How I was fucked by my online boyfriend and his wife

I met him online, and invited him over to take my virginity.

I’m a 16 year old girl, and I’m very hypersexual. From a young age, I’ve been going on omegle and sending nudes to older men. I’m not bisexual, or a lesbian but I’m very submissive and will do anything I’m told whether it’s a man or a woman.

This happened a few months ago, I met a man on an online forum, he said he was 30. He was really into younger girls and he liked it when I wore pigtails, or acted younger. He said he was single and he lived about an hour from me. I’d seen pictures of him and he was very average looking . He looked more in his mid 40s but I kept talking to him because I really liked how he ordered me around. I did a ton of degrading things for him on video call and I know that he’s posted videos of me doing these depraved things online. I would’ve done anything for him.

A few months after meeting him, I found out my parents were going out of town for the weekend and leaving me and my sister home alone. My sister decided to spend the weekend at her friends house so I had the house for 3 days and 2 nights. I told my boyfriend about it and we planned to spend that time together so he could take my virginity. He came over early on the first day, with a suitcase and his wife. I had no clue he had a wife, so I was shocked. He introduced me and said that I must call them mommy and daddy. The first thing he did was take out a few combination locks and locked up my closet, I wasn’t allowed to wear clothes the entire time they were there. In preparation for him, I had moved my mattress into the center of the living room. He told me he was first going to take my virginity and then we would start with the real fun. I started really regretting inviting him over, but I let him fuck me. He was really gentle the first time we did it. Afterwards, his wife, mommy, brought me a drink and told me to lie down, and get comfortable. She sat on my face and played with my small tits as I licked. I licked for what felt like hours, she wouldn’t let me stop. Finally, she came and got off my face. They made lunch, canned soup and ate while I sat under the table and sucked my daddy’s cock. I wasn’t allowed to eat with them. When they were done with lunch, they turned on one of the most degrading pornos I had ever seen. It was of a girl being leashed by her tits, repeatedly fucked, beaten and pissed on by a woman and a man. My mommy and daddy made we watch as my daddy hit my tits and cunt with a belt. Afterwards, he fucked me while mommy made me lick her asshole, it was so gross. they then turned on the shower for me, and set up a laptop across from it. I think it was a livestream. They ordered me to rub my pussy and tits with soap, and spread my ass cheeks for the camera. I did everything they said and when I finished my shower, they turned off the laptop and daddy fucked me in the shower, a lot rougher this time. We then went to bed, they made me sleep on the floor, at the foot of the mattress with no pillows, blankets or clothes.

In the morning of the second day, about an hour before sunrise, my daddy put clamps on my nipples and pulled a chain connecting to them, he led me crawling out the back door. He made me piss like a dog and then he pissed on me. He led me back inside where my mommy was waiting. She made me stand with my legs spread and my hands behind my back. She then kicked me in the cunt, hard. I fell to my knees and started crying. She came over and rubbed my tears on her pussy. Then she left me crying with the nipple clamps still on, and fucked my daddy while watching me cry. When I was done crying, they made me lay down and lick daddy’s ass while mommy rode him. Daddy was laying with his ass on my face, while mommy bounced on his dick and the weight made it impossible to breathe. Mommy then grabbed on to my nipple chain and yanked it every time she bounced. Finally, daddy came and made me clean them both up with my mouth. They whispered to each other for a little, and mommy made me put my head into the pillow and my ass up. She fingered my ass for a little, and called me a dirty little bitch. She said I needed to clean my ass and she led me to the bathroom. She grabbed a container thing with a nozzle. She had me get on all fours in the bathtub and gave me an enema. It was so weird. Afterwards, she took me back to the living room with my daddy. They said I needed to be punished for having a dirty ass. They took the nipple clamps off, all the blood rushed back to my nipples and it hurt a lot. They slapped my tits and twisted my nipples. I cried and tried to cover my tits. Mommy held me down as daddy kicked me in the cunt and in the gut. After I had been beaten, I was pushed onto the mattress, with my head in the pillows and my ass up. Daddy unzipped his pants and put his cock in my ass. I started screaming in pain. I knew I was bleeding, but after a while it started to feel good. Mommy came over and kneeled next to us, she reached under and tortured my already swollen pussy. She pulled my pussy lips and pinched my clit, she twisted and slapped. Finally, I felt daddy dump his load in my ass. I felt so used; my nipples were hard, my face was flushed and my pussy was puffy and already forming bruises. They left me there to take a nap. After my nap, we did the same routine with the shower. They live-streamed it again and afterwards, daddy fucked me.

After my shower, they told me they were going out to dinner. They tied me to a chair with my legs spread, and put a small vibrator on my clit. They set up the livestream again, pointing at me. They put a sock in my mouth and put the nipple clamps back on. I wasn’t able to move or move the vibrator so I sat there for almost an hour, struggling the entire time. Finally, mommy and daddy came back and they brought me some leftover food that they fed me while I was tied up. They finally turned off the stream and untied me. Daddy fucked my swollen cunt while mommy sat on my face. Once they both came, I was led to the bathroom where daddy pissed in my mouth, making me swallow it. Mommy pissed in the toilet but made me lick her clean. Finally we went back to the mattress in the living room and mommy and daddy fucked while I went to sleep at their feet, with the nipple clamps still on.

On the very last day, daddy fucked me 5 times in the cunt and 3 times in the ass. I licked mommy’s pussy most of the times he was fucking me. At the end, we went out for lunch, where I had to wear a see through shirt with no bra, and a short skirt with no panties. Daddy could tell that the waiter wanted to fuck me so he made me get his number and text him some of the videos that we’d taken. Finally we went home and they helped me clean up, and then they left, but not before whipping my ass with a belt. It was one of the worst but best experiences of my life. Given another opportunity, I’m not really sure if I’d do it again. My daddy has kind of stopped messaging me, he only messages now when he wants me to do something really degrading, because he knows I’ll never say no to him.