Being Bi at Home 1958-61 – Holiday Part 1

On leaving school I arrived home to be told it had been arranged for me to go and stay with my Aunt and two cousins down in Devon at Plymouth, the girls were 16 and 17 and the family lived in a small Hamlet. My folks were off on a well earnt holiday and it was thought here was great for me at the coast with the girls and the beaches to keep us busy for the 2 weeks. I was ok with that, the girls were good fun and Vicky the younger was always laughing Betty the older was a little more of the thinking type so all was looking good.

I arrived at the house and both girls came running out to help with my case and fire questions about school and leaving at me one after the other. My Aunt Betty was great she showed me into the house and took me into the large room were there were three beds, to my surprise mine was the one under the window and my case was put on it for me to unload. Aunt Betty left telling me to take my time unpacking as our meal would not be ready for another hour, the girls came in and then the shock, they also slept in this room, this house they lived in since Aunt Betties divorce only had two bedrooms. Vicky was her usual self made me very welcome and told me she had made plans with her friend for us to go to the beach in the morning and take a pack lunch with us as her mother now had to go to work all day. With all this I was so far happy and the beach was just what I was up for. Wendy the older was sitting on what I now saw was her bed and she said if it was not to windy she would join us but would have to do a little shopping for Mum first so day one was planned and I sorted out my swimming things as my first holiday job. Soon my Aunt called us for our meal and this always hungry lad was soon enjoying a lovely meal slightly lost now school was gone forever.

After our meal all three of us sorted out the washing up and the banter was good between us so talk of who we liked as singers and what music we were into came on fast breaking the ice and re kindling our relationship as cousins which had had a rather long time gap. Wendy had a lovely body and a really lovely face that made me look away when she turned my way as I found myself searching her figure through her clothes, as it was her breasts did leave a nice form in her top were her nipples pointed through at certain times. She bent down to use the dust pan and brush for some dirt on the kitchen floor and her short skirt hitched up showing me her panties and nice shaped bottom cheeks. I did make a not that she wore sexy panties for the time and wondered if they were for some boyfriends delight, Vicky was talking to me as if I had been in the house forever and kept asking me if I was ok, she was smaller than Wendy but had pert little breasts and wore no bra so they moved inside her t shirt and displayed the rather pointed shape they had and I did like that a lot. This was turning out to be a horny visit for me so far, just had to watch my cock getting hard and showing through my trousers and giving away my interest in the girls. We went into the lounge and I was guided to the sofa by Vicky who promptly sat beside me, Wendy put the TV on and sat beside Vicky, Aunt Betty came in and took the armchair by the fire but told the girls she would be going up to her room soon as she had some papers to finish for work and needed them for the morning. I should say at this time that my Aunty Betty was a good looking women to and had a great body some of which was not locked away from site as she moved around the house, her blouse was always gapping open and her breasts constantly free for view as the bra she had on seemed to big or the strap was not adjusted correctly to pull the cups on to the breast tightly. No way was I complaining, it was so much a girly house they had no thought of these things, to them it was normal and no attempt was made to cover up from me to my delight.

My Aunt left at the finish of the 9 o’clock news and the girls turned off the TV, we said goodnight to my Aunt and off she went upstairs, we chatted for a while and Vicky said we should go up and chat in the room so off up we went to, my bed was nice and soft to sit on and soon I was joined by Vicky, she helped me put my stuff in the wardrobe by my bed checking it was all un creased as it went in, the proper little Mother this one. She then went over to her bed and pulled back the covers taking a night dress from under the pillows, then to my total surprise she just stoop there and stripped off her clothes giving me a full view of all her body and those free style breasts, the skirt gone and her in just panties with hearts on them, I thought she would stop and put on her nightdress, no off came the panties leaving a crotch V of lovely blond curly hair crowning her pink lipped pussy, she was not doing her actions at all fast so my gaze was of every little detail even as she turned to pick up the nightdress some fine hairs in the valley up to her anal delights, her bottom had a lovely shape and I was getting turned on by the view my cock moving in my trousers. A noise behind me made me turn round, it was Wendy, she has been getting ready to do this to you for 2 weeks she said, she likes you a lot and hopes you will show her some attention while you are here. I had no idea what to say other than my boyish, she looks so lovely naked, we are not prudish in this house so when you undress for bed just do it we have been brought up to see through the silly side of being naked, Wendy said. Vicky looked over and struck a sexy pose sticking her bum out as if inviting me to spank it, she likes that to Wendy chimed in, you will have fun you two I am sure, maybe tomorrow at the beach, the cove has a small cave were we undress and only a very people know the way to the place so should be deserted, oh and watch out for Jane her friend she is a horny bitch who likes to share Vicky’s conquests if you know what I mean. I thanked Wendy for the warning and moved my hard cock to a better place in my trousers, while Vicky slowly draped her nightdress over her naked body I thought all temptation would retire but hell no, that nightdress was so see through her triangle of pubic hair was a guiding visual maker for the location of her pussy and she followed my gaze straight to it and smiled.

