Finding Mia

I continued chatting with Mia every chance I got. She seemed like she was interested in meeting, but like most intelligent people she was reluctant to share personal information that would allow us to meet. Her profile said she was in Seattle, almost 850 miles away, so I couldn’t very well take off and look for her every weekend!

One day, while we were chatting, she mentioned that she had gone out the night before to one of her favorite places.

“Oh, where’s that?” I asked, as nonchalantly as I could.

“It’s called the Wildrose,” She replied. “I like it because it’s not too far away, and they cater to people with an alternative lifestyle.”

We chatted for a while longer, and I asked her again if I could come see her. She was apologetic in her response but again said she just wasn’t ready to meet. I told her again how disappointed I was, but that I understood.

Once we ended our chat I immediately went online and looked up the Wildrose. It was listed as a gay bar, and though it had mixed reviews the pictures did make it seem like a fun place to hang out. The clientele appeared to include a mixture of men and women, some of which might be either trans-gendered or transvestites.

I suspect you think me crazy, but I determined right then to head for Seattle and see if I could find Mia. I took two weeks off from work and scheduled it so that I could be in Seattle for three weekends, made plane reservations, and about two weeks later I was on my way, with only a room reservation, a few changes of clothes, and a picture of Mia that she had sent me.

I had reservations at a hotel in the downtown area so that transportation wouldn’t be an issue. The room was clean and comfortable, with two queen beds, a refrigerator, and an oversized jetted tub and shower in the bathroom. The decor was subdued but modern, and though it would never convince anyone I was well off I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring a new friend home!

The next night I was off to the Wildrose. My exuberance caused me to arrive at about seven, but I figured it would be a silly mistake to come all this way and risk missing Mia. I found a table close to the door and situated such that I could watch the people as they entered, ordered a beer, and settled in for a long evening.

And long it was! I don’t think a single person came in for the first two hours. After that small groups started finding their way into the club. It didn’t take long to notice that Wildrose may have advertised as friendly to all alternative lifestyles but was primarily a lesbian hangout. I was feeling a bit out of place, but there were a few men coming in as well.

By ten, it was becoming more noticeable that the ratio of men to women was a little harder to estimate than I first thought. I started to question the gender of several of the women, and as I continued to watch their interactions it became more obvious that at least a few were either cross-dressers or transitioning.

It was about this time that some of the men started approaching my small table and introducing themselves. I was never attracted to men before, so I politely passed on what I was sure were attempts to pick me up. Looking back, it’s embarrassing to think how arrogant I was. Be that as it may, I thought it would be rude to lead anyone on.

After the third or fourth gentleman approached me I began to wonder what I might do to dissuade any more from approaching me. I really couldn’t come up with anything, but my thoughts were broken by a small, soft voice:

“You look out of place.”

I looked up only to be staring into the eyes of an incredibly beautiful girl! She was only about five feet tall, with what I can only describe as pale lavender eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. Her waistline was slim, her hips almost boyish, and her breasts seemed a bit small for her frame. I guess you could describe her as waifish, but her clothes were clean and bright. She was wearing a short-skirted dress with a petticoat underneath to make it flare out. The bodice clung to her body to outline the features I’ve described.

“I suppose I am,” I answered. “but I didn’t know it was that obvious.”

“If you don’t want any more guys disturbing you, perhaps I can join you,” she said, as she was already lowering herself into a chair. “I’ve been warding off a few myself.”

“Well, as long as it will be mutually beneficial. I should warn you though, I’m waiting for someone, sort of, anyway.”

I stretched my hand towards her and introduced myself. “My name is John. I’m visiting from Utah.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, John. My name is Amy. Tell me, how do you sort of wait for someone?”

I pulled out the picture of Mia and explained my purpose for being in Seattle. Amy looked intently at the picture but did not recognize Mia.

“I can’t say that I know her, but that doesn’t mean much. I don’t come here very often. Only when I’m in a certain mood.”

“Ah,” I replied. “that would explain why such a pretty girl is here un-escorted.”

Amy turned a little red and thanked me for the compliment. We enjoyed a pleasant conversation about many inconsequential things. Our chairs worked closer to each other, and before I was aware of the time passing it was approaching midnight. It had been a very pleasant evening, and I had started to feel a little guilty about monopolizing her time. I felt a little extra guilt because I had been keeping an eye out for Mia. Looking towards the bar I noticed a stunning brunette.

“I’m sorry I’ve kept you from circulating for so long,” I started. “how about the brunette at the bar? Is she your type? She seems to be alone.”

Amy glanced towards the bar, then looked back at me with a strange look. Then understanding showed in her eyes and she turned a much deeper red.

“I suppose I should really be flattered now! I’m not here looking for a woman to enjoy. Now and then I come here looking for a man who wants to try something new, like you.”

I’m sure you figured it out right off the bat, but I was still sitting there completely in the dark. I couldn’t figure out why this beautiful girl would come to an LGBT-friendly bar to find a man. With a smile that was almost a chuckle, Amy reached out and took my hand.

