Overheard by the Secretary: Dress Code

Miss Drake listens in again. (Dialogue only)

You can either read this post as a stand alone tale, or as a sequel to , “Overheard by the Secretary: Punctuality” if you want a little more context.
It is dialogue only, so of that’s not your thing then feel free to scroll on.


Knock knock.


“Good morning, Sir.
Miss Drake said I should report to you as soon as I got in.”

“That’s right, Miss Young. Please put your bag and coat on the hanger, then stand in front of my desk.”

“Yes Sir. Erm I’m not in trouble am I? I haven’t been late for work since you er, gave me that spanking.”

“I think you mean since I kindly gave you a final warning about your timekeeping and let you keep your job, even though HR said I should sack you!”

“Oh yes Sir, of course Sir and I did learn my lesson Sir.”

“Your time keeping has been exemplary since your final warning.
However, do you remember that I also told you I would be issuing new rules to make sure you girls wear clean underwear to work every day.”

“Yes, you emailed them to us.
We have to wear a different colour each day and there might be random inspections… oh.”

“So what colours should you wear each day?”

“I’m not sure. I keep them on my phone so I can check each day. Er, I remember it’s black on Monday…”

“Well today is Tuesday.
So you should be wearing red, shouldn’t you. Just pull your skirt up for a minute so I can check.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, it’s leather. It’s too tight for me to pull up. Will I have to take it off in front of you?”

“Yes of course, unless you want me to take it off for you.”

“Oh no Sir. I’ll do it.

“Black knickers?
You were supposed to wear black yesterday. Maybe you did wear those yesterday and you’ve put the same dirty pair back on today. It’s no wonder the office stinks.”

“Oh no Sir! They are clean on today I promise!”

“Well I’ve only got your word for that. But it doesn’t matter, they aren’t red, are they?”

“No Sir.”

“So they not allowed today are they?”

“No Sir.”

“So what do you have to do?”

“Erm, take them off Sir?”

“Right away!
And your bra, too, unless its red.”

“It’s black Sir. Sorry.”

“Get them off and prepare yourself for punishment.”

“Oh, you didn’t have to take your blouse off.”

“I didn’t think you’d mind Sir.
Do you want me to get the paddle out of the filing cabinet like last time.”

“No I’d just like you to stand in the corner for now. Put your hands on your head, while I look in your handbag.”

“You can’t do that Sir!
That’s private!”

Chuckles. “You’re standing there with your tits, cunt and arse on show and you think you don’t want me to see what’s in your handbag! Ha ha.”
“Oh good, that’s is what I’m looking for. ”

” My hairbrush? What are going to do with that?”

“Well I’m not going to brush your hair, am I? Come and lay across my knee like last time.”

“Oh, Sir. Do you have to spank me again? It really hurt last time.”

“And you still disobeyed my rules!
You’re going to get 20 with my bare hand to warm you up before your proper punishment.”


“Ow, that’s harder than last time, Sir!”.

“Well you didn’t learn your lesson last time did you?”

Whack, whack, whack.

“Oh my God…”


“Stand up and dry your eyes.”

“Now I’ve warned you up, it’s time for the hairbrush.”

“Ohhh, Sir. Do you have to. My bum’s really sore and I have learned my lesson, this time.”

“You have ignored my rules and you have to be punished. You are going to get 10 with the hairbrush…”

“Aaaaw Sir…”

“Anymore complaints and it will be 20!!
Now bend over the desk and get your arse in the air, where I can see it!”

“Yes Sir”. Sob

“Oh Sir. What’s that? It tickles?”

“I’m just stroking your bottom with the brush first. It will sensitise all those nerve endings ready for what is to come.
Have you had a hairbrush spanking before?”

“No Sir. This part feels nice though.”

“Well don’t get used to it.”

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack!

“Aaaaaah. Sir! Fuck! It stings like fire!”

“That’s what the back of your hairbrush feels like, Miss Young.
Your own hairbrush, from your own handbag, giving you the spanking that you alone have earned.
Turning your bottom red. The very same colour as the knickers you failed to wear this morning.”

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack!

“Ohhhhhh. Sir! Please no more! I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll wear the right colours from now on?”

I’ll offer you a deal.
If you can tell me what colour you have to wear on Fridays, I will end your spanking right now.
But if you get the answer wrong, you will receive extras.
Is that a deal?”

“Yes Sir, I know this one! On Fridays I have to wear blue underwear!”

“Blue is on Thursdays. You have to wear pink on Fridays. You have just increased your punishment, you silly girl…”

“Oh no Sirrrrr! What are you going to do to me?”

“Keep that bottom up where I can see it and spell out the word “pink”, as I spank you. That way you won’t forget it again.”

“Owww, P Sir.”

“Ahhh I Sir.”

“Bloody hell! N Sir.”

Pant, pant. “K Sir”

“So what colour underwear do I want to see on Fridays?”
“Oh Sir, that’s not fair!
Pink Sir, pink.
Please stop”

“Very good, that completes your punishment.
Would you like me to stroke your bum with the brush while you get your breath back?”

“Yes please. That really hurt, Sir. That hairbrush stings.”

“Well it’s your own fault isn’t it?
It’s going to sting for a while. It’s left marks all over your bum.”

“I think I’ll be leaving it at home from now on. Sir.”

“Really? Aren’t you enjoying the way it’s stroking and tickling your bottom. I bet it’s making your pussy wet.
Let’s have a feel.
Oh yes you’re soaking down there, my fingers are slipping straight in.”

“Oooh, that does feel nice Sir.”

“I want more than my fingers in there. Open your legs.”

“Oooh, do it Sir, please Sir, fuck me Sir, shove it up me Sir. Oh Sir it feels so big, fill me up….”

“Yes, yes, yes take it you dirty girl. Oh yes. I’m gonna fuck you so hard. God, you’re so tight. Your boyfriend is a lucky man.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend Sir. I dumped him last month.”

“Then you need a good fucking ….”

“Yes, yes Sir give it to me…”


Outside, Miss Drake listens intently.
Licking her lips in excitement.
Her other lips are even more moist. Her fingers doing a wonderful job, rubbing away inside her panties.
She’s wearing green ones and hoping to be called for her inspection next.