I turned away but with the words of Wendy in my ears I decided two could play at her game so I got my shorts out of the wardrobe and then took my clothes off slowly to making sure my still half hard cock was easy to see with its head displayed as my foreskin was cut, it had the desire effect for Vicky stared at it long and hard even licked her lips and put on a big smile finishing by saying out laud, like that one mate. My moment of victory then destroyed by Wendy saying, so do I hope it likes me to. The shorts on we all sat on my bed and laughed about it, Wendy and Vicky told me they had been in contact with my other female cousin Rosemary who was always in my home when we were both home from school and not mentioned here before we had shall we say played Doctors and Nurses a few times with her demanding I play with her as she became able to have climaxes, I will tell more in later parts of my revue of the past.

Wendy still by my bed stood up and dropped her skirt, she was within 2 feet of me as the panties followed and the top to, will you undo my bra please Julian she said turning her back to me, I think shock was starting to wear off now as I said ok and released the clasp on her bra and she removed it. The breasts were so good I said so and Wendy smiled, her pussy was clean shaven which was not usual for back then and her pussy lips were just a little open her clity hood firm with a little white bulb at the head, she was turned on by what was going on here and I liked that. She sat back down on my bed when her clothes were gone and put her breasts out to me with both her hands, you can have them if you want but not tonight Mum is going away with work for two days and we will be here alone Vicky and I will see to it you enjoy those day’s Rosemary told us you can make a girl feel really good without complications so we want some of that ok. I just said yes, my head was spinning as to what I had come into here ok Rose and I had gone all the way but I did not think she would have told them that or did she?

The two girls both gave me a kiss with rather a lot of tongue and Vicky managed to grab my cock and make it look as if it was by accident, trouble was her small cold hand made the thing come alive in an instant to her joy, can I just play with him a little tonight Julian, I will be good she said in a little girl voice. I just lay back and allowed her to investigate my cock she used her hand to rub it up and down a few times till it went rock hard, Wendy was still sat on the bed to and she licked her palm and her hand joined the small Vicky model they were both looking at each other faces full of flushed smiles as they moved my cock to its firmest and it started to twitch at each move. God it felt so good and the visual of Wendy naked and Vicky on show through her nightdress mad it very quick for pre cum to arrive on my cock head only to be licked away by little Vicky, your turn next Wendy she said, it tastes really nice to, the next drop came and so quick Wendy sucked it away, yes I like that cousin she said, what if we get you to come on my tits then Vicky can lick it off and I can get nice and wet from the feeling? I was past saying no but added only if I can finger you as she licks away the cum, oh yes that is so good yes. They worked on my cock and without a long delay I was soon panting and straining as my cock spurted warm cum all over those lovely tits and by heaven it was a gusher, Vicky moved in to position and started to lick the cum from Wendy’s tits and I went down and used my finger lightly on the small gap in the lips of that pussy which opened for me to access the inner lips and allowed stimulation to make Wendy arch her back and rise as my fingers mover between them and her her anal area to, she was having to forms of pleasure and it soon showed as her pussy became so wet it was another target for the mobile tongue of little Vicky as she climaxed shacking and trying to withhold any loud noises she wished to make so the my Aunt would not hear her. As she came down from her climax Vicky first sucked my cock clean of any remaining cum and then went down on her sister and withdrew all her wetness with a hard working tongue, Wendy saw a questionable look on my face and said, yes we do give each other sexual pleasure when we can and have both learnt so much from it to so don’t worry Julian. Th e fun over and more kisses we all retired to our own beds and out went the lights but not my brain it was working overtime as I had told my Mother how I really did not want this Holiday.