“I thought you knew that I’m a male, but I guess not. I’ve started hormone treatments, but I still have the male equipment. I hope you aren’t upset.”

“No, but I am very surprised,” I replied.

Amy continued to hold my hand. “Tell me, I know you’re here hoping to meet this cross-dresser Mia, but have you ever been with a male?”

“No,” I replied, “I haven’t. But she is in my dreams every night!”

“Are you sure you are ready for it?”

I sat there quietly, contemplating her question. Was I ready? I had come all this way based on an infatuation and couldn’t with one hundred percent surety say I wouldn’t freak out if I did find Mia, and then seduce her.

“Listen,” Amy continued. “she isn’t coming tonight. Why don’t you come home with me? We’ve enjoyed each other’s company, and I think we could help each other out. You can satisfy my mood, and it seems like I could be a very safe first time for you.”

Her reasoning was impeccable, and though it had been the farthest thing from my mind at the start of the evening I found myself taking her up on her offer. I told her my hotel was close, that we could go there if she preferred, and that I could take her home in the morning. She thought that sounded good, and we started towards the hotel hand in hand.

The cool, damp air of Seattle soon moved us closer together. I slipped my arm around her shoulder as she leaned into my body for warmth, her bare arm wrapped around my waist. The petticoat under her skirt made the most delightful rustling noises as we walked along, tightly clinging to each other to ward off the night air. lightly giggling when our awkward movements and the night’s drinks caused us to weave on our path.

When we arrived at my hotel room, I pulled Amy fully into my embrace. I leaned down towards her upturned face while she rose on her tippy toes to meet my lips in our first kiss of the night. The taste of fruit clung to her lips, and I realized I had been so distracted that I didn’t even know what she had been drinking. I slipped my tongue into her parting lips and explored the fruity flavor. The taste of strawberries was on her tongue. Daiquiris, she had been drinking strawberry daiquiris. Such a truly female drink. Strange thing to think at the moment. I love the taste of a daiquiri myself now and then but would never order one if I were out with the guys. Why is that?

Amy pulled away from my kiss to look at my face. Had she sensed my distraction? How did she interpret it?

Without a word, she dropped to her knees in front of me. She undid the button on my pants, lowered the zipper, and let my pants pool around my ankles. She tugged my boxers down my legs to join my pants.

I wish I could tell you that my massive cock sprung free of its confines to smack her face as so many stories you read or pornos you watch portray, but my modest six inches wasn’t such a weapon of wonder. I felt the momentary doubt about her reaction that I suppose most of us feel at the revelation of our cock, but her face held an expression of genuine pleasure. She leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth, letting it slowly slide between her lips and onto her tongue. The warmth of her mouth enveloped my semi-turgid member as she momentarily let it rest in that position. An audible exhale and hum gave me the impression that this was the “certain mood” that she mentioned in the bar. The vibration of the hum started the inevitable growth of my cock to full stature.


I softly lay my hand on her head but she slapped it away. It was clear that she was to set the pace that she enjoyed. She pressed her tongue against the bottom side of my cock and gleefully bobbed her head along the length of flesh in her mouth. Each time she was almost off my cock her tongue would dance a tango across its head. Each time she slid to the bottom I would feel her tongue sway on my balls. She had enough experience with sucking cock to take me into her throat without a problem. Each time she withdrew her humming intensified the sensations.

Far too soon I could feel the slow tensing of the muscles of my groin preparing to send my pent-up load rocketing into her mouth. I tapped her shoulders to signify that I was reaching orgasm. It’s easy to be a gentleman when you are sure that your partner needs to taste the seed cascading into her mouth, or at least wants it. She neither picked up the pace, or slowed the pace, or withdrew, but let me enjoy the crest for as long as I could. When I could stave off the flow no longer and the first spasm hit my cock, she sealed her lips and held still except for her tongue and a gentle suction with my entire length in her mouth. I came with abandonment; I came without shame or guilt. I thought I was coming without end.

But end it did, and she rolled back off her heels and sat on the floor in front of me while I gathered my wits. I reached down for her hands and helped her up. She rose into my arms and reached up to give me a kiss. It was a soft, warm kiss with no tongue and of short duration.

“Thank you for keeping your end of the bargain”, she said.

“My end?”

“Yes, you were to satisfy my mood, and it was a lovely load you delivered!”

“Remind me what your end of the bargain is then,” it really did seem like I owed her something after the almost spiritual orgasm she had provided me with.

“Why, to give you the opportunity to be sure that a physical relationship with Mia will be everything you think it will be!”

“Don’t you think what we just did kind of shows I’m okay with sex with a tranny?”

“What WE did! All you did was stand there and enjoy. I’m willing to bet that since we met you have never thought of me as anything but a girl!”

“I don’t understand. Don’t you want to be thought of as a girl?”

