Hose and Heels in School – I’m a bad girl

A knock on the door? Who could that be? After all it was mid-evening on a Friday night and I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. I was looking forward to a night of relaxing on the sofa and nothing more.

I opened the door and there stood Liza, staring at me with a smile on her face.

“Umm, this is unexpected?”

“I thought I’d surprise you” she said “Can I come in?”

“Oh, of course….”

She walked in and couldnt help but notice that she was dressed somewhat unusually, well for her anyway. Instead of her usual casual attire or simple work stuff, she had on a ultra-conservative 2 piece skirt suit, tan stockings and conservative business heels. And her usual hair was tied back in a bun even. She looked very unusual indeed.

“So, you’ve been very quiet this week, I’ve hardly heard a word from you. Are you worried because I discovered your little fetish last week?”


“Look, its fine, really it is. In fact I’ve hardly been able to stop thinking about it msyelf, I found it really turned me on big time. Just seeing you dressed in those pantyhose and high heels and stuff had a huge impact on me and I want more….”

“You’re joking right?”

“Oh no…I’m very serious…about having some more fun. And the way I see it its not like you have a lot of choice in the matter. If I want to play, you’ll co-operate or I might reveal your secret..” At this point she smiled and said “Don’t worry, I’m only teasing, but I really would like to have a play again, and I’ve bought some stuff along tonight so we can really get in the mood. After all, I’ve got needs myself too you know”

With that she opened the bag that she’d brought with her and brought out some clothes and shoes.

“You’ll like these, I got a pair of black patent 6″ heels with a nice cross strap design. And a cute little plaid tartan skirt and white top as well. And…these nice flesh coloured pantyhose and little white socks too!”

“They look a little big for you?”

“Of course..these are for you… I’m going to be the stern schoolmistress and you will be my naughty schoolgirl. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the game!” At that she produced a blonde wig and a makeup bad and said “OK, lets start making you a girlie..”

“Gee I’m not really sure if I want to? I dont mind the pantyhose and shoes but I dont know if I’m into the whole dressup thing?”

“Come on now my dear, like I said, we both have our needs, and yours were met last week, now its my turn to play the game a little”

She dragged me into the bathroom and made me shave. Twice to make sure that all the stubble was gone. She expertly applied foundation and then the rest of the makeup. I couldnt believe what I was seeing, before my eyes I was starting too look like a girl. The blonde wig went on my head and I was complete, I was a girl…

“OK, clothes on now…” and she handed me all the girly accoutrements. I slipped on the hose and frilly white socks and then the shoes. I could barely walk in them but I had to admit that they looked fantastic, and my dick was starting to respond accordingly. I put on the skirt and the top and that was it.
Liza leaned over and kissed me softly.

“I swing a bit both ways myself so you’re the perfect answer for my problems, a chick with a dick! Now, let’s play…”

She sat me at a small desk and put up a huge sheet of paper on the wall. I sat there dutifully, pretending to be a good schoolgirl.

“Right now Antoinette, can you tell me what this is?” and she drew a picture of a huge penis on the wall.

“Is it a banana?” I said?

“No you silly girl, its a penis,  a wang, a huge throbbing cock. Now whats this?” and she drew a vagina this time.

“Umm I dont know Miss?”

“Oh you stupid girl..its a vagina, a cunt, a big sloppy, wet snatch. Oh god you’re stupid, stand up and bend over that desk”

I did what she said and she walked over to me, her heels clicking on the floor as she walked. She lifted up my micro skirt and slapped my ass hard.

“Bad girl, bad girl..oh such a bad girl” and she kept whacking me… After a few more times she slowed down and started to caress my red ass and eventually explore it with her finger. I felt her move against my hole with her finger, circling it again and again. The nylon of the hose resisted her but she broke through it and penetrated me ever so slightly.

“You are a bad girl Antoinette and I’m afraid I’ll have to punish you even more, Mistress Liza needs to teach you a lesson” with that she undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground. As she did a huge strap-on dildo rose into the air. It must have been a full 8 inches long and thick as well.

“It’s time for you to know what it means to be a naughty girl!”

She rested the head of the dildo against my hole and covered it in lube until it dripped and shined. Then she started to rock back and forth against me, sliding the dildo in slightly more each time. I resisted at first but then my hole betrayed my real wishes and gradually it opened up to admit the intruder inside me. Soon the whole length was sliding into my hot hole and I was struggling to breathe as it penetrated me each time.
I glanced across at the mirror and I could see the full sight. Liza had removed all her clothes apart from the pantyhose and heels, and had shaken the bun from her hair. I could watch in the mirror as she fucked my ass. Although it didnt look like me at all, all I could see was a transvestite schoolgirl having her rear end brutally attacked with a massive member.

“Take it, take it you bad bad girl” she said as she slammed into me time after time, each thrust burying the rubber member deep into me.

She pulled it out and stood there in front of me. “Kneel down and take it into your mouth you naughty girl”

I did as I was told and sucked greedily upon the offered member. I’d never had anything in my mouth before and part of me wished it was real. Then she pulled away and lifted me up toward her.

“You’re a naughty girl Antoinette and Mistress Liza wants to punish you, but now you have to satisfy my needs. So get that big girly cock of yours and fuck me…”

She jumped on the desk and spread her legs wide. One move and she ripped open her pantyhose exposing her wet insides. I could see rivers of moisture running down so she was well and truly ready.
I moved over to her and slid my cock inside her and she wrapped her legs around me. We ground against each other hard and she screamed for more and more. Finally I had the upper hand for a bit although I dont really think either of us really cared.

I lifted her up slightly and slid myself into her asshole. She struggled at first but then sighed as the full length went inside.

“Oh god that’s good…yes, yes, fuck my ass” she screamed and I went with thrust after thrust into her ass while I held her legs high in the air. I glanced across into the mirror again and the sight was amazing. I still looked like a tranny schoogirl, but by god it was turning me on and I was fascinated to watch the action as my cock slid in and out of Liza’s hot ass.
I undid the strap-on completely and held it in my hand and shoved it hard up my own ass again. It felt fantastic, two asses filled with cock and both of us about to cum. I switched back to her pussy and after only a few thrusts she screamed and started to thrash about in the throes of her own orgasm.

My own wasn’t far off and she reached around me to push the dildo in further, and as she did I couldnt hold on any longer and wave after wave of cum spurted from my cock. She leaned back and let it all spill over her legs, her pantyhose were soaked with the stuff and it dripped down on the floor. She scooped some up and licked it greedily.

“Mmmm thats what I like” she giggled.. as we collapsed on top of each other on the floor

“So, do you mind that I came around now?” she asked “How do you feel about my little game now?”

“Mind? I think I’m looking forward to school tomorrow now…”