Janey and her slaves part 3

She went to Brad’s bed and sat on the edge and talked to him in a monotone voice. “Brad, what were you going to do to me when you drugged me? I want to know. Maybe we can still do it.” I knew she was lying.


“Ann, I was just going to get your pants off, and look at your pussy. Maybe kiss it, and try to get some lovin off you. I have never tasted pussy, and have never fucked a girl. I haven’t even seen a real pussy” “What, you have never been fucked? At your age? Why not, are you a fag?” “No, I’m just not comfortable around girls” “OK, Brad, we will see what we can do about this.” “Janey, will you come over here?”


As I went over to her, I had no idea what she had in mind. I thought I had this kidnapping all planed out, but it is going haywire now. I wonder if I was still in charge. “Janey, I think we can remove Brads blindfold now. I don’t think he is going to tell anyone anything now. What do you think?”


Damn, this is getting out of hand. What is Ann planning on doing to Brad. She still has the ice pick and I feel if Brad can identify us, we are in trouble unless Ann is planning on killing him. She reaches up and takes off Brad blindfold. “Is that better now?” As he looks at his Mistress with prying eyes, he answered in the affirmative. Ann tells him he will still have to do as his Mistress tells him, only now, he has two Mistresses. “What have I created?”


“Brad, from now on, you will never talk unless you are asked to talk. You will nod your head yes, or no. Do you understand?” He nods yes. She asks if he would like to suck a pussy, and he nods yes. She looks at me and wants to know if I want to sit on his nose or should she. After having been pounded with 9 inches just a few minutes ago, I told her to have at it. She got on the bed, over him, in the 69 position, and lowered her cunt onto his mouth. “Oh I forgot, you CAN NOT have a hard on.” I thought, this is going to be good.

“Lick and suck my juicy cunt, you fucking slave.” It looked like he was doing a good job, and she was moving her ass all over his chin. She was putting her clit in his mouth and then her little puckered asshole would take its place. I noticed his ice-picked cock was starting to stand up, and I suppose Ann saw it about the same time, so she reached for the cane and gave it a firm swat. I couldn’t hear what he said because Ann was pushing down on his mouth with her pussy, but his dick was no longer hard. She told him to suck harder and stick his tongue deeper into her cunt. “Come on mother fucker, suck harder.” She rotated between what she put in his mouth. A clit, her cunt hole, then her asshole. “Stick your tongue up my asshole. Suck hard to see if you can suck out a turd” When she said this, we both saw his cock starting to stand up. It appears it makes him hard to be told to eat shit, but he did get another swat with the cane. It went back soft.

A short time later, Ann gushed pussy juice all over Brad. He was coughing, and trying to choke, she was cumming so much. I was jealous. I wanted to have some, if not all of it. She said to me. “Janey, I think you should ride his nose for a while.” Here, I thought I was the boss, but I could always enjoy a good pussy lickin. I moved into position like Ann had been in, and lowered myself to his face. He started in pretty good, but his cock was starting again to stand up. Ann gave it another good whack. “Damn you Brad, I will beat this cock until it is black and blue if you don’t control when you get hard.” “Do you think you can learn?” He nodded yes. All the time it took him to get me to have an orgasm (not as good as before) his dick never firmed up again. I didn’t gush this time when I came.

Ann took my arm and said that it is time to go up stairs, she had something for me. She went to the box of toys before we went upstairs. I didn’t get to see what she got.

As Ann led me up the stairs, I still didn’t know what she had gotten out of the toy box. As I walked up the stairs ahead of her, she keep rubbing my juicy slit from behind, where Brad had been licking, and sucking to make me cum. I liked it. Ann told me to lead the way to my bedroom, and as we got to the bed, she shoved me down on my back, and came to me smiling, which made me smile with anticipation.


She began with more of those wonderful kisses that only she could give. Her hands were all over my naked body. She would pinch my nipples, squeeze my globes, and put her hands on my butt cheeks to pull me close. Again, she was making me light headed. After exploring every inch of my mouth with her tongue, she started south. My breast were going to welcome her with open arms. As she engulfed the first nipple, she gave it a firm bite. This was just what I was waiting for. She was biting one nipple and pinching the other. She was just about to bite a little harder than I felt comfortable with, when she went to my slit with her hands. One hand was putting a lot of fingers in my cunt hole, and the other hand was rubbing my engorged clit. At this time, I didn’t care how hard she bite my nipple. She was biting hard enough that I think my nipple was going numb. I couldn’t feel it any more. I could feel all those fingers in my pussy, and she was now pinching my clit. She left my tit and raised up to my ear. She gave it a suck, then said she thought I needed a good spanking for what I had done to her and Brad.

