Emilia’s naked day in school

Emilia has become a heroine in the 8th grade in her school. Everyone looked at her when she walked into the corridor. Every boy’s dream was to become her boyfriend. Many boys tried to hit on her. Other girls were very jealous of her and gossiped behind her that Emilia stole their boyfriends. But they did not dare to confront or berate her in public. She was their school hero.

A few words about me. I came to McMilton school in the middle of spring of 20xx, when my parents moved to Middle Grove town.

On my first day of school, I noticed the attention that everyone exhibited toward one girl from the 8th class when she came onto the playground. Boys crowded around her, trying to get her attention.

“Who is that girl in the middle of the crowd?” I asked the onlookers.

“This is Emilia, or Emy, our school heroine,” answered one of the boys.

“And what did she do so extraordinary to become such heroine?” I asked, smiling shrewdly.

“She went to school one day completely naked,” the other boy replied.

“Don’t say that. It can’t be true,” I said dismissively.

“I mean it,” insisted the other boy seriously. “Ask others if you don’t believe me.”

“Yes, that’s totally true,” said the other boy.

And then they told me this incredible story. I reproduce this story here.


Emilia, or Emy, was the ordinary girl in 8th grade. She was not the prettiest gal in her class, not as popular as beautiful tall blue-eyed blonde Susan, or slim brunette Sarah, then queen of the class. But Emilia had her fair good look too. Emilia was of medium height, average complexion, not too slim, not too plump. She had pale blonde hair, blue eyes, and a small freckle on her cheek. A few guys tried to hit on her in 7th grade, but Emilia brushed them off quickly, so she did not have a boyfriend at the time.

Emilia often played sports, basketball, and hockey and she liked ice skating. But Emilia was not particularly strong in any of these sports. One unusual trait of Emilia’s character was that she always was a little shy. She was afraid of other people’s looks and the glances of boys judging her. One inquisitive look from a man or a boy would make her cheeks red from shyness.

That story began when Emilia was playing at home with her friends Sarah and Martha and Marta’s younger brother Michael. They played hide and seek, then, monopoly, then they played the “truth or dare” game when each player put a slip of paper with the request, then they tossed and draw and asked truth or dare questions.

Emilia chose “dare”. Marta, her friend, pulled the slip of paper and read it aloud. When Martha read that her cheeks turned redder and redder with every word.

“Go to school tomorrow naked,” said the slip of paper.

The girls screamed and giggled aloud. Emilia’s eyes bristled momentarily, and her ears have become pink.

Martha gave an angry shove to her brother Michael, “It’s you who wrote that bastard!” And she hit him with her fist. But Michael just laughed and ran away from his angry sister.

The girls looked at Emilia compassionately. “You don’t have to do this dare of cause, it’s insane,” said Sarah.

“No,” said Emilia seriously. “Promise is a promise. I will do that. Tomorrow I will go to school completely naked.”

The other girls stared at her in disbelief and started laughing.

“You would not, it not possible,” said Sarah. “Besides, you will probably get arrested.”

“Or called to school principal office, which is much worse,” said Martha.

“I will do it. I decided. And none can change my decision now,” said Emilia resolutely. Everyone got very quiet, Sarah, Martha, and even Michael. They all knew that when Emilia decided something, none could stop her or make her change her mind.

“I am sure you will change your mind by tomorrow,” said Sara. She was in the same class as Emilia.

“If I would not see you tomorrow naked it would be a disappointment,” said Michael. He would not believe that Emilia would do that either.

“Just wait and see me tomorrow. I will come to school naked. And that’s decided.” Said Emilia firmly.

At night Emilia could not sleep for a long time, thinking about the adventure that she decided to do tomorrow. When she fell asleep she had a nightmare that she was standing in the middle of the school corridor naked, scared, and covering her private parts with her hands. Boys and girls looked at her and laughed and touched her and the school principal came close and touched her and she ran from them to the toilet and cried in her nightmare.

