Masturbation addict – pt. 3

High school, a time of first loves and ‘serious’ relationships.
Despite the fact that I had this girl I was with for over three years, I had no sex with her. Kissing and rapturously touching her tits and her flat ass didn’t lead to anything more.
Anyway, the last year of this relationship involved frequent arguments and bickering, both in person and on the phone. Although at that time mobile phones were not yet in our country.

I quickly noticed a rather intriguing thing to me at the time: after every argument, when I was alone with myself, I had incredible erections and after masturbation it was much lighter. Towards the end of the relationship, with the end of school, I visited the girl less and less. I knew there would be a brawl anyway, and the time I would have to spend traversing the city to get to her, and coming home swollen after the brawl, I preferred to spend straight away at home.
Of course, what the girl didn’t know was that the time I should theoretically be at her place was spent on my bed with my hard cock pulled out of my trousers in one hand and a porn magazine in the other.
It happened once that my own mother caught me and that at the very moment when I was ejaculating semen….

Of course there was a fight, this time from my mother’s side. She shouted that I was an unhealthy pervert, confiscated the videotape I had from the rental shop and banned me from going anywhere for the next two weeks, only school and home.
I was told at the video tape rental shop that the tape was destroyed and I had to pay for the tape, making my savings suffer terribly. What pissed me off the most was that I knew perfectly well that my mother would watch the cassette with my money and I would get nothing out of it.
When I came home from school a week later, I noticed the TV on in the living room. On the screen was a porn film from the rental shop, which I had already paid for, and my mother’s vibrator was lying on the sofa.
This made me feel quite uncomfortable because I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided it was best if I hid it and pretended I had never seen it here.
Through my own stupidity and inattention, I didn’t check to see if my mother was home. The moment I picked up the vibrator from the couch in my hand, I heard from behind me a barrage of insults about what an unfit abomination I am, who doesn’t know how to respect anyone’s privacy and only thinks with my dick and doesn’t give a shit about my brain. My mother, in a total fit of rage, snatched her vibrator out of my hand, ran it at full speed and slid the buzzing device under my nose saying: “Here! Smell your cunt!”
Another week of grounding had arrived, even though I was of the legal age….
All in all, I didn’t lose too much by it, because I saw the girl at school, and since we didn’t have sex, it wasn’t a problem. And so I was still only able to relieve myself with my hand.
When the ban from my mother was finally over, I went to the girl. This time, in a rush, I slipped my hands behind her trousers and knickers and massaged her buttocks, which was nothing new, as it had happened before, but still, my fingers went all the way down to her pussy.
Another brawl ensued, I walked out and once again, this time from the girl, I was told that I was an unsexed pig and that she wasn’t a slut, which she gives to everyone….
Within a short time after my high school graduation we broke up.

And what about masturbation? For many days, being in a relationship with a girl, I would jerk off to porn videos and magazine pics. After a long time, I realised that I had never thought about the fact that I could cum like that on the tits, ass or face of the girl I was with. I guess my brain didn’t recognise her as a candidate for such fun in any aspect. That was yet to come with another girl, but I didn’t know that at the time…