Girlfriend’s Aunt

This is continuation of my story Girlfriend’s mom. In this story I will tell you how I used Rabia mercilessly in front of Amina.

Last time I told you how I used girlfriend’s mom after death of her husband. Then I left her tied on bed as someone rang the bell. As I opened the door, I saw a policewoman was standing there. Her name was Rabia. She was Amina younger sister. She was 32 year old 5’2″ tall with a figure of 38-25-41. She had long black hair with fair skin. She had cute face and lovely smile. She came inside the house and asked who are you? I told her I am Ajay, boyfriend of Nusrat. She asked me to help her mom. She asked me where is Amina. I told her she is resting in her room.

She decided to check on Amina and went to her room. As she opened the door she was shocked to see Amina lying nude on bed. Her hand and leg were tied up with cum leaking out of her holes. Her hand instantly went toward her gun but it was not there. I swiped it after she entered the house. Her face was in shock as she realised I was holding gun against her back. I said Don’t move or you will get hurt. I grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. I pushed her on bed next to Amina. I told her, I never thought I will be able to fuck both of you on same night and on same bed.

She got up from bed and tried to run. I grabbed her by the hair and threw her back on bed. She was struggling to defend herself. I grabbed her and squeezed her cheeks. I placed multiple kisses on her lips and bit them. I said, You have beautiful lips and they will feel so good around my dick. She understood what I was planning. She tried to get away from me but I pinned her down. I pulled my pants down and exposed my 8″ dick. She was shocked to see the size and thickness of dick. I placed dick over her lips and pushed inside her mouth.

She was resisting but after few slap she gave up and started to suck. Initially she was taking only head but her mouth was so good. After few minutes I started to go deep. I could feel her tonsils. She was very good at this. I thought she must have had some boyfriend who was having fun. I kept on going deep and fucked her hard. Even after deepthroating her she was comfortable. After few minutes I released in her mouth. She said now leave us alone. I grabbed her shirt and ripped it open. Then I ripped her bra and exposed her beautiful huge boobs. I started to suck on her nipples as I massaged her boobs. She was begging me to stop but sometimes moaned softly . I was enjoying her beautiful boobs.

I placed my dick between her huge boobs and started to fuck. Her boobs were so soft, I was completely in heaven. She was looking at me in disgust. I fucked her boobs for sometime and then released my cum all over her face. She knew what was coming next. I unbottened her pant and removed it. Then I removed her panty leaving her pussy exposed. She asked me to not do this to her. I said, I am sure this is not your first time. I placed my dick over her pussy and pushed hard. She was very tight and I could even feel some resistance. She was in pain and I even saw fear and disgust in her eyes.

I said, So you are a virgin. She said Yes, please leave me. I can’t take your monster inside me. I will forget what happened here and not tell anyone about this. I said, Are you stupid. You think I will let you go, even after knowing you are virgin. I flipped her on the bed and raised her hip and bent her knee. She waa crying but I ignored her and placed my dick over her pussy and with some hard pushes started to break her hymen. She was crying in pain. I kept firm hold on her hips and started to move slowly. She was crying in pain but I ignored her. I kept on increasing my speed and started to pound her completely. Her cries and moan filled the room. After pounding her mercilessly for about 20 min I filled her with my cum. As I pulled out of her pussy she sighed in relief and slumped a little.

Her huge cheeks were inviting me for another round. So I pushed inside her without warning. She moaned loudly as I started to pound her. I pounded her until I filled her womb with my cum. She begged me to not fuck her pussy again. I said ok. Then I placed my dick over her asshole. She tried to get away but I kept her pinned. I gave her few hard pushes as I entered her ass. I was having fun fucking her virgin ass. After few minutes I released in her ass. She collapsed on the bed as she begged for mercy.

I grabbed Amina by hair and pulled her into a kiss. I pulled Amina so that her pussy was just above Rabia’s mouth. I told her to lick Amina pussy and make her cum or I will fuck your ass. She followed my command like a good slut. Then I grabbed Amina by hair and removed her gag. Then I stuffed my dick in her mouth. She was unable to stop me. I deepthroated her and made her taste Rabia’s ass and pussy juices. She had an orgasm from Amina sucking her while I filled her mouth with cum. She drank it all like good slut. After that I made them kiss each other and made them lick each other in 69 position. While I enjoyed fucking their huge asses.

Next time I will tell you how I fucked Nusrat for first time. What happened when she came back to house and found her mom and aunt lying there nude and tied up.