Sailors return

Sailors return
It had been a good and uneventful trip down from Cheshire the train was bang on time and even now my heart was pumping as we pulled into the station, it wasn’t the first time I’d done this trip but I always got this excited.
I’m Pam Miller and my husband Dave (Dusty naval nickname) is a navigation officer in the navy. Whenever he has been away for any length of time I would always find time to come down to Portsmouth to meet him and for us both to have a filthy sexy night. We had no c***dren so we’ve always been fancy free. We always stayed at the Naval Home Club, big rooms, good food and drink and close to the dockyard. And we never felt out of place lots of sailors and their wives and family would stay there, because for them the most important think was it was very cheap.

I picked up my key cards from reception and went straight to my room. After unpacking I decided to have a shower and freshen up before I got dressed for Dusty who was due round about seven that evening. I came out of the bathroom and inspected my naked body in the full length mirror, 42 in a few weeks but all my keep fit and yoga seemed to have done the trick, my bottom although maybe a little larger than it could have been was still firm, legs well shaped right up to my freshly shaven pussy, Dusty liked it like that, I sometimes let it go when he was away, moving up to a nice flat tummy half hiding below my beauties 38 DD and just a little sag I always thought they were my best asset and the looks they got certainly proofed that, god you look good girl I smiled at myself.

Eleven months was a long time to be separated and it never got any easier, we both loved sex a lot, and he knew I needed it lots more than him, getting to forty I’d noticed had only made me hornier. At home I had a large selection of dildos and vibrators some very big in fact most really big, and Dusty knew it wasn’t beyond me to use a bottle when really up for it, and the dirty sod liked to watch, almost as much as I liked to perform. Many was the time he’d told me he’d be happy to see me fucked by another guy, in fact be even better with a few guys. We used to fantasise about it, and when he was away I’d fantasise alone with a big dildi.

I slowly got my self ready, black jewelled suspender belt, brand new black fully fashioned Cuban heeled seamed stockings. A tiny black thong and matching quarter cup bra just about supporting my big tits, my regular black pencil skirt with a six inch back split. This was topped with a white silk blouse which I knew would rub against my nipples keeping them good and hard. I was almost ready just my lashes and make-up to fix, as I applied the last layer of liner on my eyes, I thought of the fun to come mmmmm. It was just sit and wait now, my body felt so hot my heart beating so rapidly. That’s when my mobile went off, it was Dusty….”sorry been trying to get you for hours, were not coming in tonight were anchored off the Sound a little problem with customs”
My mind was screaming “I’m dressed waiting god you can’t do this to me” he was pissed now “what can I do yes I know 11 months, for fuck sake go and find a sailor to fuck” he was being sarcastic “what only one” I screamed. Then we were cut off.

I sat there dumbfounded, a little problem with customs!!! what about my problem I needed fucking and I’d not even got a dildo with me. I’m not sure how long I sat there, but I finally decided to go down to the bar have a G&T and get something to eat. I had a little jacket with me and put it on over the more revealing blouse, my three inched black heels were my only choice with this outfit. Off I went in an outfit never before seen by anyone else but Dusty. I know it sounds as if we were always in each others pockets, well that was true since we’d got married, but my sex life before Dusty had been quite different. I wouldn’t say I had a reputation, but it wouldn’t be lying but from just about the day I started college sex was high on my agenda, I’ve had plenty of boy and then man friends. I loved them everyone

By the time I’d met Dusty in a club in Manchester I’d lost count of the number I’d had. I didn’t consider myself slutty in the least I was never unfaithfully and only once or twice had I gave it up on a first date.
I was 27 when I met Dusty, we hit it off straight away and married within the year. Lasting when he was away had always been difficult, and one or two of my friends who I’d known for years were amazed that I could keep it up. I must admit I was tempted more than once.

That was just how I felt right then, to say I was pissed would be an under statement, and not just pissed it was more frustration sexual frustration.
The bar when I arrived was quite and the barman could serve me straight away, as I sipped my G&T he brought me a menu. “best you eat early lady, there’s a group on tonight so it will get busy” I ordered more or less straight away, and sat and ate a salmon salad in the bar area. It was getting busy when I’d finished, and I thought I’d get a bottle of white and disappear to my room.“sorry lady we can only let miniatures leave the bar, we get trouble sometimes with these young lads” I sort of understood, “best give me another of these then” I handed him my empty glass.

Thirty minutes later I found my sat at the back of the big hall listening to a local not so good boy band, with my third G&T in my hand. I’d always loved music and mostly I loved dancing. I notice the young blokes at the next table eye balling me and I suppose wondering why I was on my own dressed as I was, over the next few minutes the number of lads trebled and they started to overflow onto my table. Ginge who looked like the ring leader started to chat me up, I was just smiling and being polite. He was probably the oldest and he’d be lucky if he was past 25. Before I knew it I had drink number four then five in front of me.