You talk about cum flowing. She was actually going to smack my ass!!!! I love it. I saw she had gotten a ping-pong paddle out of my toy box, and before she could say anything, I was on my stomach with my ass raised in the air. “I knew you would like this Janey” as the first smack hit my ass cheek. It smarted sharply, but I was so worked up, she could beat me senseless. She moved from a good smack to a healthy swing very quickly. I could feel the heat spreading across my ass. It felt so good. I thought I may be cumming very shortly when I felt something go in my asshole. She had a vibrator or a dildo, I didn’t know which, but after the shock of the invasion, I was loving every minute of it. It must have been a butt plug, because she wasn’t holding it in, and it staid in place.

I was so happy. Never in my wildest imagination did I think this kidnapping could come to this. Ann stopped hitting my ass cheeks with the paddle, and started rubbing them. It was so soothing. She gently rolled me over, and went to my slit with her mouth. As I lay on my back, I could feel the heat in my ass. My cheeks were hot, but it seemed the butt plug was scorching me. Her gently lips on my clit were sucking and plying until it was so erect that it was hurting, and she slid her hand under my ass and continued to rub and sooth. She also went to the butt-plug and pushed and released it in a little deeper. I grabbed her hair, pulled her as hard as I could to make her face push harder on my cunt. I was cumming, and screaming, and cumming, and screaming, and her fingers were now scratching my ass cheeks, and she pulled the plug out of my ass. The pain from her fingernails, on my ass made me squirt more than I have ever in my life. WHERE HAS THIS GIRL BEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE????

She was beside me with my head laying on her shoulder, and I was purring like a new born kitten. I was so happy. I glanced down at my nipples, and the one she had bitten so hard was swollen, and had changed color. All the time, in the back of my mind, I thought there were sinister things happening here. I didn’t know where we were going next, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

Ann had just given me a most wonderful cunt lickin, after paddling my ass to a cherry red glow. I was in love. As we lay in each others arms, me content, not knowing if she had cum or not after sending me over the edge, I felt everything was in it’s right place in the universe. I was as happy as any person could be.


As she nibbled and sucked on my ear, she said “Janey dear, you like your ass smacked real hard don’t you?” “Oh fuck yes Ann. You have awaken something in me that in the past I only felt that I would like. You have given me a new feeling in my life, that I can’t go on without a good ass spanking. To feel the heat spread from my ass cheeks all the way up my asshole and cunt hole. It makes my whole body burn with fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” “Janey, I have lots of good things planned for you, but first, I think Brad needs some attention”.

As we went down stairs, we could see Brad still laying on his back with a look of fear on his face. Ann told him we were there to take care of him. She walked to him and ask me to follow. Brad watched as Ann ran her fingers between my pussy lips, cupping some of the residual cunts juices, left from my cunt lapping. She took her fingers and placed them in Brads mouth. “Do you like this Brad?” He nodded in the affirmative. She told him it was alright to have a hard-on now, and just about that quick, his cock was getting hard. She took more and more pussy juice from me and wiped it in Brads mouth. As she placed her hands in my pussy, to get the juices, she would give a little extra attention to my clit. She was making more juices for her to feed to Brad.


“Janey beloved, Brads cock is now hard, and I think you are ready for this. Get on top of him and ride that cock.”

I had fucked one guy in collage, and it was such a disaster, that all I have fucked since then was my wonderful dog, MAX. He was able to give me all I ever wanted. Now Brads cock was right here and hard as Max ever was. Ann was prodding me to climb on. My cunt was dripping, I was excited, you could see Brad was excited, so I was ready for the first good man cock of my life. Brads cock was discolored at the tip, maybe slightly swollen from the two studs Ann had put there. I got on top, brushed Brads cock over my clit and slowly slid down his shaft. It was feeling good. I could feel the studs in his cock and this was making me more of a cunt whore. I wanted all the cock I could stand. I rammed down hard on him, and he grunted as if in pain. Maybe the studs. I felt great. I started going up and down at a slow steady pace. I was use to Max and he went like an out of control freight train. Slow was good. Brad was shoving up as I came down, and retreating as I pulled up. It was so good. Both of us were enjoying the fuck of our lives.

About then I felt the paddle hit hard, and I mean hard on my ass. I let out a surprised yell, and Brad gave a grunt, as my cunt clamped down on his swollen cock. Smack, smack, smack, three times in a row. I could feel the heat on my cheeks as I knew they would already be red. Faster cunt whore. Every time the paddle hit my ass, my pussy muscles would clamp tight. Brad was in pain, but he was enjoying it. I was in great pain, but it was bringing me closer to cumming. When my ass would raise in the air, Ann would smack it and drive me down on the dick. I would raise again, and again she would smack me back down.


