How I find girls online

There are actually a LOT of little girls who have the dirtiest fantasies imaginable. It’s not hard to find girls as young as 13 who have fantasies about men raping them or their own father raping them, or having their sisters raped in front of them etc. You just have to know where to find them.

Usually I use reddit as the starting place to find them. There are many subreddits that are for posting rape fantasies. I’ll post a prompt that doesn’t explicitly state I’m looking for ageplay, but implies it. Any type of incest rape fantasy is very popular with women. You will likely get several messages if you post it on a big subreddit.

You’d be surprised how many women message me. My first question is always “are you down for ageplay?” probably 90% of them will say yes, and then I ask how old they are and say something about how I can keep a secret or won’t mind if their answer is really young or something. Maybe 30% or so of them will say they are underage and give me the number.

So far all I’ve been able to do is get 5 or 6 girls to send nudes, but hopefully I can find some in the future who are actually willing to fuck. I just love 13-17 year old girls. 18-19 are good too but there’s less of a taboo factor since they are legal.

In the future I need to think of ways to get them alone with me for weeks at a time. So I can tie them up, rape all their holes, cum on their innocent little bodies and corrupt their minds so they become sexually addicted to me. So far all I’ve done was talk about that with them. Oh well.