Sex with village parrots part-1

Im Devji, the only male member of my big family. Three aunts and my mother are the elders, all just below forty. Five cousin sisters are all just from 19 to 21.Each exceeds the other in her beauty. Yes, you can’t stop the desire of fucking, seeing each. Such is the colour and complexion. About me. As I am the only boy, I am always a special to all. Though I’m in my 19, you’ll promise that I’m in 23. Such is my body structure and colour. Moreover the size of my penis, when it got erected some 11 inches long and 5.5 inches around. In super rose colour. The girls only are bringing me up. Each day each girl is bathing me.
Before going to my first fucking event, I must introduce my thickest friend Saleem, who is my sex teacher or even my sex guru. He is in his 21, with perfect body structure. Both are studying in our village government school, that too in 8th class. Even before my puberty, we were mastrubating one another. One day white liquid oozed out from my penis. Saleem told me that I got my puberty and I could start fucking any girl. As I am having colourful parrots , I have plenty of chances to enjoy. He advised me to fuck one by one that too with out knowing one to the other. He requested me to give him also some chances.
The day came. It was a fine Thursday. It was Manju’s turn to bathe me. She is my mom’s sister’s daughter. She is an angel. While bathing me all make me nude and only bath me. They also would be in their nighy that too with full front open. There would be no upper and lower inners. Manju closing the doors made me nude. Started bathing me. As usual I pulled the zip of her nighty up and down. Not only that, all would suck my penis for a joy. That day I wanted to start the game.. While moving the zip, I held her boobs alternatively, pressed and kneaded both. She liked it very much. She felt some different touch from my hands. The body chemistry worked out. She became horny. She threw her nighty away and became stark naked. She raised her body a little bit and brought her boobs near my mouth. I started munching them. Bit the nipples . Licked them and sucked them. I pulled the nipples using my mouth and dashed like a calf drinking milk from the mother cow.
She became mad. But she didn’t come forward to fuck me thinking that I was still a little boy. She started applying soap on my penis and moved my fore skin. After washing she started to suck. After that I couldn’t control myself. My little boy got his magnification and moved up and down. Seeing that 11 inches monster, she wondered and excited very much. Raising her head, she asked me whether I got my puberty. I blinked and acted. She held my penis in her two hands and told me that I could fuck any girl. Blinking again and asked her what was fucking meant. In between that conversation I could hear some bubbling sound from her cunt. The viscky liquid was oozing.
She told me that she would teach me about fucking in practical. She got up and moved very near to me. She pulled my penis very near to her cunt hole and dashed her hips. My little brother had his first visit inside a cunt. I stood still. She only moved her hips and fucked me. She asked me to dash my hips also. I started my first fucking. Our two hips dashed against each other like two goats dashing their heads vigorously.
We two both got very much excited. She hugged me tightly and pressed her boobs on my chest. Unable to control myself, I kissed her entire face inch by inch. Suddenly she gave me a French kiss. Yes, she kissed on my mouth, bit my lips and bit my tongue also. She admitted her tongue inside my mouth and rolled over. She sucked my saliva and I also did the same. She got her orgasm two times. After some fifteen or twenty minutes we both touched the peak. For the first time my little boy vomited the white milk inside a pussy. Our bodies shivered and sweating flew out. We both closed our eyes and swallowed the pleasure little by little for about 10 minutes.
Her lust couldn’t be quenched. Yes, she wanted to continue the game with vigour. She asked me to lay down. She started sucking my penis. I was in no way inferior to her. After tasting the first fucking, my little brother also was craving to continue. So got up with more vigour and looked like grown one more inch. Seeing that erected crowbar, she started to dig hole , sitting on me. She moved up and down and vigorously . Her hair spread in all directions and her boobs flew up and down more vigorously than their mistress. As that was the second attempt my penis didn’t lose it’s temper even an iota. There was a great fight between the cunt and penis like a shield and sword.
After a long 30 minutes, we both came at a time. She lay on my chest and took rest. Someone tapped the door, so urgently both dressed ourselves. Manju asked from me a promise of not telling about that to anyone in the family. I also got the same from her. Before leaving the place, she told me a secret. All the girls are reading sex stories and seeing porn videos.
So I thought, wicket taking would be very easy and I should plan perfectly. In my second part I want to write about how I took the second wicket Ramya and gave a chance to Rahim to fuck the lusty girl Manju. Yes she would like very much to be fucked by the donkey penis of Saleem. OK take care. Bye bye.