Sauna Sex

I walked into the steam room, after leaving my towel on the hook outside.
It was hard to see but with all the steam in the air, but could sort of make out shapes sitting on the bench seats around the walls.
Not a large room but big enough. I walked to towards the back and sat down.
After a minute or two my eyes got used to the light and I could see a few guys now.
there was a bench in the centre of the room and a young guy was lying on it, I could see him strking his cock. My cock was already hard and i couldn’t take my eyes off this guy, his cock seemed to be getting bigger with every stroke. I grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking in time with him, my balls were getting tight.
One of the other guys in the room went up to him and knelt down and took his cock in his mouth and started sucking. I stood up to walk over to them but another guy came up to me and gave my arse a squeeze, then grabbed my hand that was still stoking my cock and helped me with my handjob.
I reached down and grabbed at his cock, it was rock hard and huge, I could barely get my hand around it and it was at least 9″ long.
Fuck my head was spinning, I didn’t know what to do first. I had to have this cock and dropped to my knees, I started tongueing his cock and started to sock his cock, it was hard to get it in my mouth but I managed. It was going to be a challenge to take his length, I had never had a cock this size before. I took my time and gradually started to get more of the cock deeper in my mouth without gagging. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock deeper and deeper. He was fucking my mouth and his balls were hitting my throat as I took his full length, he stoppped and shuddered and then he had an explosion of cum deep into my throat, I couldnt take it all and pulled off his cock with cum spilling out of my mouth.
I was stuffed, my mouth was sore, I swallowed what cum I could, I was sweating profusely. I looked over and the other guy has also got a mouth ful of cum.
Next thing I know I am being lead out of the steam room and pushed up against the wall of a shower, the water felt good running over my head and body.
The guy I had just blown was in the shower next to me and his cock looked huge even when it was limp. he reached across and pinched my backside and smiled………..looks like that cock is going to fill another one of my holes