Morning came and Wendy was out of bed and dressed like a shot, she had to see her Mum off to work and get her orders for the things she needed to to pick up from the local shop, when she returned and her Mum had departed she sat on my bed and asked if I was ok, fine I said but a little confused. She explained that since her Dad had gone her Mother had been out a lot and was seeing a guy, they went to his house for time alone and her Mum had told her they were having good sex to. That statement did not surprise me as I had listened in on family conversations were she had been talked about as a little free with her body when her need was high. Wendy continued, this meant we were are alone a lot and free to do as we please and have found way’s of enjoying our needs without worry of being in trouble about it, Vicky and I have been very close and I do mean very close, I know you will get what I mean as Rosemary has told me all about your times together and you helping her find shall we say, girls of a special type for you both to explore. Hm, so that’s why you both were straight away relaxed about naked bodies and exposing your private parts to me. Yes she said, we read the letters time and time again and shall we say, got very turned on by them, you can read them later I have kept them all and she is waiting for me to reply with news of your visit and who enjoyed you the most, Vicky has told her she want’s to be the first one you fuck and get’s to taste your cum, Rose said it tasted so nice. Our conversation was cut short by Vicky still in her nightdress coming over from her bed and pushing me over to climb in mine and cuddle in to me, one had straight away searching out my cock and holding it firm, good morning she said and kissed me, Wendy said right you to I will leave you to play and go and fix breakfast so not to far with the fun ok, Vicky giggled a yes and Wendy left the room. Now Vicky sat up and pulled her nightdress up over her head and asked me to kiss her breasts which I did without hesitation the nipples already pointing and the breasts nice and firm, hmm she sighed as I pulled her nipples out and nibbled at them, my cock had filled and was now growing in her soft hand as she very slowly moved it up and down my shaft, it felt so good that I allowed my hand to find her pussy and the fingers to make light tracks up and down her slit touching the clit hood as it passed each way, she lifted her body to meet each point of travel and at the same time a finger from the hand on my cock found its way to make a circle of the head of my cock making me move the same. The time was short for us both to bed hot for the pleasure we were getting to have a nice outcome, her pussy now wet, my fingers inside and her body pushing hard on them to go further in and up to her switch zone, her had moving faster on my cock and it straining to release my load, she started to moan and her body shake, the hand on my cock start rapid moves on my shaft, I to was moving my fingers a fast rate within her wet pussy and as I tuned towards her we both released our climaxes within split seconds of each other. She had come heaver that I would have thought for her age and my had now went straight to my mouth sucking her cream from it enjoying the taste of every little I could get. She had my cum all over her tits and moved each one to her mouth and sucked the sperm away her eyes glistening as she looked at me, that was so good Julian, together she said, wow so nice, yes I said I think so to and kissed her. Vicky bought me back to earth by telling me to follow her to the bathroom were we both showed and as it happened at the right time, we were both just finishing getting dressed when the cry went up, come and get it, Wendy had our breakfast ready. Egg bacon sausage with toast that will do fine I said as I approached the table, Vicky gave Wendy a knowing smile as she arrived and Wendy said she thought we both might need it and smiled back. The talk as we ate was about the day and Wendy said she would get the shopping sorted while Vicky and I met Jane and took the bags with the towels and food down to the beach, the weather was supposed to stay hot and no rain was forecast so it looked like a good day ahead. All hands were needed to clear the breakfast things and we shared the job’s to be done before we left, Vicky did the washing up as Wendy made the beds, I was given the task of running the hoover round and we left the house looking spick and span.