When she woke up she almost decided to abandon her idea. But then she concentrated on the positive side of things. She thought “No, I will not give up. And I will not be shy or cry or run to the toilet or any of that sort. I will act like it is completely normal to walk naked in school. There is nothing wrong with me or my body. I will overcome my shyness today.”

The next morning, at 8 o’clock, as soon as her parents went to work, Emilia did not put on her usual clothes. Emilia took off her small pants and bra and looked at herself naked in the mirror. Emilia saw in the mirror an adolescent naked girl, with small but growing round breasts, a flat belly, a round ass, and slightly plump thighs. Almost a young woman, but not quite grown up yet. Emilia smiled, turned her hips in a round motion, then combed her short hair and went for the door bravely. She took her school bag on one shoulder, slipped her narrow feet into flat sandals, and bravely went for the door.

Emilia stepped outside and gasped from the cold air. I did not mention before that this happened in the middle of January. The air was cold and crisp. The temperature that morning was -4° C (i.e. 24.8° degrees Fahrenheit). And it was lightly snowing.

Emilia shivered slightly and wanted to cover herself with the jacket or coat, but in a moment realized she had nothing at all, no jacket or coat, not even bras or panties. It was so cold that Emilia instantly forgot about being shy or embarrassed, she was simply cold that’s all. Emilia glanced around and did not see anyone on the street. She started walking to the school bravely.

On the way to the street, a few pedestrians walked by. The men looked at her bewildered but said nothing. One woman ran to Emilia and practically screamed at her face,

“What are you doing, young lady, walking naked like that? What’s wrong with you, where is your decency?”

“Everything is all right with me,” replied Emilia. “I just walk the way I like. It is something wrong with you if you can’t accept that.”

With that words, Emilia kept walking. The woman just looked at Emilia speechless but did not protest more.

After a few minutes a police car stopped by, and a large policeman came and approached Emilia.

“Where do you think you are going like that, young lady, stop here please.” Said the policemen. Emilia obeyed and stopped.

The policemen gave her an inquisitive look and asked, “Where are you walking naked? Is everything all right with you?”

“Everything is all right with me, mister policeman,” Emilia answered politely, “I am naked because I want to be. Please let me go.”

“Wait here, please,” said the policeman, “What is your name, young lady, how old are you?” “I am Emilia, sir”, she replied, “and I am fourteen.”

“You are just fourteen and you already going naked on the streets. I must arrest you. It is illegal to go naked. And besides, you will catch a cold.”

“If I catch a cold, it is only my business,” said Emilia firmly. “As for going naked, there is no crime in that. I did not commit any felony. You can’t arrest me, mister policeman, because I am younger than 15. I just checked the laws in our state. The police cannot arrest a person under 15. You can only call my parents.” And she said her parent’s phone number.

“You are too smart, young lady,” grunted the policemen. “I will let you go. But I will call your parents and discuss your behavior this afternoon.”

Emilia continued walking alone on the street, shivering from the cold and glancing around. Luckily for her, Emilia’s school was close by, just around the corner. Other schoolchildren went on a street toward the school. They all stopped and gawked at Emilia with open mouths when she pranced. Everyone started talking and laughing, pointing toward her. But Emilia walked by with a smile and chin held high. She opened the door and entered the class. Everyone got quiet for a moment, then all started talking at once.

Sarah was her classmate. She looked at Emilia with wide eyes and said, “I could not believe what you did!”

“Calm down, please,” said Emilia. “I promised to come to school naked today. And I kept my promise. There is nothing to scream about. It was a bit cold outside but I feel it is completely natural to be naked. Nothing to be mad about.”

Most girls had red cheeks from the embarrassment. But the boys were very excited.

One naughty boy stretched his hand, trying to touch Emilia’s body. Emilia turned and slapped his hand. She shrieked, “Hey keep your hands to yourself.” The boy looked confused, and no one tried to touch her after that.

After some time everyone got quiet. Boys and girls came to the term with her idea and even praised Emilia for her bravery.