It felt rather nice having this much attention and the drink was removing any pain my mind remembered Dustys last words, I think the young sailors noticed I’d relaxed a little and more of them started to get chatty. God that’s awful I heard someone say when I told them about Dusty s ship. When would he get in? You have a room? All night on her own, that’s how the conversation went for a while. Then Yorky asked me if I wanted to dance…to hell with it I thought I loved to dance and the rubbish group had started to sound much better. I hung my jacket on the back of my chair, forgetting all about the bra and blouse I was wearing underneath and how revealing it was.

I was on the floor for most of the next hour, I must have danced with six or seven of them with the odd drinks break. At times I was dancing with two at once which was OK until the slow numbers, getting squashed between two randy young boys rubbing themselves all over me. I think I would have been safe and perhaps got away uns**thed but the last dance I had was a slow one, with Yorky and Pete and boy was he rigged, he was rubbing it all over my lower tummy. Then he kissed me, really kissed me open mouth duelling tongues the lot he left me gasping for more. When we got back to the tables, I noticed I was trapped between half of the lads, and they started talking about my nipples and the size of my tits, well they called them breasts. They were getting bolder and pushing me more and more with their questions, was I wearing seamed stockings, were my panties full or a thong. They asked about me and Dusty and how hot our sex was.

Then they were changing places and they started saying they wanted what Pete had, had. I started getting kissed again and again and again, the lights were really low now and I felt different hands on my stocking covered knees then my upper thighs. The more I giggled and said a very weak no the bolder they got, Ginge was the bolder one, he got right up my thigh under my skirt… told you he smiled back at the others, feel these suspender buttons, they took turns feeling my thighs both over and under my skirt. I stopped fighting after the fifth G&T my legs were as far open as my skirt would allow pretty soon they were taking turns finger fucking my sopping pussy two boys and four fingers at a time while others stood and covered what was going on not that anyone was paying us any attention. The biggest turn on besides those fingers was the deep sexual kissing and whoever it was had my nipples between his fingers wringing them quite hard under my blouse, he must have read my mind I just love them being squeezed hard.

I sort of tried to come to my senses, saying I needed some sleep before hubby came back tomorrow, knowing all the time I spoke I was up for what was happening and ready for more.
My new friends were not keen on the idea of my leaving, Ginge was telling me they had a suite with a bar, did I fancy a nightcap. I sorted my cloths out and four of us went up in the lift to the top floor a journey to be remembered, my blouse was completely unbuttoned in seconds my tits on full show and Yorky was sucking on my nipples while Jacko and Pete had their hands up the back of my skirt fondling my cheeks pretty hard spreading them and I guess giving me a good inspection. I didn’t believe them about the suite but there it was one a wonderful lounge complete with bar nice furniture and a king size bedroom it was one of two suite’s on the top floor.
I decided straight away my drink was water, I wanted to stay alert, and to enjoy the rest of the evening. I ended up sat on a long sofa between Ginge and Yorky who I found out was the one who had been tweaking my nipples earlier. I also found out he wasn’t going to be shy.

My head was pushed to one side has he kissed me deeper than anyone that evening he tasted sexy, as he wrapped his tongue round mine I felt my pussy lips swell even more and believe me I was already really swollen.
Jacko was busy on my skirt again, he had it was up round my waist my black thong pushed to one side. “Fuck me Ginge her cunt is bald as a badgers arse” we’ve got ourselves a hot wife here. Oh fuck I felt his tongue pushing between my labia lips “fucking hell she’s almost pissing down here she’s so wet, stand her up” I didn’t object has they removed my blouse, all of them taking turns bouncing my fat tits up and down but leaving them overflowing their quarter cup bra, I knew men loved my tits pushed high. Next my skirt was gone then my panties. I stood looking proudly back at the men surrounding me, naked but for the bra stockings and heels.

The men stood around me caressing my body, two of them lifted me up to their shoulders my head was across the left shoulder of one while the other one had hid head buried between my legs, his tongue was right up my cunt. I tightened my legs round his neck pulling him further into me, my head turned to kiss the first man.

They placed me gently back on the floor, the men surrounded me looking at her with lust in their eyes seven men now, but I didn’t really care. Ginge once again the leader placed his hand on my head and pressed down gently, I nodded in approval knowing what he wanted sinking to my knees the men closing in round me, Ginge looked down at his willing slut and placed his cock at my open lips, I opened as he pushed forward and started to fill my mouth with his long slim dick then he started to fuck my mouth. I could see the hunger in the other men’s eyes has I took that dick deep in my throat. One by one I took them, everyone face fucked me driving their cocks deep down my throat not once did they hear a gag it reminded me of many men before them. I was their willing little sex toy really letting go ready for anything.

They carried me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed, I lay looking up at them my fingers stroking my engorged clitoris. One of them knelt on the bed between my thighs and yanked me down the bed and without any effort entered my sopping cunt, I heard my own moan of pleasure he was a nice size the fat head opening me up fully, the more he opened me the more I started to beg harder please harder, another cock entered my mouth I suck him in with eager lust.

They all fucked me either my cunt or my mouth, I was thrown all over the bed like a piece of meat, their talk was pure filth, slut, spunk bucket slack milf I become an object a filthy fuck object.
I was riding a lad cowboy holding tight to the headboard when I felt the tongue at my arsehole, oh yes love that lick me lick me deep, I was so happy I’d really cleaned back there earlier. He must have licked me for a few minutes while I rode a cock inches from his mouth. Then it was one finger then two my bottom was being opened, I knew this would be a painful but I also new of the ecstasy.

