Discovering she was a Fur Lover

The woman arrived at the Hotel a few minutes before 10am. It was a warm mid-summer morning as she entered the Hotel foyer walking straight to the reception desk.

“Good morning, ma’am, welcome to the Hotel Treviso and how may I help you” said the neatly dressed reception lady who did not look a day older than 24 behind the counter.

“I’m here to see Mr. Alvisto, I have an appointment with him in your Hotel reception lounge for 10.15 this morning. That’s Mr. Robert Alvisto” she repeated as the reception desk clerk quickly looked down at the desktop screen while typing in the guests name.

“I’m so sorry” she responded with a small smile “but it appears Mr. Alvisto has not yet arrived. He was supposed to have checked in at 8 o’clock this morning but his flight was delayed so he should be here…. Ummm… Well anytime between now and 11 in fact. Why not take a seat in the foyer here and I’ll have some tea or coffee brought through to you while you wait” she ended kindly and smiling?

“Sure” said the woman. She quickly walked moving swiftly to the comfortable coffee table and luxury leather arm chair situated in the corner with a full view of the Hotel entrance. Sitting in the arm chair she crossed her legs as she was served by one of the hotel restaurant waiters asking if she’d like to order. “Coffee will be great thanks” she responded. She looked across the Hotel foyer watching the people come and go through the entrance doors as well as seeing the hundreds of people walking past outside. Something you could probably do all day she thought to herself as the waiter arrived with a pot of coffee and a mug with sugar, milk and cream on the side of the saucer. She thanked him and attended to pouring her coffee.

She took a quick glimpse at her phone and saw the time now was 10.30. As she looked up again toward the hotel entrance where the bellboy was standing, she saw a tall dark-haired man enter with his two suitcases. He went straight to the reception desk and was greeted by the same lady behind the counter. Although she could see the two give a quick greeting exchange without being able to make out what they were saying, she knew straight away that this was the man who she was supposed to have met just over 15 minutes ago. When the reception desk lady looked at her from the desk and the man turned his head quickly following her direction. A smile broke out on his face as he quickly continued a verbal exchange with the girl who called the bell boy to collect the man’s luggage and take to the security holding room while he went to attend to his business meeting with the woman waiting in the corner of the foyer.

“Hi, you must be Jenna” he said smiling broadly “I’m Robert Alvisto, so sorry I’m late, the flight got delayed”
“No problem at all” she quickly replied standing to shake his hand that he held out to her as he got to the table. Sitting down on the opposite leather chair, the waiter appeared next to him to request his order. “Coffee please, same as the lady but please bring a large glass of ice water” The waiter nodded, turned and walked away. As the man got comfortable Jenna noticed his hand that she shook. The dark black hair that covered the top of his hand stretching right down to his fingers. She glanced again noticing the dark black hair that appeared on the top of both his hands showing from his snow-white long sleeve shirt and gold cufflinks. She looked him up and down. He was incredibly well groomed. Pitch black hair slightly greying salt & pepper around the sides. The pitch-black suite he wore with a snow-white shirt and bright red tie. Clean shaven but with what appeared to be a permanent five o’clock shadow where his beard would be and the most incredibly large dark brown-black eyes. She just felt the calm handsome confidence flow from him as he started talking with his deep soothing voice. But the thought of the black hair showing on the top of both hands was an instant give-away that his body under the smart dress code was probably the same. For the first time she felt a tingling sensation come over her.

It was straight to business as the waiter arrived with another small pot of coffee, a mug and a large glass of water with ice and lemon. He spoke with smooth confidence and direct professionalism as she sat listening, keeping eye contact with his large black eyes and his voice explaining what the best way forward would be for the business, not to mention the many other companies he had experience successfully saving from falling into the slums of debt and disaster. They slipped into a more relaxed mode an hour later with him talking and asking her opinion on a wide variety of subjects with him only showing a slight look of sternness in his large black eyes if he did not quite share the same view. Something he did on two occasions with no apology. Three more coffee orders later it was now after midday. How fast the time had flown by but how Jenna felt she was so enjoying his company, his way of talking and the cool confident stigma he had.

He took a quick look at his stainless-steel watch and then at his phone. Looked up at her without blinking. “I’d better get checked into my room. How about staying for lunch?”

“Sure, I’d love to Robert” she replied smiling.

“OK, I’m gonna grab my luggage and head upstairs to my room. Just two suitcases for a 4 day stay” he said raising his large black eyebrows.

