How Delicious Dolly , a 10-years girl was Gang Raped Deliciously [ Part 2 ]

We purchased Dolly when she was just 9 years old from a village side near Mandsaur ( Madhya Pradesh, India ) for a sum of Rs. 9000, and groomed her for a full year. During this period her health, posture, and sex appeal increased to a desired level. Now she attained her desired age, She now 10 years. However, our main aim remained a secret to this poor and innocent child. Mrs. Monty Motatkar and two teenage college girls helped us to ‘ tame’ the little kid for our perverse sex. We filmed her when she was in deep sleep.
I was the First who looked at the child’s movements. At night, around her time to sleep, I administered a sleeping pill in milk she drank. After some time when I was sure that she is in deep sleep, I started my vulgar operation on her seductive body. This I did in front of Mrs. Monty Motatkar and two college girls. First I ripped her clothes with a sharp knife and scissors. She was lying flat on the bed. I determined to ride over her slim body carefully as I was very fat and heavy weight ( 85 Kg). She was now stark naked and lying like a corpse with no movement except breathing. I put my weight carefully first on her belly and then I started to play with her flat chest. I was delighted to see her raw plain flat chest, and I rubbed it vigorously. The child did some movement when I inserted pain into her but still, she was asleep. This encouraged my horny desires.
Next, I did a good practice, that is, I slapped her face and cheeks, and pushed my thumb into her throat I even tried to strangulate her but lightly.
My performance was watched by the other members of my gang and by the women and girls watching this hot scenario of lust, cruelty, torture, and whatnot to a poor innocent girl child. But THIS, exactly THIS I wanted to enjoy. And Enjoyed I it for sure. I knew that in course of time other members will insert such cruelties, but let me guide them.
After some time I turned this baby girl to the opposite side, so I can judge her back, particularly her little ass. As I was stark naked and the baby girl was also stark naked all spectators rejoice. I now started to slap her little beautiful ass globes, and afterward began fingering it with lubricants. One finger in her asshole, then two, and then three!!! This time the baby girl did some movement to resist but she was still under the effect of the sleeping drug which I administered by mixing it in the milk.

The whole performance began at 10 p.m. at continued until 2 a.m. So now I thought for good to wind it up. Although the women and college girls suggested I pump my Erected COCK into a child’s tiny asshole I remained reluctant. I reserved it for another occasion with this very child.