Wendy left us as we walked down the road and she headed for the shop, we went to the bus stop and met a small girl there, this was Jane, I was introduced and got a good searching look all over, Vicky and I were both wearing shorts and tee shirts while Jane the pocket rocket was wearing shorts but a bikini top on her small but very pert breasts, caught looking she smiled and told Vicky I would pass ok. The Cove was down a steep path hidden by tall weeds and bushes so now I understood why they thought we would be there alone plus so far no sign of any previous passing humans on the way down made Vicky very happy. The Beach was small with a cave in front and before the waters edge were some very large Rock’s hiding the cave from view, Vicky explained to me that the tide came as far as the Rock’s at high tide but still left a lot of beach and safe path to the top so I could relax on that score. We sorted out the content of the bags and made a base in the entrance to the Cave Jane was having a whisper chat with Vicky and both were looking straight at me, I had set my mind to just acting as if know one was there till I had worked out how the things were going but first I was going to put my trunks on so I just let my shorts fall to the ground and stepped out of them, off with the tee shirt and one naked Julian stood before one shocked Jane and one smiling Vicky, I picked up my trunks and put them one and took my time putting my cock inside were it felt best. Vicky came over and patted my cock through my trunks saying, later champ, Jane was lost for words and that was good but her surprise got bigger as Vicky followed my lead and took her tee shirt off exposing her breasts as she had left off her bra knowing it would turn me on, then off came the shorts, also no panties, now she stood naked and pushed her hips out towards me making her pussy catch a beam of sunlight and showing me her golden entrance to pleasure, bending now with her bottom to me she collected her bikini bottoms showing me her pure pink arsehole making me lick my lips. Jane was not to sure what to do she whispered to Vicky as the girl put her bikini top on and the reply she got was simple, well she said, if you want some fun show the goods you want to play with. Jane thought a little and dropped her shorts to but her pussy was bald, the lips like a babies soft looking with a small tuft of nearly white hair above, her bottom was lovely and she turned allowing her pink hole to be observed and bring a little tight feeling in my trunks. I waited for her to display her charms further as she put the bikini bottoms on then broke the spell by saying we should all get in the water and see how it was, the sea was rather calm and quite clear so in I went and dived under to get my whole body used to it, hmm it was nice warmer that I had thought it would be so I came up and floated on my back watching the girls enter the water but chatting a lot as they came in and swam over to me, Vicky said she thought it was really great and glad we came, Jane now more relaxed agreed with her then told us both she was glad we had broken the ice by being so up front with the changing situation. Vicky told her I had seen much more than that and let out that she had read Roses letters to Jane on a visit last week. Now I know this little girl knows all and now all wet she only looks 14 but is the same age as Vicky, after a little swim up and down I moved into water about chest high and just stood there enjoying the feeling of the sea movement and the waters warmth. Jane swam up to me and stood beside me the water nearly to her shoulders, she asked if I was ok and happy to be staying with the girls, I told her I like them both a lot so was more than happy to be on holiday with them and just hoped they felt the same, she smiled and told me Vicky has been counting the days for my visit and had made a lot of plans, told all her friends about me and shown pictures that had come with the letters from Rose. While she was talking I locked my eyes on her bikini top which with the swim had ridden up and her most of her left breast had fallen out of it the water now moving it with the flow, it was nice. Vicky swam up and stood with us and noticing what my eyes were fixed on undid the top and took it off Jane, there that’s better we can enjoy your nice tits now Jane and cupped them in her hands, truth is Jane said nothing but just laughed and I was seeing closer into the relationship these two had. Vicky took my hand and put it on Janes left tit, how does that feel Julian, she has really lovely tits and I love to suck them just like that nice bald pussy and pink arsehole of hers and she can cum like a volcano full and hot, Jane laughed but said she was a bitch to tell all about their fun times, Vicky replied come on do you enjoy our having each other, a meek yes was the reply. Rose told me you had fucked her at the lido in Ruislip Julian is that true, yes last summer we went alone and things got a little heated us both watching the bodies half naked on the sand so we went in and found a part by the trees were the water was shallow and went exploring ending up me bending her forward and fucking her and later again when we got home. Was it nice Jane asked, you can find out if you take off your bottoms and give them to me, Vicky said, don’t worry no one will know and Julian would love to have your lovely little pussy on the end of his cock, come on lets move to the shallower part. We moved and on the way Jane slipped off the bottoms and pulled mine down and off to which I was very happy with, Vicky removed hers and took them all throwing them up on the beach to collect later, it felt so good with my cock free in the water which was so clear I could see it and the little body now coming up to take it in her hand Jane was so quick to enjoy playing with my cock and I turned her round so her bottom was bumping against my cock with her hand firm gripping it as it went up and down her bottom crack with her in charge of were it would end up, my hands now went round her right hand down to her naked pussy and the other to her left breast it nipple already hard and pointed. I squeezed it hard and she jumped back my cock head bumping into her just between her arsehole and pussy passage, my right hand was rubbing her clit hood and waiting for it to harden so I could treat it like a small cock and wank it back and forward till she was wet from her internal creamy pre cum. Vicky came up in front of her and took her right tit sucking it and pulling it out hard the resulting shudder passing through me as it turned Jane on so much, I whispered in her ear, you like to be fucked by a couple don’t you, she giggled and said oh yes Vicky and I will show you later when you have us both I hope, she had my cock now lined up for her to mount and backed up on me hard till the head was pasted the outer lips and feeling the softness of the inner lips on both sides and it slipped in, she was leaning a little forward so I moved both my hands to her hips and pulled her tight on to me us now connected and starting to move her back and forward on my cock which felt so good inside this pocket sex machine, her worries all gone now she rode my cock like a cowgirl grunting and trying to get it as far inside her as she could me helping by the thrusting into her bottom of my body a few mm gained each time, she was helping by the juices inside her lubing my cock and helping it to travel her passage easy and hitting the inner zone were the head was engaged, she climaxed then and I felt the flow on my cock head, then she shuddered and pushed on me the inner grip holding fast and she came again. Oh shit she said I don’t you to stop please fuck me deep, I went again and she nearly fell forward and came a third time. I had not cum but was so nearly there and locked in it may have been a bad thing as my sperm could have mad her pregnant and that would have been shit. I removed my cock and Vicky replaced it with her hand bringing Jane to a final orgasm were the white cream was visible in the water and Jane was happy. We went to the beach and Jane all out of puff kissed me full on the lips, you can fuck me any day she said, never before have I cum so much man I want more.

