Graduation Ceremony – 02

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Morning when we were getting ready, Vijay insisted that I wear his choice of lingerie. I did not want to disappoint either of them, so I wore bra of Vijay’s choice and Panty of Sunil’s choice. I wore a sheer saree with deep cut blouse. Anybody with a keen eye could see my cleavage. Both looked happy with my choice of clothes, we left for the graduation.

Sunil showed me his ex, and to make her jealous I pulled Sunil closer and hugged him when she saw. She did look upset when she saw this. Sunil and Vijay’s friends also got jealous that I accompany them. Most of his batchmates were roaming around me through out to get a view of cleavage and navel. I exposed as much as I could and made few dicks hard.

We took some nice pics to share with family, and some naughty pics for the private memories. After lunch, we returned home. We were so tired, and crashed in bed immediately. I was asleep for lot of time, and came into my sense when I felt Vijay and Sunil on my body. I opened my eyes and saw them, exploring my body with their hands.

I got up from the bed, moving both aside. Turned around to face them, and said “Now is the time for your graduation gift. Are you boys ready?”

Both jumped up like springs and sat on the edge of bed.

I undid my saree fully first, and then signalled them to remove rest of my clothes. Sunil focussed on my blouse, which is already full with my milky boobs and heavy cleavage. Vijay focussed on my petticoat and trying to undo the thread. Both took their time to undress me tastefully, while enjoying every inch of my body touch.

Underneath there, gifts which I got from them, the lingerie is staring at them pleading them to unleash the beauty. I pushed them back and I removed my lingerie by giving them a strip tease. Both sat there rubbing their cocks and watching my full body reveal.

“Now be good boys and drink my milk first, and then I will drink your milk.” I said.

Both dropped their pants and came near. They hooked on to my tits, each sucking one and playing with my body. While they got busy, I rubbed their dicks and stroked them fast. I wanted to make them cum with handjob first, so that they last longer later. Before they could finish my milk, they both cummed in my hand. But both continued to suck tits dry.

Once my milk dried up, I made them sit on the bed, and started sucking them both. They started pressing my boobs which made both dicks hard again. Of course, they are youth and they get hard-on so quick even after they cummed just fem minutes back. I placed my left leg up on the bed, and guided Sunil to my pussy. He understood the clue and started cunnilingus.

Vijay looked puzzled, so I guided him to my back and he started licking my ass hole. It was the most pleasure I ever had with just oral. I never had two tongues licking both holes at the same time. I took their heads as support as I was getting weak in my knees. Finally I cummed too and crashed on bed.

Sunil positioned himself to enter me in missionary position, but Vijay will be left alone if he does that. So I asked Vijay to sit on bed, and I sat on him, taking his dick in my asshole. Now my pussy is up for grabs to Sunil, and he entered from front. With each thrust either of them are giving, I have both my holes filling.

They sandwiched me between them and started to fuck me harder. I was screaming loud with pain and fun both. This encouraged them to fuck me harder. They took pause and changed their places. Now Sunil is in my ass hole and Vijay in my pussy. Again I was screaming with pleasure and they did not stop at all.

I paused this time, and stood on all four like a cow. Vijay entered my pussy from behind and Sunil came in front and started fucking my mouth. I could not even scream now, and gasping for air. I wanted both of them to cum together in me at the same time. That will be their graduation present. So I stopped both and asked both to enter my pussy. Vijay entered in sitting position while I sat in his lap and Sunil entered from front.

Both dicks are banging each other and spread my pussy wide open. It was very painful but very pleasurable at the same time. Both moved in rhythm and came hard in my pussy. Both grabbed me in middle and we just collapsed on the bed in same position.

Through out the night, when ever they had hard-on, they fucked me. What ever positions they saw or thought of, they used all those and fucked me. Sometimes both fucked me together, and sometimes just one of them. In total that night was full fuck fest for all three.

We woke up in morning and I felt my breasts were full with milk. I called both to have milk and they had milk direct from me. I asked what are the plans for rest of the day. They wanted to take me out to parade me as their slut. I agreed and asked what I should wear. They chose one low neck kurti and asked me to not wear any lingerie.

My nipples will poke out in kurti without any dupatta, and bounce like balls when I walk. Also this dress is front zipper one, so they can access my tits whenever they want to. I dressed up and we left for the local train station. It was heavily crowded, and full of staring eyes.

We three got into a compartment, again me sandwiched between both. As crowd was high and not much space, I could feel Vijay’s dick poking into my back and Sunil’s dick poking in front. My boobs are pressed against Sunil’s chest. Some guys who were standing near to us, wanted to join the fun and were pressing me from the side. I can feel few hands rubbing all over my body, and I can’t figure whose hand is that.

When we finally got off at CST station, I had one orgasm just with all pushing and shoving. We got into taxi to visit the beach. Both sat on either sides in the cab back seat and started with their fondling. Cab driver was watching me in the rear view mirror all the time. I felt like a slut getting shamed in public.

We sat at the beach for an hour or so, and again same scene as in the cab. This time because my back is towards public, they both did not hesitate and opened my zip in front to pull out my tits. On the marine drive, not much of public that day fortunately, yet they were sucking my melons like they are couple of juicy mangoes. I was terrified yet excited as this is the first time I am going through a public exhibition and sexual activity.

Later we got into a double decker BEST bus, where top side was empty. Here both opened their pants and forced me to give them a blow job. Then went to Juhu beach, where we took dip in the water. My top was pain and light colour, hence my dark nipples were visible when I came out of the water.

After all of this, we went back home in a cab and again fucked full night like rabbits again. Both took turns to fill my holes and empty my milk tanks. Now since graduation is done, it was time for us to go back. Next morning we packed all things, and settled house dues to owner. We had a confirmed 1st AC cabin for the return trip. Since we boarded the train, again we had lots and lots of sex all night. They both used me as their slut and fucked me like a whore.

At the station we bid goodbye to Vijay and returned home. Sunil and me continued our sexual relation till he got married. Luckily we found a girl, who is my cousin and looks similar to me. He is now happily married. We rarely meet nowadays as they are settled in USA. But when ever he comes, we do try to take some time out and relive some of our memories.