Elly’s First Spanking

Elly’s first spanking

Sir Patrick approached Elly as she looked up at him in somewhat disbelief that she was actually going to get spanked and hard too by her new Master. Sir Patrick looked menacingly at her as he moved towards her. He said, “cum here cunt!”

He grabbed her by her long, blonde hair roughly and pulled her to the chair where she would get her ass beat good. Elly moaned just a bit as this happened. She knew it was going to hurt a lot, just not how much. He put her over the back of the chair and yanked her panties down around her ankles. He tied her to the chair so she couldn’t get away. He tied her wrists to the front legs and her ankles to the rear legs. He then tore open her blouse and exposed her breasts for further torture play. He placed clamps on her nipples after pinching them hard. Elly moaned again loudly. Sir Patrick laughed evilly. He put his hand on his now owned pussy and rubbed roughly and then pinched her clit hard. Elly moaned even more. Sir Patrick said, “This is going to hurt me more than it does you slut. You have been a very bad girl and this is what happens to bad girls.”

Sir Patrick walked around to the front of the chair and exposed his cock to Elly. Elly instinctively looked at it wondering why Sir Patrick was exposing himself. She found out very quickly as Sir Patrick pulled her head up sharply by the hair, forced her mouth open and rammed his cock down her lovely throat. He face fucked her for a minute or two causing her to gasp for breath. He laughed as he pulled out and went about the business of preparing for the spanking. He grabbed a paddle about 20″ long with a round head. He then went behind Elly and rubbed her ass good and hard. She warmed up quickly to this and moaned approvingly. But that would be the last real warmth she would feel from Sir Patrick for a while. Now her ass was going to sting. Sir Patrick reached far back with the paddle in hand and came down hard on Elly’s ass. She could hear the paddle pound down on her and felt the sting immediately. She grimaced hard and held back a scream, clinching her teeth in pain. Sir Patrick spanked her hard again and again, over and over, as Elly couldn’t hold back anymore. She screamed as each spank hit her already sore ass.

Sir Patrick continued and Elly was crying as hard as she could. But Sir Patrick continued to spank even harder. Elly’s sweet ass was really red now and starting to swell. Sir Patrick was enjoying this very much. He knew how much Elly enjoyed pain for him. So he continued for about 5 minutes of this. Then he said, “Now count for me the last ten spanks Elly, my sweet cunt.”

He hit her again and Elly said, “One!”

She was wailing by this time too. Her sobs came more frequently. “Two, three…… ten,” she screamed in agony.”

Sir Patrick put his paddle away. He caressed Elly’s hair and started to untie her. He said, “Elly you were a very good girl for me baby, I do love you a lot.”

He finished untying Elly and pulled her up to him. He kissed her gently on the lips. She kissed him back and thanked him for her spanking. He held her tight and walked her over to the bed lying her down gently on her side. He placed his hand on her very sore ass and just held it there so she didn’t feel pain further. He then went to the dresser and got some soothing crème. He gently rubbed the crème into her sore ass and caressed her breasts and hair for quite a while, all the while holding her in his arms. Then Sir Patrick inserted his cock into his bitch Elly’s pussy and slowly fucked her so she was starting to feel his love grow within her now. That was what she wanted after all, to feel good about her choice of Master and to know that he cared for her a lot. And he did!