More drug induced debauchery

Many of my stories are of the times my ex and I had while partying in the 80’s.The coke and crank were powerful and we were always at my place which made it more comfortable and casual for Sally and I and the others as well,obviously.She knew how I felt when we smoked out and she was highly aroused as well.
Some of her arousal was due to the fact that the few close friends that partied with us were all horny as hell and pretty much hard at all times after a few hits.We all knew how everyone felt and it’s a main reason we all did it together.
Sally always got heated up and she would change into sexy,often barely there outfits,to all our delight.Porn would be put on to further arouse everybody.She would get so wet and the guys were hard and leaking pre cum steadily.The porn was gang bang,cumshots,handjobs and blowjobs,dp and rough sex.
That would cover most areas of interest.After about one hour,I would leave the room and get the vaseline and usually settle into my jack off chair.
It would just be a matter of who had to work the next day that determined who’d be stayin’ n’ playin’.Her ex didn’t work so it was occasionally one other friend and her ex and I that she’d be on and under soon.The coke and or crank seriously intensified everything and we were in our early 20’s so recovery times were not a problem.
When you took a hit usually you’d blow it into a bag,catch your breath then breath it in and out several times.When it got heated up,Sally would take turns locking lips with someone and then use each other instead of the bag.Did the same but got the juices flowing even more.
Now from my chair,I could hear everything and after lip lock started,clothes would soon be shucked off.Sally would keep her very sexy and wet panties on and the guys would lose everything.Then the erotic sounds of sex could be heard.Someone would eat her pussy while she took a hit then they’d take turns untill she was done smoking then they would often lift her up and hold her off her feet while eating and then setting her down onto their cocks.
Now when this got noisy and pussy juice was really flowing,in the heated couplings,Sal loved seeing the cum fly and loved to have it all over her face and body.Usually one came a bit before the other and then they’d pound that pussy for a long time til blowing another load.
That’s when she’d come see me and we’d take a hit and screw our brains out for an hour.Then back into their room and that woman never got sore before none of us could move any more.This went on for only a year,but was the most intense sex ever had by us guys anyway.When we did crank,she would even take her favorite toy with her where efer she went so she could get off any time she wanted and she wanted to cum the entire three days that the high lasted.She said her pussy just tingled and throbbed constantly and cumming helped but it was extra intense.I watched in amazement when her and I did it together,as her pussy and ass just contracted like orgasming all from smoking and maybe a small line.
I always wished we’d had a Sybian or a dildo on a saw zall and so did she.