The show must go on

Young girl is kidnapped and abused on stage.

Ken was really enjoying his relationship with Avery. Especially finding out she leans towards kinky when it comes to sex.
They were on there way to a private club that Avery was a member and this would be his introduction into real kink. He was told that no matter what happened he could not interfere. That once the show started no one was allowed to enter or leave the club.
The entered the side door past the guards that Avery obviously knew. They picked up some drinks and sat at a table to the left of the stage but there was obviously no bad seat in the place. All the lights were lowered except for the stage. 4 woman entered dragging a young girl with them. She could not have been more then 12 or 13. One of the woman moved to the front of the stage and introduced herself as Ashley. She told the small crowd the the young girl was just kidnapped an hour ago and was to be the sex toy for the night. With no time waisted she was stripped of all her clothes. A padded saw horse was moved center stage and she was stretched over the saw horse. Her hands were tied to the front legs and her legs were tied to the back legs.
Now Ken was always attracted to young girls but never stepped over the line but he had to admit his dick was already bursting against his pants.
A small cart was wheeled from the side stage and place next to the young girl. Each of the woman reached over and grabbed a at what was there. One had a paddle. One a catty 9tail, one a riding crop and one a short whip. They took there respective places and began to whip and paddle the young girl. The paddle was being used on her ass and the riding crop on the back of her thighs. The others were working over her back. Ken had never heard screaming like that but it turned him on even more. He looked at Avery and she was smiling a devilish smile.
Another woman entered the stage and the others stopped what they where doing. She took a few moments to admire all the stripes on the young girl. She worked her way around the back side of the girl and admired her perfect little red ass. She began to gently kiss her ass as though it would somehow make it feel all better. She placed one hand on each cheek and spread them wide for all to see. Her eyes filled with lust as she her tongue touch her anus for the first time. She began slowly at first but couldn’t help but indulge herself with pure lust.
But that was only the beginning. She stood and reached over to the cart and retrieved her favorite strap on dildo. As she attached it the other ladies were liberally spreading the lube. Working it into the young ass and covering the strap on. She gentle at first placed the hear at the opening and looked up. The other ladies laid their hands on her holding her still. She grabbed the young girls shoulders and with one quick thrust she entered the virgin ass. The screams where echoing through the club as the mistress pumped the young girls ass.
More to come in part 2