He slowly pushed his dick into my arse I was so relaxed it was easier than with Dusty, for the first time in my life I’d got double penetration, the two of them worked on me. I was a slut and loving it, was that my voice begging for more harder yeees up my filthy arsehole, yes I’ll lick it clean anything…they came one two and me made three a thunderous orgasm my cunt and arse overflowing with spunk, two more immediately took their places. I was forced to keep my promise and I licked and ate a dick for another first, at the same time I fondled his heavy balls and got great pleasure knowing I was getting him hard once more.

The two new men fucking me lifted me bodily and started to stand when they were fully erect, the one up my ass pulled out and another man took his place “her bum holes gaping like fuck look at it” he slid a full eight inch fat cock up inside my anus. Then they started to lift me up and down on their pricks, I was screaming with lust and pleasure not caring who heard my screams as they fucked me hard. After another glorious long protracted orgasm I found myself on my knees two cocks vying for my cunt, after repositioning they managed it and were easing in inch by inch stretching my cunt beyond believe, I’d never felt so full their timing got better and they gave me a monstrous fucking, while once again my mouth was filled with by far the biggest prick of the night, my eyes shot open to see who he was I hadn’t sucked him earlier. I recognised the barman who had served me earlier that evening.

“suck it you fucking filthy married whore, wait til you get this one up that dirty arse go on all the way bitch” It was then I realised there were a lot more men in the room, faces I’d seen in the dance hall, one of them started on my tits biting and wringing my nipples. My mind was crying out for more, and they gave it me, the barman fucked my arse with my legs on his shoulders pounding as hard as he could, swearing filth at me while I begged for more. I licked at least three arseholes getting my tongue deeper and deeper with loud cheers in my ears, I tit wanked a bloke and finger fucked his anus while another fucked my face. I was covered in sperm where some of them had pulled out just to spray it in my face and all over my body, during a lull I had spread spunk on my tits and belly licking my fingers clean.

I’d lost count of both cocks and orgasms, I knew even then I had been fucked in my cunt and arsehole by at least 15 men and that didn’t include my mouth, at one time I seemed to be in continuously orgasm. A few of them had escorted me to the bathroom and got me standing legs spread over the bath while I did a really long pee I’d pee’d for Dusty before, but no-one had ever tasted me before, two of then cupped their fingers under me and drank with what looked like pleasure. One surprise I did get, a younger lad brought me a cup of tea “she needs a rest I reckon, I’ve put extra sugar in keep your energy up) I realised I was quite exhausted, but I also realised there was no way I wanted to stop.

Luckily I wasn’t the only one who wanted to carry on, the barman and another bloke I didn’t know took me back to the lounge area and stood me in front of a long mirror “what fucking mess have we got here” he was right my bra and shoes had gone I stood in torn stockings, bruises and bite marks spunk everywhere all over my face, tits and thighs, he spun me round showing the mess that was my ass. “get your make-up slut and hurry up” I sensed the menace in his voice and was quickly back and doing my eye make -up then my lipstick, he took my lipstick from me and started decorating first my nipples ringing them one at a time then he had me with my foot on the coffee table while he did the same round my cunt lips.

He didn’t stop there, getting his mate to spread my cheeks he ringed what he called my gaping bunk hole “you know what our target is don’t you slut” I couldn’t help myself I’d been looking at his cock all the time, I started to stroke both of them, I wanted him and his big mate and I didn’t care which hole they wanted. He hadn’t finished marking his toy, when I looked in the mirror he was roaring with laughter. Slut written across my left tit, cum bucket on the right, ass licker across my belly, fuck my holes on my ass cheeks next to the bulls eye round it. Also cock sucker, MILF and wife whore.

The barman and his friend positioned me so I was riding his friend while he eased his cock up my bumhole, it felt wonderful, even though I had been fucked all night the amount of orgasms I’d had combined with the cum in my holes I was amazed how I could still felt so hot and sexed up. I was in a good rhythm with them both me bouncing and them pushing up into me. Them I felt another cock between my gasping lips, my eyes opened there stood a smiling Dusty offering me a rock hard cock and a big smile, god I nearly chocked I could feel the blood running from my face. This didn’t stop the two men from fucking me even harder, or Dusty forcing his dick down my throat. “what a naughty fuck slut you have become, looks like she’s been a good girl Rowdy” he was talking to the man fucking his wife’s arsehole, and he was smiling. “Always new given the opportunity my Pat would be a filthy little whore all I needed was a little help from an old shipmate and his friends, and bet you loved every second”

An hour later we were back in our own room, snuggled up in our own bed, Dusty had told me that since he’d found out Rowdy Yates was the new Home Club manager they had formulated their little plan. Dusty had mixed feelings, wanting it to happen but also afraid it would.
By the time we went to sleep we had agreed that it wouldn’t be the last time his slut wife would be a gang-bang whore….he even mentioned some place in London with BBC mmmmmmmmmmmm