We lay towels on the sand in the opening of the Cave and all still naked lay in the sunshine for a while, my cock was still semi hard the whole feeling still running around in my brain, she had locked on to me and that had only happened ounce before with Rose and we both knew not to go on with the fuck or we could have been in the shit big time. I had pulled out and cum on her bottom which she liked a lot so all ok. A shadow over me made me pay attention and stood over me her legs apart was Wendy, she was stood over my head and I could see up the leg of her shorts and like Vicky before this naughty girl had no panties on, the view was nice and as she moved her hips and spoke the view changed and became more horny and she knew it. Take those shorts off I said and sit on my face Wendy and I will lick both your holes till you give me your juices to taste, can’t turn down that offer she said and promptly moved, took off the shorts and sat on my face in a squat position, wow there is a god, her pussy had a lovely smell which got my cock rock hard in an instant, she had a dampness inside her from the walking in the hot weather and I loved it and my lips, tongue and fingers were soon working on it making sure of my cum drink order, I covered both holes and her clit as much as I could and soon first signs of success were dripping into my mouth even the finger in her anal passage was giving me surprise wetness after a while of stretching and probing slowly the quicker oh yes Wendy was all women and had high demands sexually I could tell, but hey my cock was now in a mouth and small hands were working it as it was sucked but passed from one mouth to another. The girls had it and were sharing it but Vicky mimicked her sister by doing a squat over me and getting Jane to put my cock in her pussy and bobbing her bottom up and down managed it well inside her already wet pussy, she was fucking me and it felt so good. Wendy climaxed on my face and the juice came fast, warm and creamy as I gulped down what I could and went hard at her two holes again till again she came this time a flood and I got a mouth full but she had fallen back off me. A mouth closed on mine sucking all the cum and licking my face of all it was worth, it was Jane the little minks had waited to get her share, now I came inside Vicky, spurts deep inside joined by her own cum on my totally spoilt cock. I was in total heaven and shocked at how Vicky had taken my cock so well and bouncing on it to have it so deep inside her, I was learning a lot from my two cousins and very happy to do so. Jane finished my face with a big kiss and laying over me still naked showing me her pert bum first, cleaned up my cock and went on to the dripping pussy of Vicky, what a day how could I have dreamed of this, spent as I was I thought it time to calm down a little and recovered my trunks then went back in the water and lay out on my back. Just a little later and also in her costume I was joined by Vicky, she had a serious look on her face and asked me if it was ok to chat, that’s fine I said and smiled at her, well Wendy and I were worried you had taken a big liking to Jane and we would be left out, she is full on after you and even told me she wanted you to do things to her she had not done before. Steady I said you to have made me happy and been so open, even leading me to what I wanted but did not have the balls to approach ether of you for, just now you fucked my cock and gave me such a thrill like never before so don’t worry, yes if she shows me a chance to have her I will but we 3 have the nights and other times to have our fun, is that ok. Vicky smiled and kissed me, Wendy will be pleased she said, she say’s little but want’s you a lot like a women all night if she can when Mum is off again, she learnt a lot by spying on Mum with her men friends when she was drunk, our Mum likes her cock in both holes and a lot of it so she should not be surprised we love it to.

