Ghazal a lonely housewife 01

Ghazala is a 34-year-old housewife. His residence is Lahore. Ghazala is married and a mother of two children. His son Rehan is 7 years old and daughter Manu is 4 years old.

Ghazala’s husband is Waheed who deals in property. She loves her husband very much. She was always loyal to Waheed. She never thought about any other man even before marriage. Ghazala and Waheed have a good sexual relationship. Waheed’s deck is four inches, but it was enough to satisfy Ghazala’s narrow and tiny pussy. Both husband and wife used to ejaculate in 5 to 7 minutes. Despite being a mother of two children, Ghazala had a very narrow and tiny pussy because her children were born through C-section.

Ghazala is 5’6″ height and 38DD-28-36. She has a fair and hairless skin. Her navel is sexy and deep and have a flat tummy. Ghazala always shaven her pussy and armpits. Her pussy lips are pink color. Her nipples also pink areola. Ghazala just lives like a good housewife, care her hubby very well and make him happy at any time.

Ghazala’s husband Waheed got a golden opportunity to work on a huge property project in Karachi. For which Waheed had to go to Karachi for four months but he could not take his family with him.

Ghazala’s husband Waheed got a golden opportunity to work on a huge property project in Karachi. For which he had to go to Karachi for four months but he could not take his family with him. Ghazala was going to stay alone at home with her children, but Waheed didn’t want that. So he brought his mother to his home who lived with his elder brother. His mother had to live with Ghazala and her children in Waheed’s absence.

After Waheed’s departure, his mother started living with Ghazala permanently. Ghazala’s mother-in-law was a very loving mother. Both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were very understanding. Ghazala’s children also loved their grandmother very much.

Two weeks had passed since Waheed was gone, Ghazala missed her husband a lot. Alone, she would think about the fucking session in the early days of her marriage. In fact, Waheed has always prioritized money and his business, and family is second to him. Often there would be a gap of two months between their fucking sessions. Even two months before going to Karachi, he had not fucked her.

Waheed had a car that he had parked at home after going to Karachi. Ghazala had learned to drive lightly. She did not travel long but used to pick and drop her son from school. Sometimes, for fun, she even drives within her residential society.

One evening Ghazala went out with her children and mother-in-law. The car was being driven by her as they were going to the mall inside the society. When they left the mall, it was half past ten at night. They were some distance from their home when the tire got punctured.

Ghazala knows that it’s about two and half km to drive their home. And also she don’t know what to do. Even she don’t know to change the tire. Also that was not a busy area of the society. No street light or no houses is there. She got depressed.

Ghazala’s mother-in-law spoke. “Daughter, I know one of your cousins lives in the same society. His house is nearby. You call and ask him for help.”

Ghazala said boldly. “Okay aunty.”

Ghazala’s cousin Dawood’s house was also in the same society. But Ghazala never developed a relationship with him because his character’s reputation was not good. Especially in the case of girls. However, Ghazala did not get along with him since childhood.

After a few rings, Dawood picked up the phone. After he picked up the phone, she told him the complete situation and sent the location.

After some time, Ghazala saw that the person was walking towards them. She recognized him as her cousin Dawood. Dawood was a handsome hunk. Two years younger than Ghazala and still unmarried because he used to satisfy his marital needs with girlfriends.

Dawood greeted Ghazala and her mother-in-law as soon as he arrived.

Ghazala. “Dawood, our car’s front tire is punctured and I don’t know how to change the tire.”

“I see.” Saying this, Dawood moved towards tire.

After some time Dawood took off the tire and started changing it. Ghazala’s mother-in-law and children were sitting in the car while Ghazala stood next to Dawood watching him change the tire. He was a muscular boy. He quickly changed the tire with his powerful arms.

After changing the tire, Dawood put the punctured tire in the trunk of the car.

Ghazala. “Thank you Dawood.”

Dawood. “No problem after all you are my elder sister.”

When Ghazala was going to sit in the car, Dawood stopped Ghazala.

Dawood. “Gazal Baji. You know where to get a puncture.”

Ghazala with anxiety. “I don’t know anything about that.”

