Spring Break Visitor Night 1

It was a great start to spring break. I had just purchased and moved into my first house in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Before I could finish unpacking the last box I received a phone call from my younger cousin Amanda. It was her first year of college in Florida. When she heard from her Mother that I had a home with a pool and hot tub she begged for her and some friends to stay over for spring break. I caved and a few hours later she showed up with 3 of her girlfriends. One of them stood out to me the most. Her name was Dani. She had a slight Brazilian accent, She was tall with a athletic body and perfect tits.

The first night they stayed we all ended up in the pool. After a few drinks and some bong hits we found ourselves skinny dipping in the pool. 3 of the girls were completely naked including my cousin. Dani only took her top off to show her perky B sized breasts. I prayed and prayed she would take her thong off. As I prayed I noticed she had bulge. I kept looking and after a second I spotted the shape of a nice thick cock in her thong. After realizing she was transgender and  how beautiful she was I wanted her even more.

By 1:00 AM, only Dani and I were left in the hot tub. We began to talk and I could tell she noticed I could not keep my eyes off her body. Soon she was right next to me with her hand on my naked thigh. As my cock began to stiffen, I finally asked her why she didn’t take her thong off like the rest of the girls. She looked at me nervously and placed my hand on her dick. It began to get hard and she said “this is why.” I grabbed her cock firmly to show her my continued attraction.

She quickly stood me up and had me sitting on the edge of the hot tub. She pulled my now throbbing manhood out and began to give me the sloppiest blow job i ever had. She covered my cock in her spit and jerked her beautiful  cock. As she deepthroated me entirely she began to moan. She quickly stood up and released her big warm cumshot all over my pulsating cock.

When she saw the excitement in my face she told me not to cum yet. She dropped back to her knees and started to suck her cum off of me. My cock glided in out of her throat. Soon I felt her finger by my asshole. She slowly slipped her index finger deep into my ass while still deepthroating me. Two more minutes passed and I could no longer hold my cum. I whispered “Dani, you are going to make me cum!” I finally came and she shoved my dick deeper than she had before. Dani swallowed every little bit. Once she cleaned my cock she did not say a word and walked off towards the guest bathroom.