My adventures: part 1

New year night party turned to be a sexual encounter.

It was the time of late Christmas. The first day of year was a day away . Me and some of my friends planned to party 🎉 in first night of New year 2023.
The venue was finalized in a club located the outskirts of city. Basically it was an adult club.

Hello guys this is zaina(22) here a transwoman (post op) from Mumbai, India. I am living here for a few years. My mom dad live in our hometown which is a small but preety place, full village Vibes.
I do some part time jobs here in Mumbai and also I am a fashion designer graduate .
I am pretty tall ,not skinny not chubby. I am in my good curve shape.

The night I wore a line split dress of black colour. Me and my one of friends went out for party. We were a little bit late others were already there . I was shocked to see Peter. He was my ex bf . Later I knew he was there for another party organised by his friends.he came to say me hello. He asked my current status. I told him that’ I am in relationship with a guy , my new bf ‘. I asked about his..he said he is still single.. I head towards my friends. We were 6 friends there and also 2 guys who were bf of two of them.
It was a glossy night. There was music dance lighting all over. We strated to take out first round of drinks.everyone was happy there with starting a new year. We danced and drank simultaneously. All of us were fully drunken laying on illuminated tables, disco sofas, chairs except me and one guy. Although I was partially drunken. Meanwhile somebody squeezed and pressed my boobs but I couldn’t see him either and or even I couldn’t resist. I was a little horny too. I could feel my panty was wet a bit already. Nil( my friend’s bf) approach to me and tried to kiss me. I resisted and refused. Bcz jini( his gf) was my close friend. So I should not do that. But he didn’t stop. He praised my body, dress and everything.

Nil I want to do sex with you.
Me how you can do this. You can’t cheat jini .
N. It’s okay. She is senseless now. Also how can I
Not. I have feelings for you since I saw you
today .
M. You basterd. …mmmmmm
N. I am feeling loss for not having you as gf . Tell
Me you want to be my gf . I will break up with
M. I am getting angry on you . Go away….
N. Ok . I know you are worrying about your
friend. But please just make love with me
tonight . I won’t break up with jini . I will take
care her. Today is the first best chance for us.

He suddenly put his hands into my bra and put something. I saw a bunch of money stucked between my boobs. He told me ‘ I can do anything for you to get you. I counted those were very handsome amount. I was going to return but he moved and asked me to keep those even if I don’t give him tonight my body to enjoy. I did not argue on this. I simply put those in my purse . He went to drink more. I headed towards washroom to get fresh. Seeing me to go to washroom he followed me and grabbed my boobs from back while I was in washroom. Then he started to press and pinch my nipples. I was also getting horny. He did it for more than a minute but I didn’t resist. So then he finally understood my signal. I knelt down and unzipped his pant . His giant black dick came out. I was getting more horny. Without wasting any time I started to suck his cock after spitting on it . He was also cooperating by pushing his cock in my mouth . It was a perfect sloppy blowjob . The slurp slurp sound was full in the washroom area. Although his weapon was stinking a little bit but I didn’t stop to suck . Mmmmmmm….ahhhhhhh….👄. I sucked that for 6-7 minutes straight. He got a Boner. I asked him then to fuck my pusssy. He was ready for that from the very first. I put my panty down off . Now he was all set to penetrate me.but I wasn’t mobilized . I asked him to lick and suck my kitty . He instantly started to lick…I was moaning like mmmmmmmmmmm……shhhhhhhh….uffffff
Suck baby …put your tongue….oooohhhhhhhh…..oooooooooo…hoooo…..ahhhhhhhh … Then I was watering too… I asked him to put his dick… I set that and he gave thrust which lead it to go in me fully. I was standing by one leg by wall and one on floor . He told me ‘ you are a big perfect bitch.’ bcz I took his dick easily… I replied with lust full voice ” yeah I know I am a great bitch’ . “…mmmmmm he was fucking in full speed.. it was full of our fucking sounds in that areana….thup thup.thup thup thup thup …fuk fuk fuk .. ..
We changed our sex position. Now it was like doggy style.he was pounding me from back Holding my boobs . I could see him fucking me from the back in the mirror in front of me.. it was a awesome pleasure. His dick was then started to throbbing inside me… I knew he was about to cum …. before I tell him something.he cummed in me . It was a flow a hot spearms inside my vagina. I was in heaven… He was tired and pull out his dick and sat down. Cum was oozing from my pusssy. I peed and cleaned myself and get dressed. He put some more money in my panty and asked about next date when I would be free. I did not answer…but I gave him my phone number and came out from there..

My friends were slowly getting conscious. They were leaving.. they asked about me.. I said I want to drink a little more… Jini was searching for nil… Meanwhile he showed up . Reethu wanted to join me in drinking. I welcomed her. Other friends including nil left for home with jini. It was late night already. There were although very much people present in club .. we started to drink again . Some guys were looking me inappropriately.. I was pretty much drunk. Meanwhile a male waiter come to me and said ” mam boss is calling you”. I said ” wtf ! Why is your boss calling me” .
He took me to his boss .. I asked reason .. he said “nothing much… You have a client waiting there . Do you want to do it now. He asked me if you are available. And he is willing to pay any amount you want ” I saw he(client) was a middle aged men sitting on sofa with my drunken blurred eyes. He seemed to be rich. I came back and continue drinking with reethu. I was drinking on sitting couch. I was feeling sleepy. I don’t know what happened then…………

When I came back in sense I found myself on a bed in a room laying naked. There was full of sticky dried cum all over my body . ……

To be continued.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