Dawood explained to Ghazala the address of the tire shop. After some time the two cousins said goodbye to each other. Ghazala sat in the car and Dawood was going to leave after receiving prayers from Ghazala’s mother-in-law.

Ghazala’s mother-in-law. “Will you do this alone?”

Ghazala in hesitation. “Yes, I will.”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law called Dawood who was about to leave.
“Listen, son.”

“Yes aunty.”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law. “Your sister is crazy. How can she go to the tire shop alone. This is a man’s job. You know that my son has gone to Karachi. Please take the car in the morning and get it punctured.” How will she do it?”

Dawood. “What you order, aunty.”

At 7 am, Ghazala’s mobile phone rang, it was Dawood’s.

Ghazala. “Hello.”

Dawood. “Gazal Baji, I am standing outside your house.”

Ghazala. “Wait Dawood, I’m coming now.”

Ghazala got up from the bed and came out of the room. She wore tight yoga pants and a tight sleeveless T-shirt. She went straight to her mother-in-law’s room, who was resting on the bed.

Ghazala. “Aunty. Dawood has come outside. He is going to change the tire of the car.”

“Okay,” Ghazala’s mother-in-law replied with a smile.

Ghazala opened the main gate.

Dawood. “Morning Ghazal Baji.”

Ghazala. “Morning. Come in”

Ghazala walked before Dawood. Dawood can see Ghazala’s curved body and swaying round 36″ ass. He got mad when see a beautiful angel in that dress. He never sees such a beautiful and curved babe in his life. As a womanizer Dawood wanted to fuck Ghazala. But he controls his feeling. If she screams or complaint, it ends his game. Dawood walked back Ghazala by enjoying her body especially her round ass.

Ghazala said giving Dawood the car key. “Shall I come with you?”

Dawood. “No need for that.”

After some time Dawood started the engine and drove away. Ghazala went back to her mother-in-law’s room.

Ghazala’s mother-in-law. “Dawood is a good boy. Yesterday he answered one of your phone calls and even today he came on time as a responsibility. Ghazal, Dawood considers you his sister. He respects you a lot.”

Ghazala. “Yes aunty.”

Ghazala considered Dawood to be a character less person. She realized her mistake. She came to her room thinking this. Dawood’s character is dirty but he considers her as his sister.

Two hours later, Dawood returned with the car. Ghazala called him inside the house.

Ghazala. “Thank you very much Dawood.”

Dawood. “It was my duty.”

Meanwhile, Ghazala’s mother-in-law came out of her room. “Gazal daughter, did you ask your brother about breakfast?” And then she turned and addressed Dawood. “Son, you have had breakfast.”

Dawood. “No aunty.”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law. “So sit down son, have breakfast. Ghazal quickly prepare breakfast for him.”

Dawood sat on the sofa in the living room and after a while Ghazala put breakfast in front of him. He started having breakfast which was very delicious.

Dawood. “After many days today, it was nice to have a homemade breakfast. It’s very delicious.”

Dawood started the drama to gain sympathy. “Aunty you know I live alone. That’s why I always get market food. Home food is lucky when I go to the village during holidays.”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law looked Ghazala. Ghazala knows the meaning of her look.
Ghazala. “Dawood you can had your breakfast daily from here”

Dawood. “Ohh its ok Ghazal baji, that may disturbance to you”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law. “It’s ok we don’t have any problem, Don’t be shy, this is your own home.”

Dawood. “That’s ok but I don’t have time in the morning. I just leave early in the morning, I have time in the night”

That was his idea to see Ghazala in night and if get any chance to fuck her.

Ghazala. “Ok Dawood you can have your dinner from here”

Waheed calls Ghazala at eleven o’clock at night.

After greeting and some casual talk Waheed said. “Ghazal, we have a bad news”

Ghazala. “What happened?”

Waheed. “Promise me you don’t get upset.”

Ghazal. “You tell me”

Waheed. “The project we are working on in Bahria Town is 50 km away from Karachi. There is no mobile network signal here, only line lane is used for local calls. To use mobile, we have to One has to go 20 kilometers away from here.”

Ghazala spoke worriedly. “Aren’t you going to call me every day now?”

Waheed. “I hope I can do some big property deals here. This is a new project. There is a lot of opportunity here. I will make a lot of money from commissions. But I need your support.”