“But what about the teacher, miss Gransky?” Said one girl, “she will surely not tolerate naked students in class, and will send you to the principal.”

“I will deal with that,” said Emilia confidently. Her classmate’s supportive reaction added to her bravery.

In a moment, the door opened and the teacher miss Gransky stopped at the door looking frozen. After the moment she addressed the class,

“I see there is one student nude in the class,” she said sternly, looking at Emilia’s naked boobs. “I think someone forgot to put on a blouse at home. Miss Emilia, stand up please!”

Emilia stood up, and miss Gransky saw that Emilia was completely naked, her groins and her adolescent cunny easily visible. Emilia was slightly embarrassed in front of the teacher and she looked down at the floor.

“Why are you in au naturel, miss Emilia?” Asked the teacher.

“I decided to come to school naked, and here I am”, said Emilia. “I decided that I must overcome my shyness, and here I am. This is my body I realized it is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Is this some prank or what?” Asked the teacher. “Where are your clothes? Put your dress on immediately.”

“My clothes are at home,” replied Emilia firmly. “I came like that. Only my shoes and nothing else. I have nothing to dress on right now.”

“Then go home and dress,” said the teacher. “I cannot tolerate nude students in my class, this is vulgar.”

“I came to school naked like that. And I will not put on someone’s else clothes, I decided that I will be naked in school all day.”

“And how did you walk naked on the street in such cold weather?” Asked the teacher, perplexed. “You should not do that. What about your health? It’s freezing outside. You will catch a cold.”

“It was a little cold”, admitted Emilia, “but I am fine now. It’s warm inside the school.”

Only then, did her classmates realize that Emilia went all the way to school on the streets naked in the freezing cold weather. They were shocked the second time that day.

“That does it,” said miss Gransky. “Miss Emilia, go to the school principal’s office immediately. And somebody goes with her and covers her nudity.”

Emilia left the class and went to the school principal, together with her friend Sarah. Sarah offered her jacket, but Emilia refused to put anything on herself again. She said, “Naked is naked.” Sarah returned back to class.

Emilia entered the school principal’s office. The school principal mister Scott’s face went red when he looked up from his desk and saw a naked student in front of him.

“Ah, Miss Emilia,” he said after a while. “Miss Gransky already called me about you. Explain your vulgar behavior please.”

Emilia repeated her story to the principal in the same words. She said that she decided to overcome her shyness and so she did.

“I will call in the evening and discussed your behavior with your parents. Now you should put something on yourself, to cover your nudity,” said the principal.

“You can’t force me to dress,” said Emilia defiantly. “I checked the school rules book. There is no dress code in our school. Every student can come in what he or she feels appropriate. I feel appropriate to go naked today and I will do so.”

“The girls should not go naked in school, this is vulgar and inappropriate. What the other kid’s parents would say? Girls can not walk naked like some sluts around the school grounds. You may be expelled from school.”

Emilia got very angry at his words. She had endured enough humiliation, she decided. She snapped back at the principal,

“What you said is cruel and sexist. You just insulted me and all girls in school at the same time. I am not a slut. I just feel right to go naked today, but that’s no one’s business. If you press me some more, then I will tell everyone that you sexually assaulted me and undressed me in your office. Then you would lose your job and you may be persecuted for that too.”

The principal had to give up. He did not know how to handle such a stubborn girl.

So he let her go back to the class.

The teacher, miss Gransky was surprised when Emilia came back smiling and sat back at her desk quietly. But miss Gransky continued the lesson as if nothing unusual happened.

So did other teachers in classes that Emilia attended that day. The PE (physical education, or sports) teacher mister Tardskin was surprised to see one student naked in his class in the gym. But he quickly understood what the matter and he greeted Emilia kindly. He said

“If the girl decided for herself to do such a brave thing, then we should praise and support her for that. Keep it up, Emilia!”

So Emilia played volleyball in the gym naked that day, with her class girls and boys.

