Fun with them

Having fun with the musical girl who says she’s a boy

So my school does a musical every year in the summer and I offered to help with the stage crew. So I was there most days helping organize and moving the set around And during the whole thing one of the cast members cought my eye they were a girl planning I’m switching to a boy. And they would always wear tank tops without bras I would always stare at them because they had massive tits they were. They were 15 turning 16 and when they turn 16 they decided to wear a white tank top that was cropped and booty shorts because in their words it was really hot she was kind of tan so I could see you right through her tank top and see her nipples. I couldn’t help but stare at them the entire time when they were on stage they didn’t have to put on costumes yet and their ass and tits would constantly be jiggling by the time rehearsals ended It was dark outside and while I was going to my car I saw them sitting there outside on a bench so I took action without them noticing I got to my car and grabbed the sunglasses, gloves and face mask I keep in my car after I put them on I made my way towards them.

When I got to them I wasted no time grabbing them and pulling them towards the field and one sweet were decently far in the field I forced her on the ground and pulled her tank top off exposing her tits I told her “she was a real slut for not wearing a bra” then I started playing with them. They tried to fight back but I was bigger Then them So it didn’t work I’m taking her booty short and panties off and I’m holding her down while I take out my dick and I cover her mouth while I start fucking her and she tries forcing me off her but I just keep slapping her when she tries.

Eventually she accepted it while crying a bit and let me hold her legs up while I fucked her hard she was moaning and her pussy was really wet and I could feel how tight she was from how she gripped on my dick. when I cam I made sure to do it all over her face after I put her panties back on I take her booty shorts and tell her “if she’s going to be a slut and show off her ass she might as well do it fully” she was laying there so I took out my phone and since her tits were out still I snapped a few pics of them and told her “she should dress more like a slut since that’s what you are” after that I left got in my car and drove away

The next day I rehearsal and I saw her That was really happy with what I saw she was wearing a tube top and a mini skirt with thigh highs and whenever someone would call her them or they she would correct them and tell them she was now with her and she. And when I saw her waiting outside again I made sure to go gentle on her since she was being a good slut

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