Week later after the wife’s family reunion and her local male cousin

Week later after the wife’s family reunion and her local male cousin, he and I hook up and I discover something we both have in common

It was the next week after the wife’s family reunion. Her male cousin that lives local in the same city as us and that I have seen at the male hookup spots, ran into each other.

I headed out at lunch time, going to the close by city park. I was walking through the garden area, and low and behold, there he was sitting on a bench. I went and sat down next to him, we shook hands and said our hello’s.

Now it was the middle of the week, I had come out at lunch time Monday and Tuesday, got some good head in the bathroom stalls, and was almost going to get my ass fucked by a guy for the first time, yes I had broken down, I now really wanted to feel a nice hard cock in my ass. Maybe it was something from the week before, and that out of town adult book store. But I was wanting it.

But, someone yells out in the park’s bathroom that some cops were walking through the park. Well talk about a cock softening experience. When those cops walked in, I was at the sink washing my hands, and my friend was in one of the stalls sitting on the john. I said a hello to the two city cops and walked out.

I was hopeful that today, Wednesday, I would find my friend and get what I was now wanting, the ass fuck i was wanting. But I did not find him around, but found my wife’s cousin on that bench. We got down to some serious personal talk, and I mentioned was I had not ever done, but now wanted to really badly. He said he understood, as he get an itch now and then that only a good hard cock in the ass can take care of. We got up and headed for the restrooms, as my stomach dropped, those two cops, well it could be two others, I do not really know, but there they are standing near the bathrooms.

The wife’s cousin tells me for us to head to his car, he only lived a few miles away and we could go to his place. Sounded good to me. I was a bit surprised, which is something as of late has been happening a lot with my wifes side of the family. Because at his house, his wife and one daughter where home.

He tells them hello, and I say hello and give the two gals a big hug. The daughter was only wearing a pair of panties, she was their oldest, and if I remembered correctly, either 9 or 10. I asked if someone was home sick from school today, got a nod from the head of the daughter that was the case. I asked out loud to anyone, if I should not have given her a hug. I was having a hard time not to stare at her cute little budding boobies with little tiny hard nipples. I could also make out her camel toe in the front of her panties. Her mom answers up, saying it is one of those one day sick things, that happen when there is a test that someone did not study for. Everyone lets out a bit of a laugh.

The wife’s cousin tells his wife that we had ran into each other downtown, and he was going to show me his new project out in the garage. I followed him through the house and into the garage. He goes over to the next door on the outside wall, well I had thought it was the outside, but when he opened it, there was a second attached garage, which I had not remembered. This was his room, his man cave so to speak. He asked me if it was ok to have a beer, since I was working, no problem with me, at work we all had a drink at lunch. He and I sit down on an old sofa in the room. After a few sips of beer, I asked if he knew the wife and daughter had been home. He says he did, and I asked but you and I were going to hook up, and he said he still wanted to do that very much and asked if I was ready.

We both drop our pants, both of us having semi hard cocks just from what we were thinking about and talking about. I took my shirt off, figuring I could do that here, unlike if we had been back in the parks restrooms. He picks up a remote and turns the tv on, switching the channel to a porn movie. We both stood there for a bit stroking our dicks together and looking at the porn, it was a three-some, man, woman, man. When one of the men in the movie started to suck the other guys cock, I was fully hard. The wifes cousin walks over to the other side of the room and grabs something off a shelf and walks back over, it was a thing of personal lube, he has a big smile, and tells me to assume the position. I had to ask, what position? He tells me to get down on my knees and to rest my elbows on the sofa, which I did. He rubbed some lube between my butt cheeks, and over and in my ass hole. My wife has fingered me a few times, but it is a feeling I am not that use too. I look back and watch him rub some lube on his cock, and he moves in behind me. He rubs his cock head up and down, over my ass hole, then pokes at my back door with it and pushes. He pops in, and pushes slowing, going in deeper, I so far was feeling good about it. He did not pump or anything, just slowly kept pushing it inside me until he was balls deep. Then he started to pump, oh good gosh that is the feeling I had been wanting, I liked it, it was a very good feeling. As his pumping got harder and faster, I could hear the flapping and slapping of our bodies. I am sure it was all the built up things, the stuff from last week, our relationships, and the first time we were together, but we both came at about the same time. I creamed all over his sofa and he creamed inside my ass. I now know what my wifes says is true, you can feel it when hot cum fills you up inside. I was still cumming myself, but I was able to fill it when he started to fill my ass with cum, it was a warm fuzzy feeling.

