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Back home for the holidays, I was bored as hell. College life in New York is much more exciting than an idle reclusive lifestyle in Iowa. But being the only son of my parents, I do not have much choice but give into their emotional nagging every vacation. No matter where they are, Indian parents remain the same everywhere- even second generation NRIs cannot forget their Indian parenting style. So every vacation when my friends are off to trips, I am back home, giving company to my parents and entertaining their complaints about missing life in India. This story is not about my parent’s complaints but about a wild woman I met.

This time I was decided that I will find something fun, even if it’s the reclusive Iowa we are talking about. In my desperation I opened an account on a dating app and starting frequenting several virtual sex websites. I just had to make sure my devices were hidden well and thoroughly password-protected. It was a week through the vacation when my parents got a call from a relative. An aunt was sick and mom had to go and take care of her. So they decided to leave for a couple of weeks and I was to be alone through the entire vacation. I was a little happy- this means complete independence and no nagging every time I went out or came back late. I heartily agreed.

That week, I spent days just going through the dating app by the day and checking out Naomi Swann’s page on the virtual sex website. You must check this page out if you are looking for a steamy hot body that will turn you on the moment lay eyes on her. That evening, I finally got a match with someone called Celina. I opened the profile and turned out she is actually hot and a wild woman. I started the conversation and she was online. Soon we were talking about random stuffs and it was obvious, we were vibing. By next day, we had already proceeded to discussing out fantasies.


She kept warning me that she is crazy on bed. I thought she is bluffing but was getting curious too. We decided to meet at my place. That evening she came around seven. I opened the door and was awestruck by her. She had to be at least 5’7” and her body was really curvy. She had a bag with her and wearing a yellow dress that ended at least four inches above her knee. Her legs were tanned and long. I was gaping at her blocking the entrance. She pushed past me with a smile and her boobs grazed my arms. They were so soft. We sat down with some snacks and soon she was winking at me. We moved towards each other at the same time and kissed.

“Where’s your bedroom? Let’s go there.” She whispered. I held her hand and took her to my room. As soon as we were there, she laid me down on the bed and told me to hold still. Then she opened her bag and took out a pair of handcuffs. I stared wide-eyed at her. I did not remotely imagine she was into BDSM when we talked. Now I know what she meant by crazy in bed but I was curious and willingly let her handcuff me to the either side of the bed.

I laid helplessly and she went down on me. First she unzipped my pants and my dick sprang out. But instead of touching me, she rummaged her bag once more and took out a flogger. Then she started unbuttoning her dress and soon she was standing naked. She went down on me and started sucking my dick while her boobs kept brushing on my thighs. I was almost at the verge of orgasming when she stopped. She flogged me lightly on my chest and the slight stinging sensation sent ripples through my body.

Next, she went back to sucking my dick once more. Again, the moment I was about to orgasm she stopped. This time, she tickled my underarms till I was breathless from laughter. She quickly went on top of me like she is about to ride me. But instead, she rubbed my dick all over her pussy but did not take it in. I strained and was getting frustrated from her teasing. As I started begging her to fuck me, she smiled and kept torturing. She is such a wild woman I ever thought. I was almost going to give up when she suddenly thrust and took my dick inside her with a loud moan.

Then she started riding the dick hard. I never met any girl who could go this fast on top. She was riding me like crazy and relentlessly. Soon, I was about to climax but she stopped. She was controlling my climax. Again, she began but slower this time. She squatted on my dick such that it was pressing deep inside her. She gyrated her hips and soon I was feeling the tension again of orgasming hard. In a few minutes, I felt a gush of hot liquid over my dick- she had orgasmed. Quickly, she started riding me hard again and in another ten minutes I was no longer able to hold back. But she got off my dick last minute and scrambled to put it in her mouth. Soon, I was gushing warm liquid inside her mouth and she drank all of it.

Once she swallowed my juices she looked at my helpless body on the bed and bend down to kiss my mouth with her cum-streaked lips. It was salty but her lips were so soft against mine. She unbuckled the handcuffs and I quickly got up on the bed. I grabbed her and pulled her on my lap and started pressing her boobs and kissing her neck. In another fifteen minutes, I was hard again and she glanced at my dick and smiled. Then she got up and handed me the flogger and smiled, “Your turn to dominate.” My vacation turned out to be exciting after meeting the wild woman and I continued using the dating app through out my vacation for more adventures.