We sun bathed and a group of young girls came down to the beach to swim but they were only about 13, Jane looked them over and made an report on what she saw to our amusement, one was skinny and had no bust yet but a very nice bottom, Jane thought by how she was touching her friend that she would be a lesbian in the future and easy to corrupt and a good lay, the friend however she thought her fuller figure and nice forming breasts would have already been had by the lads after a quick shag and had wanted more and will need Daddy to keep her sane. We were enjoying her silly reports and the Crisps and sandwiches washed down with Tizer were helping to give me some lost energy back. One of the girls in the group was getting changed into her costume and the towel round her dropped away giving us a full naked girl to admire, she did take a long time to pick her cover back up and a display was given as she bent down to retrieve it, her friends laughed at her but she just shook it off. When she had her costume on and walked past us to enter the water I being naughty noticed her costume was tight on her and an all in one affair, being so tight it was pulled right up into her bottom valley and from the front her pussy lips were outlined in full shape, a very horny picture. Jane sucked in breath and said in a quite voice, nice place for a tongue to play I think, this girl had little breast but puffy nipples showing fully to. The group of Girls enjoyed the swimming and soon relaxed and were chatting to Vicky who seemed to be getting all the info she could from them, they were local and not as young as we thought all were 16 so that was one in the eye for Jane but it did arouse her closer interest in the girl with the nice pussy shape, her name was Clare and they were chatting a lot then off in the water together. Wendy told me to watch Jane, she will make a play in the water you mind my word, she said, Jane loves to have a little danger in her sex life, I watched and they played splashing and trying to duck each other then came in the shore a little and sat arm in arm in the water, Clare was facing out to sea and I noticed Jane had moved one of her costume shoulder straps off her shoulder without a complaint from Clair, the other strap followed and Jane sat facing Clair her hands on her breasts, after a little while they moved out deeper and the costumed was helped to drop to Clair’s knees as she and Jane were face to face and Jane was exploring her lower body with her hands, Clair was not complaining and they were not noticed by the other girls who were playing with a ball on the top of the beach. She will make her cum if she can Wendy said in my ear, that is how she became friends with Vicky and after she got Vick to have her first orgasm Vick wanted more and Jane had her a lot till Vicky got her one night and turned the tables by forcing her out of her panties and fingering her so fast she squirted. That sealed the friendship. Little Clair did cum I saw her convulse in the water as she climaxed and June turned her over in the water raised her naked bum up and gave her a friendly smack bottom.

They came back on the beach with Clair still not totally back in her costume but she did not seem to care anymore, her friends were asking how her meeting with Jane had gone and she gave them a really broad smile, good then one of them said out load, oh yes came the reply.