“You DON’T understand! I want to be thought of as what I am, a beautiful person with wants and needs and a COCK! So now we find out if you deserve Mia. Undo my dress!”

She came within arm’s length of me and turned around. Stepping away again she faced me and let her dress fall from her shoulders. She needed to shimmy out of it a bit before it fell to the floor, and she was able to step out of it. Standing straight and proud she was unflinching in her stance. I took in this vision of loveliness from head to toe. Her blonde hair framed her beautiful face. Crimson lipstick, dark mascara, and a touch of rouge highlighted features other women, no, other people would love to possess. No, other women is the right phrase. She was left standing ensconced in lace and silk. Matching bra and panties, garter belt, and even her stockings were silken wisps bordered in lace. All of them in a wine-colored hue that was different than her crimson lips but somehow played off of each other to guide your vision back and forth. I was off balance. It was like every part of her, of him, wanted my attention.

“Come, undress me.”

“But it’s so beautiful.”

“But not for you. Not tonight. Undress me!”

I took the few steps towards her, needing to close the gap between us. She turned away from me to allow me to undo her bra. I unclasped the bra and slid the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms. She turned back to me, and I looked squarely at her uncovered breasts. They were smaller than I expected. I looked down at the bra that had hidden them and saw hidden in the silky material wedges of foam encased in the same material. what I had thought of as petite breasts were indeed small, and yet were definitely breasts. The nipples appeared swollen and sharp. I reached my hand up to cup one and she caught it solidly in her hands. She spoke in a whispery voice.

“These are what my breasts really look like. Can you be happy with such small tits?”

In answer to her question, I leaned over and swiped across her nipple with the tip of my tongue. It was more giving than I had thought it would be. I took it between my lips and sucked it in gently. A moan escaped her lips, a mix of pleasure and of pain. I could tell that they were sensitive to touch. Do hormones do that? I think they do. I softened my suction but continued stimulating her nipple. She stroked my hair to say that I was now doing it right. After a few minutes, she pulled my hair back to signal me to stop.

“Now remove my panties”

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and started to pull down, but she stopped me.

“On your knees.”

This wasn’t a command. well, at least not a demand. I could tell she just wanted me to have the same experience unveiling her as she had with me. I got on my knees and again started pulling down her panties. They were very tight. I had to pull out in order to clear her erection. How could I not have noticed her erection? I pushed in lightly where I could now see and feel her erection so that the panties could clear his bulge. For the first time, I thought of my companion as a boy. The penis was unmistakable.

“I understand,” I said so softly that I wasn’t sure she even heard.

“Understand what?”

“I understand what you wanted me to see. to know.”

“Do you? Tell me.”

“I understand that everything you have done to make yourself more feminine to me, to men, has little to do with me. It makes you happy. Your smooth, hairless skin feels wonderful to me.”

“But I do it for me. I do it so lingerie feels right on me. Perhaps Mia feels differently, I don’t know,” she whispers, “you will have to find out. But know that she may not be smooth.”

Having cleared his (hers, theirs?) cock, Amy’s cock, I leaned in and kissed the tip. While I finished sliding the panties down, I took Amy’s cock into my mouth and just held it. I could taste the sweetness of her precum on my taste buds. It was soft and sweet, and intoxicating! The concept of he or she was no longer important. It was just beautiful Amy and me, cock in mouth, teasing it with tongue, teeth, and lips as she had done to mine. I reveled in the feel and taste. She was easy to take in. It was only about four inches long and fairly thin. But it was so wonderful. I would suck her all night.

As if she could sense my thoughts she spoke:

“What will you do if Mia is larger than me?”

“I will do what I can.”

“Some of us are more forceful. More demanding.”

“I will let her do what she needs.”

“I’m not so sure. Shall I cum in your mouth?”

I hadn’t thought about it. I should tell her yes. I should tell her not the first time. I should tell her I’m afraid.

She wasn’t a gentleman. The decision wasn’t mine. Not knowing what to look for I had no warning, just the warm, thick fluid filling my mouth. Her hand that was stroking my hair held me in place. Not really holding me, I was in my place. Drinking her juices down gave me a feeling of peace, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of acceptance. When Amy finished emptying his balls I too rocked back and waited for Amy to come down.

“You needed to know.”

“I know.”

“You enjoyed it.”

“I did.”

“You will want it again.”

“I will.”

As she started to dress, I could think of nothing other than her staying the night. She had more to teach me. I had more I wanted to learn. This time I started the conversation:

“Will you stay?”


“There is more for you to show me.”

“This was never about showing you anything.”

“What was it about then?”

“You learning something about yourself. You trying what you wanted to try. You accepting freedom to be what you choose.”

“But I think you’re perfect! Can’t we fuck?”

Her speed was incredible. His strength was unbelievable. The slap landed on my cheek before I even knew it was coming.

“Do NOT speak of perfection or fucking me when you came this far for a chance of making a connection with your fantasy gurl.”

The last words I heard as she stormed out the door were “Go find Mia!”