Nookie after a long spell inside.

You can say I love older women at least a good decade or so. If I were to ever choose to be married to someone it’s going to be with an older woman by 15-25 years older then me. Why? Well after this story I guess you will get the picture. This was one of a life time opportunities I had. I had just gotten out of the Pen two weeks earlier from serving 16 months of a duece plus for setting fires.

Time went smoothly and I wanted to keep my nose clean. I was also in the 12 step recovery groups. Mainly AA as booze was my main concern. I met this lady who loved hearing my story and immediately gravitated to my sharing. After a few more meetings in a two week period this lady I will call Cherry(not her real name). I am all about anonymity to protect others private experience they might feel embarrassed about.

So I spent many moments getting to know her. She was very easy to talk to. She was doing a college degree in psychology and wanted to learn the aspect of criminal behaviors. Needless to say I became her test subject. No problem. She took me to her place for coffee and other stuff. I had a curfew so I had to be mindful of time. I didn’t embellish my experience but I told what life in the penitentiary can be dangerous. Just getting out was a test of nerves. She was hooked to ever word I said. I started to notice she was getting her top part of her shirt unbuttoned that revealed her large breasts.

I didn’t know how to respond but she took me to her room and told me to stop talking for now. My cock was hard and she took out and suck gently. I was still in shock. This woman was aggressive and horny and was in total control. We must have fucked for I don’t know how long. I was nervous about the time. I didn’t want to fuck up my parole especially if I was only out for nearly three weeks. I took a look at the clock and I had a good four hours left til 9 pm curfew.

This cougar was just aggressive. We fucked doggy style and she let me fuck her in the ass. Wow. She loves my stamina and how much I made her cum. I couldn’t even feel like being a romantic she she wasn’t into the mushy lovie crap. She just wanted to fuck with no strings.

Needless to say I enjoyed it even if she doesn’t want a relationship with me. We would fuck three times after that before she left out west and I would never her again. However what was so funny was she mentioned that she had just turned 51. I was 26. I went in at 24. I just laughed at that and said”Bullshit you’re not 51. You have nice hot big ass I like and you look like you are 38 anyway.” She pulled her her Ontario license and yes she was 51. I was shocked but pleased. I love older pussy because a woman that old gets tighter over time if she isn’t getting any love. I heard sometimes a woman can grow back her heimen. Yes becoming a virgin again. An older woman has EXPERIENCE. Far more than you can imagine. So never knock granny sex. Their pussies smell sweeter and taste sweeter too.

My other experiences with her involved moments she screamed while her friends could hear us fucking. I love pumping her missionary as her pussy was gripping tightly. I often felt as if she was pissing in the pubes area. That was climaxing. I did the missionary for 45 minutes and than doggy style. Her ass was firm but jiggly. And of course I was allowed to cum in her bum hole. We both had her roommate walk in on us. Sadly no threesome that day.

I didn’t even pay attention to her come in as I slamming Cherry doggy style. As soon as I heard a ‘ah hum, I busted you two.” I was embarrassed as my bear ass was facing her. She seemed upset. I didn’t go back to Cherry’s place. That is okay. Her room mate gave me an icy cold stare. I just grinned and smirked back. I didn’t care. I got my tail since being released from the penitentiary. I was too bothered. Lol.