She was getting so excited she was yelling at the top of her lungs. “Fuck him Janey. Smack. Fuck him hard, you cunt.” smack. The pain in my ass was so overwhelming that my cunt muscles were clinched continually. I don’t know what was going on with Brad. He said he had never fucked a girl, and if that were true, his first fuck was going to be the fuck of his life. He was holding on tight, thrashing about like he was having a fit, but his cock was still as hard as Max had ever been. Deep inside me. Ann was swinging faster than I could go up and down. She was out of control. Beside the paddle, I now felt the cane. As soon as it hit my back I started to cum. I was now screaming as loud as Ann and Brad put together. I couldn’t inhale. All I could do was exhale. I would try to breath in, and I would have another pain and cunt cum spasm. I know Brad probably thought I was pissing, but it was all cum. I could feel wetness everywhere. I was cumming, but then I felt the heat, deep inside me as Brad unleashed his load. The blows from the paddle were slowing down, and as I looked over at Ann, she had a lot of fingers up her twat, and was in the throws of cumming.


Brads dick was quickly getting smaller. In no time it plopped out, and the cum was flowing out of me and running down his dick. I then felt Ann’s hand on my ass, and it felt good. She was rubbing, and massaging it. It was burning, but it still was good. “Did it feel good Janey, me cunt whore?” “Oh yes Ann. It felt wonderful.” Ann’s rubbing my ass quickly changed from a massage to a hard slap with her hand. “I think it is time you start calling me Mistress also.” Good lord, what have I started?

“Get up Janey. It’s time I got a little of that cock.” I climbed up off Brad and could feel the cum running down my leg, but Ann told me to let it run. She went to Brad and told him she wanted a hard cock. Brad looked very confused, because he had just blown his wad. Ann took the cane and gave the cock a little swat. It started to rise immediately with no yelling from Brad. It was hard. She smiled. “This is good slave. You are learning.”

Ann slid Brads cock into her pussy. She gave a little sigh, and told me to gather a little of the cum running down my leg, and rub it all over her asshole. Gladly. I started rubbing. On the up stroke of Brads dick, she would pause to give me a little more time to play with her hole. Back down. Back up, pause. She was getting a wet asshole. “Now Janey, lick it out.”

I ran my tongue up her asshole as far as I could. It was so wet from Brad’s and my cum, but I was thinking Ann must be able to cum out of her ass. There seemed to be more cum in her asshole than I had put in there. “Two fingers in now cunt whore.” I quit sucking and ran two fingers in her ass and gathered more cum from my cunt and rubbed in her. On her next stroke up, she told me to lick again. I was happy to. I love to lick out assholes.


This week I have discovered that I love pain, man cock in my pussy, man cock in my mouth, pussy juice all over my face, in my mouth, and I loved Ann’s hand in my asshole. I don’t know how deep it was, but it was in further than Max had ever been.

I tried to keep two fingers in her ass and lick at the same time. I found on the up stroke I could lick pussy, but on the down stroke I would lick asshole. This was damn sure OK.

“Damn you Janey, you mutherfuckin whore. I have to know how good it feels. Get the paddle and smack my ass cheeks. Try to keep your fingers in my asshole, and try to keep lickin. Try the third finger. I did and I found out I could keep the fingers in her ass, and could lick between strokes with the paddle.

I found that I was beginning to enjoy this ass paddling just fine. As she was grunting, and moving up and down on Brads cock, me pushing in and out with three fingers in her ass, I found myself hitting her harder and harder with the paddle. She was flying as high as I was when I was getting fucked by Brad, and getting my ass paddled by Ann. Damn, her ass cheeks were red. She was the one that looked like she was having a fit. She was thrashing all over the place, and yelled for me to put in more. Well the fuck with her. She is the Mistress and she said to put in more. I rubbed more of my pussy juice on my hand, placed my middle finger in her ass and shoved with all my might. As my hand went entirely up her asshole, I felt Brads cock. I could feel his cock in her cunt with my hand in her ass.


Now it was time for her to scream. “What the fuck are you doing Janey? come out.” I wrapped my fingers and thumb around Brad’s cock, and as I moved my hand in and out of Ann’s ass, I was jacking off Brad. “No Janey, you are killing me. Please stop.” She screamed. I released Brads cock and made my hand as narrow as possible and withdrew from Ann’s asshole. When I got the hand out, I went for the cane. I started whacking her cheeks like she had previously whacked Brad. “No Janey, that is to much.” “Cum bitch. Who is the mistress now? You will receive blows like this until you spray cum all over Brad.”

After the longest and most blood curdling scream, the caning was making her cum. It was again spraying everywhere. Brad was cumming and getting wet, and I stopped with the whipping. Ann had collapsed on Brad. Neither one of them were moving. I felt left out so I went to her asshole and began to lick and suck again. I would travel down her legs and gather the cum spray that was everywhere. I was in heaven. As I licked, and went all over her wet body and then to her ass, she slowly raised her hips to allow me to probe deeper. She just moaned.

I think it is time for all of us to go up stairs, shower and eat. I think Brad knows that he is a slave for life. I think Ann know who the boss is. We can relax and not worry about the police and the law. I just wish we could go to some cabin in the middle of nowhere and live like this forever.

That’s all you dirty perverts. If you are as sick as I am, give