The news about a naked girl in the class went around the school quickly. Other students from different classes came, trying to see her. During breaks between classes, Emilia walked around the school naked, always surrounded by the crowd of her classmates. They supported her with cheers and protected Emilia from too intrusive gawkers from other classes.

During the lunch break in the cafeteria, Emilia sat at the table with girls from her class, chatting happily, and acting as if nothing happens. By that time she felt completely normal and at ease, despite being the only naked person around.

When the school day ended it was but too soon. Emilia was super happy and proud of herself. She felt it was the best day of her school life. Everyone in her class got used to her naked look and free-spirited behavior. They only regretted that she would soon leave and come back dressed like everyone else tomorrow.

But Emilia still had one more challenge to accomplish that day. She needed to step outside from the warm school building and walk home in the cold weather. She was a bit scared of that, especially since there were many more pedestrians on the street that time of day, and many school boys and girls going home.

She was afraid to get into another altercation with adults or with the policemen, and maybe not get away so lightly.

Some boys from her class offered Emilia to lend their jackets or coats on the way home. But Emilia said resolutely, “Thank you, but no. I must finish this day naked as started. I will go home naked.”

So, naturally, when Emilia get her courage and stepped outside on the freezing ground, all her classmates went together, surrounding her, laughing and joking about their school day. The weather got slightly cooler and there was a lightly snowing. But Emilia did not feel much cold, so hot and excited she was.

On the way back, after they turned the corner some kid took a snowball and threw it at another. They started laughing, and soon all class played the snow fight outside, with Emilia in the center of them, naked and happy, laughing and throwing the snowballs at others. They played that bizarre snowball game for a while. Emilia’s cheeks went pink from the cold and her body got white from the snow, but she played with them wildly for half an hour.

“What is your thinking,” screamed Sarah at the other kids, “Our Emy must be cold, stop that immediately!”

“No, I am all right!” Screamed Emilia in reply. “It is so much fun! I am not cold yet! I never played snow fight naked, I want to continue!” And Emilia threw a snowball at Sarah.

During the naked snow play, Emilia felt an unusual sensation of heat inside her. She felt her tight vagina become hot and wet and throbbing and her breathing became faster. She did not realize that she felt the kind of excitement the exhibitionists feel from showing one’s body.

They continued playing and running around the schoolyard for a long time. No one wanted to get home. After they tired of running and playing, they stopped, and Emilia stood too, the only naked girl among fully dressed boys and girls in jackets and coats. Emilia breathed heavily and smiled at them joyfully. She did not feel cold at all.

Snowflakes stuck in Emilia’s hair. Emilia turned her head to shake the snow from her hair. Her hair flew around, touching some boys on the face, and spreading snowflakes. The boys laughed with excitement.

The school principal left his office at 4 o’clock and saw them on his way home. He just shook his head and smiled.

Martha was worried about her friend. She thought that Emilia spent a too long time outside in the cold.

“How are you feeling?” Martha asked her.

Emilia smiled and said to her friends “I am perfectly fine! Never better.”

Eventually, the kids started leaving home, at 5 o’clock, and Emilia went home too.

But she felt very cold by that time. Her cheeks went pale and she hardly felt anything with her feet. The cold snow stuck in her flat sandals under her soles. Her body started trembling and she walked, stumbling sometimes in the snow. Emilia hardly remembered how did she go home. Her body temperature lowered and she almost zoned out.

The pedestrians looked with bewilderment at the naked teenage girl which walked alone on the snow-covered street. Emilia smiled at them so no one dare to ask her questions.

Emilia came home before 5:30. She tiredly dropped her school bag on the floor and trudged to the bathroom, where she stood a long time under the hot shower.

Emilia was tired and happy. She accomplished her goal. She went naked to school for the whole day. She even played naked outside in the end for a couple of hours although it was not part of the original plan. That day she overcome her shyness completely.

She promised to herself to go naked to school again someday. But that will be already in the high school, where she will go next year.