As it turns out we are both moaners and we were making some good moaning noise. I then hear the door open and close, I turn my head to see his daughter standing inside the garage with us. She acts like all is normal, she says sorry dad I knocked and you did not say anything so I came in, is that ok? He was still inside me, when he tells her that it was just fine. I had started to get soft. He gives me a few more pumps and then pulls out, now that was a weird feeling. I rolled to my side and sat on the sofa. He sat down on the sofa too, and called her over.

She came bouncing over and climbed up in his lap. He gave her a big hug. I said that I was missing my kids a bit right then, they had grown up and moved out onto their own. He now again surprised me, now I do not know what it is with my wifes side of the family, but he says yea, your wife told me about your great relationship with your kids, I am sure you miss them a bunch.

He then tells his daughter that her uncle is feeling down a bit because he misses his children, and asks her if she would make her uncle happy and give him some kisses. She moves over to my lap, giving me a hug, and slides down between my legs, ending up on her knees between my legs, she reached out and got my soft cock in her hands, leans in and starts sucking on it, while rubbing it. That soft dick of mine was hard in less than a heart beat. I look over at her dad, he was leaning back on the arm of the sofa, a huge smile on his face.

As she is sucking away on my cock, he stood up, still watching the action. He says that it had been years since my kids had gotten older and then moved out, he bet that I really missed having them around, knowing how well my wife and I had trained them to please, just as he and his wife have been teaching his children. I was thinking inside that my wife did not know how to keep any secret, and I was wondering just how many other people knew. I did miss my kids. He steps behind his daughter and picks her up, her mouth getting pulled off my cock in mid suck, making a popping noise.

He tells me that I was probably really missing the sweet young bald pussy, as he held her in one arm and used his other to pull her panties off. He beautiful bald pussy was right there. He puts her down and tells her to lay down on the sofa so her uncle can lick and suck her in thanks for what she has done for him. She was was full of giggles at that, and on her back, legs spread on that sofa next to me. I did not need to hear anything else, I whipped around and got into position and had my face buried between her legs, licking and sucking that sweet and very hot little pussy. My tongue moved in and out between her pussy lips, finding her love bump. As I began to lick and suck her clit, I began to put a finger inside her, moving my finger between her moist lips.

As he stood there, he reached down between my legs and was stroking my hard cock. I did not know or remember I guess that a 10 year does have orgasms’, but was reminded when she started to shake and her legs clamped tight around my head. The wife’s cousin askes his daughter if she was in the mood to ride her uncle, and go for a pony ride. She began to giggle again and she was tickled pink to do so. He told me to sit back on the sofa again, I did so and my hard cock was pointing to the ceiling. She bounced back over to me, moving to sit back into my lap again, but now she head my shoulders and looked down between her legs as she lowered herself down. This was not a surprise to me, as I knew just what he was saying before, I may be a bit of an air head in some areas but I had figured that one out. I jerked a bit when her little pussy lips first touched down on the head of my hard cock. She kept lowering herself, moving up and then back down … and she rode me just like she was on a horse at the rodeo. I played with her little boobie mounds and hard nipples as they bounced up and down in front of me. I felt it start to happen and shouted out that I was ready to cum, and then I did, pumping some hot loads of cum into her tight young pussy.

She climbed off me, and her dad had her sit on the sofa. He got in front of her down on all fours and planted his face between her legs, sucking her pussy like a hover, cleaning away all that cum. I must say, I did not go soft at all. When he finished he wiped some cum off his chin, as he said we should all head inside the house, as he called me uncle and said more to his daughter than me, that uncle had to shower and then go back to work. We walked naked into the house, the three of us, almost up to his wife sitting in the livingroom. But we stopped at the hallway, he pointed down the hall to the guest room, and said that bedroom had a shower and towels in it I could use, their daughter piped up that she would show me and lead me down the hall.

When I came out of the shower, I was heading back out to the garage to get dressed. Walking back by the livingroom, the three of them were in there. He was standing in front of his wife, her blouse or shirt was off ( I really could not remember what she had been wearing ), no bra on, his cock was sliding up and down between her boobs as she held them pushed together. I said I was headed out to the garage for my clothes, she turned and smiled at me, nodding a yes or ok. His head never turned he just kept looking down at his cock moving between her tits. Their daughter was in the chair right next to them watching close. I dressed and headed out, walking past them again on my way to the front door, they were still at it. But I remembered that we had drove there in his car, mine was back at the park. I turned and started to say … when he did look up, said hanging on the hook at the front door, take his car, leave it at the park, his wife would drop him back off at it later, and he lowered his head back down to watch the action before him.

I now know my wife does not keep any secrets. His wife I am sure knows all about his BI side, and like me, we have the same family secret of incest. Boy did I marry into the right family.