OBGYN = baby daddy?

I’m Vanessa, 25 years old and currently 7 months pregnant, i’ll be marrying my s/o soon and couldnt be happier.

Now you might be wondering what the big deal is weeeeell let me tell you how it all started.

Last year i moved to a new city, i wanted and needed a new start. The guy i was with before dumped me the moment i told him i was pregnant. So here i was 4 months pregnant in a new city, all by myself. I found a new OBGYN online with amazing reviews and made an appointment, the staff was nice and friendly but it was late and i was the last one, there was no one else but me and the girl at the front desk went home after checking me in it was a bit odd but ultimately i didn’t mind, the doc called me into his office and as i first saw him i thought it was a porn set, the guy was waaay too hot i didnt expect that but it was very welcome.

I took my clothes off and with my little bump went over to the chair us women love so much (sarcasm) and spread my legs, he looked me over and up and down as a smile formed on his lips “forgive me but you’re the most beautiful and sexy pregnant lady to be in my office as of yet” i blushed and smiled feeling good about myself.

I’m only 5’2 but my tits are full and big, my waist was small up until pregnancy and my ass and thighs were just the right amount of thicc, my black hair was long, shiny and healthy, my skin damn near perfect and smooth, my lips naturally very full and plump but even with all my confidence he made me weak giving me that compliment. He checked on the baby, being very gentle and taking his time and to my happiness everything was perfectly fine he informed me that on my next appointment we could try to get some pictures, see if we can find out the gender i was so happy and excited i smiled bright.

“Is the lucky father going to be present as well?” He asked and my smile within 0.2 seconds turned into a frown. “Um.. no he dumped me when i told him i was pregnant” he seemed so shocked about it almost mad “i’m so sorry to hear that darling, he’s the dumbest man to ever exist, dumping such a gorgeous girl like you because you’re carrying his child he’s mental” he said and i could find his hand slowly caressing my small bump, he did it so affectionately and while it was kinda weird at first it felt good.

“Well i’m better off without him, i’ll make it through by myself just fine” i answered knowing how much of a strong person i am. But i was still laying there fully naked, my legs spread, my pussy exposed and he kept caressing my belly. I smiled and he looked up at me saying “you’re gorgeous, pregnancy suits you very much” i smiled once more and blushed even more, i enjoyed his touch and at this point was melting for him. Going months without affection of whichever kind does stuff to you.

He must’ve noticed me enjoying it as i was laying there relaxed fully comfortable, his hand moved up my belly towards my big tits, he looked into my eyes and i looked into his, he had me captured and i was like in a trance, i found myself craving more of his touch and could feel my pussy getting so wet the juices ran down my pussy and asshole. Silence flooded the room, the mood was charged with sexual energy, my heart was racing, my pussy craving his cock, my nipples got hard at which point i felt him tug on them and twist them ever so slightly, i whimpered as he did and he smiled up at me.

“This is so wrong, i shouldn’t let him do this” all sorts of thoughts like this went on in my mind but it felt so good i wanted more. I didn’t take my eyes off his for even one second while he contiued to feel me up, his other hand began to wander down between my thighs he smiled wide as he felt how wet i was for him, he rubbed my clit and i moaned he was so gentle with me it felt wonderful, his other hand caressed my cheek and i leaned more into his touch soon his thumb caressed my lips before he pushed it gently into my mouth, willingly i sucked it, my body burning with lust as we both seemed trapped in our moment. He let go of my pussy and leaned in closer to kiss me, my arms wrapped around him and we shared what was most likely the most passionate kiss in my life.

My entire body was shaking and i could only hear him undo his pants and pull them down before he moved in between my legs and without asking or any sort of warning he pushed himself inside me. I gasped and moaned in bliss as he stretched me open with his big cock tho we didn’t break our kiss, he moved slow but deep i never felt anything like it but i needed more, i moaned as we kissed and our bodies danced in pleasure for what felt like hours, suddenly his movements began to get quicker he was ready to cum and i was ready to accept his seed inside me “this baby needs a father” he said as he kept thrusting into me sending wave after wave of pleasure through me “this baby needs you” i replied and as if it was exactly what he was hoping to hear he pounded my pussy deeper and rougher until we both came at the same time, he didn’t pull out of me but just kissed me while his seed shot into me and my pussy milked his cock for every drop. It was the best sex i ever had.

The same day i went home with him, we talked about moving in together and planned our future, his house was big enough for a big family so the next day i packed my stuff and moved in with him. We had sex every free minute, he fucked me so good i was in heaven, he must have a fetish about pregnant women because of how much he loved my belly, caressed and kissed it but i enjoyed it and his devotion turned me on.

The next appointment was due and he checked me again, looking for a gender of the baby as he looked at me and said “there’s three making it a bit harder to find out their gender my love” i looked over at him in disbelief and didn’t know what to say but somehow i was happy. He smiled wide and kissed and caressed my belly “i love you”, “i love you too” i replied and we kissed deeply he kept looking and after a while he said we’re expecting girls i was happy, my life is perfect but i’m still wondering how i ended up with triplets even tho it first was only one baby… tho i have an idea.. i’ll keep you updated.