Transgender party

Tony and his girlfriend Clare had become friends with another couple Richie (a gay guy ) and Toni (his transgender partner ). Richie worked with Tony and had become firm friends. And had been out for meals in the past. But Clare was unsure about been invited to a party by transgender especially as Toni had occasionally groped Clare’s ass. Anyway they went, Clare looked great wearing a sexy dress, open back. When they arrived they where introduced to another transgender couple Brad and Maria (a sexy transgender from Brazil ). The night was going well, drinking, food and plenty of music. And smoking weed seemed to happen as well. Tony went and got another drink for him and Clare but when he got back she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He was distracted by Brad and Maria, who was flirting with him. In the mean time Clare who was quite drunk had been helped into a bedroom. And between Richie and Toni had stripped her naked and where taken advantage of her condition. And Richie was making Clare suck his cock as Toni started to lick and finger Clare’s bald pussy. Soon Toni was naked and slipped her big cock inside Clare. (About 8inches ). The moans off Clare was loud as both Richie and Toni fucked Clare’s pussy and mouth. In the meantime outside in living room Tony had felt dizzy and with the help off Brad and Maria was getting undressed and the pair began taken advantage off him. Maria began sucking  Tony’s cock and wasn’t long before she broken his virgin ass by forcing her cock inside him. Wow the pain but he began enjoying it and when she cum in his ass, Brad was their to clean cum from Tony’s hole. Clare was fucked without mercy and her pussy fulled with both Toni and Richie’s cum. She staggered out and saw her husband Tony on his back getting drilled with Brad’s big cock, as Maria fucked his mouth. Omg she looked stunned. But before she could say anything Toni and Richie had come in and grabbed her and pulled her to the floor. Within five minutes their was Clare getting fucked by Maria and Toni, both transgender girls where using her her nipples where sucked raw, her pussy battered, her mouth fucked senseless her ass fingered. In the meantime Tony was getting spitroasted by Brad and Richie. After hours everyone fell asleep. Tony and Clare held each other shaking from what had happened. Everyone took turns to shower  both Clare and Tony didn’t want anyone know what happened to them. By now Brad and Maria had left. As they dressed and about to go, a naked Toni said where you going. Home they cried. Not yet as she took Clare’s hand and dragged her into the bedroom. Tony watched as door closed . He heard moaning and crying come from the room. He sat on the settee like a child been told not to move. 20 Minutes later the door opened. Out walked Richie holding Clare’s knickers, and smelling them. Mmmm he said tastes off pussy and cum he laughed. Tony pushed him to one side and looked into the room, their was his wife naked with Toni firmly fucking her ass, as she rubbed her pussy. When it was all over Toni kissed Tony on the lips and Clare look forward to next time. When Clare and Tony got home they agreed to tell no one a out it. But Toni and Richie had other plans, infact they intended to use both off them again to next time.