Jane joined us and Vicky said, another conquest then, yes she said and a really keen one, asked if you like to play as she thinks you are nice, oh said Vicky, what did you tell her, only that she would need to be a good girl and do all she was told to do if you had her and she liked that idea and will contact me tomorrow. Vicky could not avoid showing her joy at the chance of some fun with Clair, did you tell her not to worry about our Julian as he is 100% involved with us all, oh yes she liked the thought of a pussy and cock situation no holds bared she said. I was surprised at what I was hearing but Wendy told me how few guy’s lived here and the girls had long time been happy to enjoy each other without loosing the lust for cock, what A place to live. The time was moving on and Wendy advised us to pack up as we would shower off and sort out the evening meal for Aunty Betty as she was off out tonight, we gathered our things and said goodbye to the girls and Clair who kissed Jane and gave me a naughty look. On the way up the path I teased Jane by telling her I would make her put my cock in Clair’s pussy and suck it then her arse and suck it again, she let out a dirt laugh telling me, make sure you do Julian. Jane left us up the lane and we returned to the house all ready for a lovely 3 man shower me making sure we did nothing silly so we were all ok for some fun when we had the house to ourselves later.

Aunty Betty came home and had her food but all in a rush as she was not staying long before she had to ready to be picked up for a date with her currant fancy man as Wendy put it. We had eaten and the girls were clearing away when I went upstairs to the bathroom, I had a wash and rinsed out my costume and hung it up and was sitting on the loo when the door crashed open and my Aunt rushed in, take no notice of me she said and went to the shower and turned the water on, then she just stripped not 4 feet from me dropping all her clothes in a pile that done she picked them up and threw them all in the washing basket and dived in the shower. I had no chance of not seeing all her body as the shower had no door on it and the overflow water went down a drain in the floor. My eyes could not stay off her as she soaped all her body, those full tits and down to her fully shaved pussy and nice full bottom as she turned round. I was now finished on the loo and as I pulled the lever to flush she told me to go to her. I did without thinking and she said, was my back like a good lad and make it soapy will you, that’s right and lower, I had the flannel all soaped up and went lower and lower to her bottom and moved it round the side of her cheeks not wanting to be out of turn when she said, come on do my crack Julian no need to be shy and pushed her bottom out for my hand to have the area open to wash it all, by bending this included her pussy lips from the back so I did as asked and took a chance of my hand coming up from her inner thighs and over her pussy to her arsehole allowing my little finger to drag behind which traveled between her outer lips and up to her tight pink arsehole. The movement made her shudder and push her bottom out for more and I had my left hand inside my trousers trying to stop my cock from getting hard as I continued to do as I was bid. She turned and in a low voice said, drop those trousers and soap me from the front now and see if you can make your Aunt happy like she wants you to. The flannel washed her breast and her guiding my arm her crutch and pussy were her clit hood was now firm and it button head exposed, I was rubbing her and my cock at the same time till she had the shower head in her hand and put the flow on her clit till she made noises and came I came to not sure if I was for it now as I moved back and dropped the flannel. No need to worry she said my lips are sealed and I do like you cock let me see it again some time while your here. I was confused to say the least and pulled up my trousers and left the room quickly, when I got down stairs I tried to calm down before going into the lounge were the girls now were. I did not know why I had done what I did and the fact I was not already in a taxi and on my way to the station and of home was beating me, right I said to myself calm down and go in to the girls. As I walked in the room Wendy said with a giggle, Mum chase you out of the bathroom, not surprised she just blitzes in there, sort of I said, never mind.

Aunt Betty left and gave me a knowing smile telling us not to wait up she planned on being out to early morning and off she went dressed very sexy to so I think sex was on her menu for the night out. We sat together and chatted over the day’s events and Vicky said she hoped it would be possible to get Jane and Clair over for the night when Mum went away at the weekend and have a share of each of them but then to her surprise Wendy said she wanted Clair, I would love to take her to the attic room and treat her like a slave, we could smear her with cream and lick it from her body and stuff like that so she is so turned on she will do all we wish. Vicky said it might be good to borrow Mum’s vibrator and any of her sex toys we can find and clean them before she returns, that would make her a cert to cum a lot to. I said I hoped I was going to get a look in on this fun and they both said oh yes you will said Vicky we will feed you up so you have the energy to enjoy us all and us you. Rosemary told us how she came back from her school at the end of term with a girl who was coming to stay with you all called Darner and she started to go around the house with very little on when the grown ups were out to tease you, yes she did I said but I had a girl friend then and had been taking no notice of her or Rose and in the end both of them were at it, open legs with no panties, bending down when wearing short skirts and bum free, pulling down tops to show breasts to the nipples, you name it they were at it but the one that got me hard was going up the stairs in front of me with all showing pussy and bottom a moving temptation, that was to much. I left the girl friend and played with them trying new things and they gave me feed back on the enjoyment or lack of it after each session, Rose had her first proper orgasm through that and Darner became a little whore for sex, she got so she needed it or was bad tempered so I was glad when Rose and her started to help each other out and have a lesbian thing going.

