Good. Stop writhing, I’m almost there. Fuck! Yes! Yes! Hmmm, I’m going to use some of your cum for lube but that doesn’t mean I’m fucking you. God, what a wet mess we’re making. Fuck. I love grinding on this little cock!

Damn, you’re making me cum fucking hard. Jesus!

What a surprise. Goddamn, that was fun. Okay, arch your ass up. I’m sliding these off. No, we’re done for now. Don’t worry.

Here, I’ll be nice and clean you up. Open your mouth. Yeah, you look so fucking hot, lying there, all spent, with my panties balled up in your mouth. This way, you can taste my pussy… or your cum… fuck if I know.

There… all better now.

I just knew that you’d be up for anything… I just didn’t expect us to end up like this.

Text me if you want to race again. Maybe next time, Beth and I will show up at your next track meet.
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