Ghazala. “But how”

Waheed. “Please Ghazal, please adjust for 4 months. I will call every week at this time”

Ghazala. “Hmmm Ok.” She agrees with half mind.

Waheed. “How are mother and children?”

Ghazala. “They are fine”

Waheed. “There is also good news.”

Ghazala. “And what is that?”

Waheed. “We made a lot of money in our first deal. I am sending three lakhs to your account. So that my family does not have money problems in my absence.”

After the call was disconnected, Ghazala became depressed. She fell asleep thinking about Waheed.

When Ghazala woke up the next morning, her heart was full. She prepared the children and sent them to school and got busy with household chores. But his heart was not satisfied. Her mother-in-law sensed her distress.

Mother-in-law. “What happened betti?”

Ghazala. “Nothing aunty”

Mother-in-law. “Just tell me what happened?”

After forcing her, Ghazala talked about that.

Mother-in-law. “It’s ok daughter, it’s good for you after that. If you just wait for 4 months you get a better life.”

Ghazala’s mother-in-law consoled her a lot. Then she went to fresh up and had her breakfast.

Dawood reached Ghazala’s house at 8 o’clock in the night. He was having dinner with her family when Ghazala got up from the table without eating.

Ghazala. “I am going to sleep.”

Mother-in-law. “Gazal, you haven’t eaten.”

Ghazala. “No, aunty, I’m not hungry. Actually, I have a headache.”

Ghazala went to her room.

Dawood. “What happened to Ghazal Baji?”

Mother-in-law. “Nothing. He doesn’t have a headache, he’s worried.”

Dawood. “What happened aunty?”

Instead of answering Dawood, Ghazala’s mother-in-law addressed the children. “Come on, children, go to the room after eating. Now go to sleep, you have to go to school in the morning.”

After some time the children walk into the room, the innocent old woman tells him all about Ghazala’s problem, that she is upset because of her husband’s distance and neglect. Hearing this, Dawood felt sorry for Ghazala, but he was very happy in his heart because now it seemed easy for him to get her.

After Dawood leaves, Ghazala’s mother-in-law walks into Ghazala’s room. She was looking at her wedding album.

Mother-in-law. “Ghazal, I know you are worried. But it won’t help. I think you should think about your home and children more. Waheed is working hard for us, but you Don’t want to back down from your duties. Daughter, focus on your home and children.”

Saying this, the mother-in-law left the room but forced Ghazala to think. She realized her mother-in-law was right. She should change her attitude.

Ghazala followed her mother-in-law’s advice. Ghazala now began to pay more attention to her children and home. In this way she was trying to reduce Waheed’s memory. The mother-in-law advised her to take the children on an outing, on which the children were excited and happy.

They made plans to go to a theme park. The theme park was located in the center of Lahore, away from their town. Ghazala could drive a car but it was difficult for her to take a car in such a remote and congested area. So the solution to this problem was also taken out by her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law suggested that Dawood be taken along.

When Dawood came over for dinner, Ghazala’s children asked him if they wanted to go to the theme park. Children used to call Dawood uncle. How could uncle avoid the wishes of his nephews, so the schedule for tomorrow evening was fixed.

David was looking for this opportunity. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful and warm housewife like Ghazala.

The next day in the evening he got ready and reached Ghazala’s house. The kids were ready to go. There was another good news for Dawood, Ghazala’s mother-in-law had canceled her visit due to unwellness.

Dawood was stunned to see Ghazala when she appeared. She looked like a fairy in a white salwar shirt. This salwar kameez was fitting which showed all the curves of Ghazala. The curves of her thighs were evident in the tight shalwar pajama.

While going to the theme park, Ghazala sat on the back seat of the car with her children. After reaching there, Dawood realized what a treacherous thing he had taken with him. Every man there was trying to sneak a peek at Ghazala. Ghazala was ignoring them but Dawood was losing his temper. He glared at every man who looked at Ghazala.

This tour package was completely hosted by Dawood. They will head home to eat a burger from McDonald’s. Dawood had succeeded in gaining Ghazala’s trust. On the return, she sat on the front seat with him instead of the back seat.