All this chat in the bedroom around my bed was starting to turn my naughty cousins on and cloths stripping began with Vicky, who now wore no panties in the house, just taking her summer dress right off over her head. I think we should do double mount she said, me on your cock after I have sucked it hard and Wendy sat on your naughty hard licking mouth, then as we get close to coming swop positions and should that go well swop again, what do you think of that? My dream I said would be to have Wendy doggy style as she has you in front to lick and suck out and swop that round as much as we can. Wendy said why not both, try one then the other and see how we get on I am for a little girl on girl to make it more fun plus I enjoy the taste of pussy just like you Julian. Her clothes then left her body and my cock had no chance of staying asleep, she was so nice, her attitude and her manor made her so very sexy without any form of smut, she liked sex and wanted it to be nice but out of the two she was more bi that Vicky, I noticed when the girl arrived on the beach she had had a proper look to see which she would enjoy parting from their panties. Vicky came over and now with me flat on the bed she had a chance for a little fun with my now naked body, she climbed on the bed and positioned herself sitting over my face facing my feet and then lay her body down mine till her naughty mouth had my now learning cock inside it. Her bottom rose a little and the lowered on to my tongue she having now learnt to enjoy oral stimulation prior to full entry anal wise or pussy. I raised my arms so both of her breasts were now captive in my hands which I used to apply just a little pain by squeezing and twisting them as I pulled them from her body, Vicky stopped sucking my cock and sat upright taking in the pain as it tore through her body and changed to a feeling of tortured pleasure, she was discovering now made her so hot and horny and a little bit addicted to this new force. Wendy knew her sister enjoyed a little pain as she had pulled very hard on Vicky’s clit hood on night when they were having a girly sexual pleasure night, Wendy had got a little carried away in her own high peak of pleasure from Vicky’s attention to her pussy as they had a 69 share the pleasure time and she had been very heavy handed with the tender hood and head being surprised when her sister swore and shouted, harder bitch do it harder. She did and Vicky had a massive orgasm more like a squirt. Wendy took the vacant cock Vicky had abandoned and facing Vicky now put my cock in her pussy which was wet and so ready to give space and enjoyment to me taking it full inside, deep and firmly held within her passage of thrills which started the second I was inside those lips. My feelings were driven by the texture of the pre cum from Vicky’s pussy as I put in a heavy attack on her lips with my mouth pulling them and nibbling at her clit while changing the area of my delivery as much as possible, she was moving a lot and a sort of convulsion passed through her body a few times as she built up her intake of pleasure. I was trying to control my own reaction to the pounding my cock was getting from Wendy driving me deep inside her my balls almost being sucked into her wetness and warm passage, then my face was without warning drowned in the massive orgasm young Vicky produced, filling my mouth with her warm and this time thicker cum, the taste was nice so I took all I could and downed it till my efforts made her cum again but luckily not so strong. Wow, her climax set Wendy off hers giving me a top feeling within her as it filled any space left within her as she carried on her movement up and down on my cock, shit this was so good if only life was like this all the time. Vicky even scooped some of her cum up and licked it off her had enjoying her own creamy juices, good girl she had no problem with the by products of good sex like her Mother. Now Wendy had risen off my cock and the remainder of hers and just arrived, my cum came flooding out all over my lower regions but got to say it felt so good the thick mess on my cock, belly and balls but not on the bed I had put my towel down first fearing this could happen. Vicky moved off my face properly and turned to rescuing the mess all over my lower body while Wendy, playing swops came and took care of my face and neck were spillage had wandered off my face, truth now I was finished the day had been so good and my holiday was starting to be more than I could ever of expected, there is a god.