Lexi’s terrible Christmas shopping trip

12 year old Lexi is shopping with her dad at the mall when she is assaulted in the bathroom

This is a work of fiction and I do not condone any actions committed in this story. Enjoy!

Lexi waited outside the bathroom for her dad at the mall. It was Christmas and the place was packed. Lexi quickly moved to the wall to dodge a mom with a stroller barreling back into the food court. She finally found a somewhat isolated spot on the wall by the family bathroom door and leaned against it. Lexi’s hair was dyed red and done up in a high ponytail. She was wearing a purple dress with a black short leather jacket with black tights and blue converse. She was thin with only a slight bit of curves to her body. She sighed and opened her phone wondering how much longer she would have to wait. She scrolled instagram for a moment. She opened her phone’s camera to take a selfie when she saw in the picture behind her a man peeking out of the family restroom behind her. Before she could really process what was happening he reached out and grabbed her arm and with surprising strength pulled her towards him. She opened her mouth to scream but his hand covered it. He pulled more and she lost her balance falling towards him into the small room. She hit the ground as he shut the door behind her. Lexi scrambled back sliding across the floor on her butt, until her back hit the wall. The man was standing between her and the door. He was a giant of a man. He was well over 6ft with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He wore jeans, a red shirt with a tan carhartt jacket. His face was covered with a black cloth mask and a baseball hat. Lexi screamed out but he quickly crossed the room and clamped his hand tight against her mouth muffling her screams. He pressed her against the wall, she struggled against him but he was easily able to restrain her. He pressed his knee hard against her chest, pinning her to the wall. With his now free hand he reached into his pocket and took out some kind of cloth. He brought it up to Lexi’s face and tried to jam it in her mouth. Lexi kept her mouth firmly shut. Twisting her head back and forth. The man grabbed her nose with his hands. Lexi held her breath for as long as she could and her eyes started to water from the strain. She finally reached her limit and opened her mouth to take a huge breath of air as she did so he shoved the rag into her mouth. It tasted awful. He then covered it with a piece of duct tape. Lexi let out muffled screams into the rag, and her arms flew up to take it out. He caught them easily and forced them to her side. Roughly he grabbed her and turned her over forcing her face down on the ground. He yanked her arms back painfully behind her and duct taped them together so she couldn’t move them. Lexi struggled and kicked with all her might. This wasn’t good. She thought she had to escape, she had to break free. Lexi kicked and squirmed trying to break free but it was no use. He flipped her back over like it was nothing. He pulled her dress up around her waist exposing her blue hello kitty panties. He laughed surprised. And then tore her tights open. She screamed into the rag and kicked her feet defiantly he gripped her panties on each side and then lifting her butt up slightly off the ground slid them off her. To do so he had to momentarily get off of her. Lexi took this opportunity, she rolled and turned. Pushing herself up to her knees she started towards the door. He grabbed her leg and pulled backwards. She fell on her side and he easily dragged her back to him. He pinned her down again with both his hands on her shoulders. She struggled but she could hardly move at all. He undid his pants with one hand and took out his cock. Lexi’s heart filled with fear when she saw it. It was huge, probably 8 or 9 inches long and very thick. Using his knees he pushed her knees apart opening up her now exposed crotch. Lexi screamed muffled in panic. She knew what was about to happen. How could this be she didn’t want her first time to be like this. She kicked and squirmed weakly against him. He pulled something out of his pocket and Lexi felt something cold and slimy squirt on her crotch. He rubbed it in and as he did she felt a warm feeling start to build inside of her. He lowered himself and she felt the tip of his huge cock press against her opening. She cried and shook her head. Thinking with all her might trying to will him into stopping. It was useless though the cock pressed further inside her. It passed her lips pulling them apart. Slowly she felt it press inside her. For a moment it caught on something before breaking through and pressing further inside of her. It hurt Lexi felt like she would be torn in two. She let out muffled sobs into the rag. He took his cock out slightly before pushing it back in. He started to pound her slowly at first but gradually faster and faster. Lexi felt her tiny body rocked with each thrust as he pushed himself forcefully inside of her. The pain started to ease eventually and was replaced with a shameful pleasure. Lexi thought she almost preferred the pain. Her body was betraying her, she thought. She shouldn’t feel good as this disgusting man forced himself on her. He continuted to fuck her hard and rough. Eventually he picked up pace to what felt like to Lexi to be an impossible speed. Then he let out a low moan and his body shuddered. Lexi then felt the worst thing she had felt so far. She felt his sperm fill up inside her. A new horrible thought entered her head. What if she got pregnant from this monster what would she do? She began to cry again, hard big tears. He withdrew from her and zipped his pants. Lexi lay on the ground breathing heavily, she could feel the sperm leaking out of her. At least it was over, she thought. Now hopefully that he had gotten what he wanted he would leave her alone. But she wasn’t lucky. He lifted her up effortlessly like a doll and brought her over to the toilet. He sat her on the toilet then forced her legs over her head duct taping them in place. He tapped her to the toilet in this position with her legs up above her head, arms behind her back and her naked bottom upturned and facing the world. She struggled but she couldn’t move an inch. He then pulled out a paper and marker and wrote something on it. He turned the paper and showed it to her. Lexi read the words “free use” with a smiley face after it. Lexi wondered what that meant. He then taped the sign up above her on the wall before leaving.
Lexi struggled against the restraints. Ok he is gone now she thought hopefully. Now someone would come and find her. Then with some horror she realized what that idea meant if someone found her they would see her like this. She began to become filled with embarrassment and fear. But she shook it away. It would be worth it to be free of this nightmare. Plus it would likely be a mom and her kids that wouldn’t be too bad. The door opened. Lexis heart sank it wasn’t a mom with her kids it was another man this one much older probably close to 70. Lexi screamed trying to get his attention. Come free me, she thought. He came over to her slowly. He smelled awful. Lexi instinctively turned her head away and made a face. He looked at her and then the sign. Come on free me already she thought or get help what are you doing. He unzipped his pants and with horror Lexi realized he wasn’t going to save her he was going to rape her. She screamed but it didn’t stop him. He just leaned over her and pressed his cock into her. She sobbed. How could this be, what had she done to deserve this? Would anyone come and save her? The man was mercifully quick when he was done he pulled out and cam on her chest. He wasn’t the last one however. More came. Eventually Lexi lost count after 30 men of all ages, sometimes in groups. Even one time a group of boys a little younger than she was. They fucked all of her holes. Eventually she stopped even screaming or begging it was no use she just laid there and took it. The worst was when a man had brought a large black dog in and after he has fucked her he leg the dog do her too. Eventually hours later she sat tied up now completely naked her clothes had all been cut or torn off. She was covered from head to toe in cum and sweat stuck to her skin and hair. Then the lights went off. The mall must be closed, she thought.

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