“Let me help with one of your bags’ she responded without even thinking. Standing up as quickly as he did from her arm chair she’d been seated. As she stood up, she noticed the hot dampness that had developed between her legs. Just now noticing it made her feel that same slight tingling sensation throughout her body for a second or two. She could have lied to herself putting it down to the hot summer morning leading into the afternoon and endless cups of rich dark coffee while chatting with the tall dark handsome man but she knew this man aroused something in her that was gradually awakening with excitement. They both headed towards the reception desk where the young girl had been replaced by a tall smartly dressed skinny man handling all the bookings and queries. “Yes” Robert said “I’m here to collect my luggage from your security holding room. It’s two suitcases”

The formality happened quickly as the bellboy brought through the 2 cases and the Hotel card key was given to the man as he was pointed in the direction of the hotel lift. Room 75 on the 5th floor. Easy to find he thought. Thanking the bellboy, the man and the woman left walking towards the lift both carrying a suit case. As the entered the lift and the lift doors closed Jenna felt the man’s presence so much stronger. His tall muscular physique, the whiff of his musk sweet deodorant and noticing his 5 o’clock shadow getting darker now that it was close to 1pm. She looked away pretending not to notice his eyes on her, looking her up and down. The lift chime bell rang as it reached the 5th floor. As the doors opened the man and woman walked out each carrying a suitcase to room 75 which was a little further down the passage. Robert slipped the card key into the card door lock and it made a snap sound and he opened the door. They both entered the hotel room which had a sweet cleanly smell of fresh bed linen and flowers on the front table. He closed the door and they both stood there looking at each other for what seemed an endless period of time but in reality, was not more than 6 seconds.

“I’m going to shower quick and get changed and then we’ll go grab lunch, how does that sound?”

“Sure, sounds fine” she replied but she could hear her own voice slightly shaky and subdued as she continued staring into his large black eyes. He took 2 steps closer, looking at her. Then, stretching out both his arms he gently gripped her shoulders and gently pulled her closer to him. She found herself shaking now like a leaf but the excitement of being with this man was like nothing she had ever experienced before. He quickly removed his black cotton jacket as Jenna just let herself go putting both her hands through his white shirt popping two of the buttons off as her hands felt his bare hairy chest. It was hair, hair like she’d never experienced on a man’s body. With her head pressing against his chest, her arms wrapped around his upper torso like two large snakes as she felt the thickness of the pubic body hair on his back and shoulders which for her touch now was so much more noticeable that the hardness of his muscles and body frame.

She looked up and in an instant their lips connected. He felt her soft moist lips against his as she felt the spiking prickling of his dark blue beard shadow as their lips moved to opposite sides of each other’s faces kissing and kissing before her mouth met with his and she felt her tongue connect with his. She lost track. It happened so quickly. Finding herself stripped naked out of her blouse, cotton mini skirt and bra & panties lying naked on the soft fresh smelling bed linen with Robert’s dark hairy body on top of her. She felt his hard cock inside her, feeling his thick black pubic hair against her creamy soft white skin as his shaft went deeper and deeper inside her. His rock-hard pole sliding in and out as she heard herself grunt and groan softly with shear ecstasy and delight. But the feeling of almost being one with him, inside him. Hearing his voice and whisper in her ear as she slightly turned her head, feeling his hands first cupping her breasts, his prickly stubble rubbing against her nipples as his tongue teased each one separately and one at a time. Then his hairy arms and hands gripping her long auburn brown hair.

She felt safe, so safe and at the same time protected even by a man who would under all normal circumstances be regarded as a stranger. Yet she’d never felt more connected and at ease as she did with him now, letting him enjoy her in the flesh as she felt the hot lust and orgasmic pleasure with him. She still felt his thick black body hair that covered his chest, back and shoulders just loving the feeling of the moment.

She knew intuitively he wouldn’t last for too much longer. There was no protection planned or taken so she knew this happening now might give her his child if he let go inside her. But he paused, and pulled out as she felt his hot creamy seed spill on the flesh of her stomach and lower abdomen as he let out a loud breath and sigh. For another 15 minutes they lay in each other’s arms, naked and sweating. She could smell his scent now. The vague dying scent of his musk cologne and the slow down beating of his heart in his chest. She caressed his hairy chest. Thick black hair from the bottom of his Adams Apple to the top of his privates. It was and felt fascinating. His thick black body hair went on forever and all over. They lay together for a little longer before he sat up and said “It looks like we’ll have to take a rain check on lunch”

He looked at her with his large black eyes. Her eyes met his. “Yes, it seems that way” she replied quietly.

“I’m going to jump in the shower and get dressed- will see you in a few minutes.” As he stood up, she felt a quick instant sadness and longing to be back in his arms but he quickly entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Jenna stood up. Quickly dressed and left the room with the sound of the shower water on coming from the on-suite bathroom. Fully dressed now and still feeling the wet and scent of Robert on her she quickly exited the hotel room with her phone and car keys and left. She knew she’d see him again but he’d have to reach out to her first. She was not prepared to wait for him now. As great as it was and as amazing as he was, too much had happened too fast and too soon.

But what if he doesn’t call? She thought to herself while waiting for the lift to take her down. But smiling, she knew he would and she’d certainly see him again. Afterall, her company had hired him.