Where am I?

I wake up in a white room, tied to a hopital bed at my wrists, ankles and neck. I struggle to break free but can’t. I start to yell, i’m panicking, I don’t remember getting here. I start screaming and a woman in a white lapcoat comes in the room. “Who are you!? Where am I?!” She smiles and walks closer. 
“You have been slected for groundbreaking surgery.”
“Surgery? But I am not ill! How long have I been in here? When will this surgery happen?” She smiles again, her smile is wicked as if she enjoys my fear.
“You have been in here for 3 weeks, the surgery happened three weeks ago.” I Froze. I didn’t know what they had done. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to think. She walked up to the side of the bed and pulled a lever, and the bed raised to an almost vertical angle facing a mirror. And there i saw myslef, a Beutiful Female body, with a 9 inch unerect penis. My face and body looked totally different, an my penis looked giant. This only panicked me more, I have a wife, a job, a social life, all of it is ruined. I cannot lead a normal life anymore because someone changed me into a woman. I looked at the woman.
“What have you done!” She was still smiling. 
“You will thank me soon enough”. With that she left the room.

 I began to cry. My whole life was ruined and i didn’t know how this happened. I could’t live a normal life as a woman either, I have a nine inch penis. I was left looking at myself in the mirror for what felt like hours. Then a man and the same woman came back in and I started yelling again “Let me go! I have a Family! How can you just abduct someone like this!” They were both smiling like before. 

  “Well i guess some explaining is in order” The man stepped forward to face me. “You were selected to become part of our facility of Transexuals.” I strated to scream again. At which point the woman approached me and injected me with something, it must have been a paralysis drug because i could no longer move, but i was still conscious. The man continued as if nothing had happened. “We selected you based on your body shape, height and age. We did sevral things to your body, We reprofiled your face, gave you hair implants, used a new laser treatment on your face so you will never grow any facial hair again, shaved everywhere from your neck down and did the same. Over the last 3 weeks we have been injecting you with a fast acting Female hormone to stimulate the growth of Breasts, we gave you a penis enlargement and some lyposuction, and plumpened your hips and backside to give you more of a female form.” The woman was still smiling. “You are hereby property of the commitee, and soon you will be allowed to live in the facility, once you learn to be obedient.” With that him and the woman left the room again. My head was reeling. they had totally changed all of my appearence and i still didn’t know why. I could only wait.

After a few hours the paralysis wore off. the woman returned to the room pushing a trolley. “Hello Sarah, How are you doing?”
“Oh so know I am sarah?” I snarled back at her.
“Oooh, you have an attitude. We will fix that shortly.” She went to the trolley and pulled out a collar and put it on me. She then stood well away from me, pushed a button on the wall and i was released from the bed. I slumped to the floor, feeling very weak. After no more than a second the collar began electrocuting me. It was the worst pain i have ever felt, and I had no control over my body spasming. After a few seconds that felt like forever, the electrocution stopped. “That is what will ahppen if you don’t do as I say. Do you understand?” I looked up from the floor and nodded. I didn’t want the pain again. “Good. Now stand.” It took sevral goes for me to reach my feet, my muscles were weak from 3 weaks of doing nothing. I stood there, scared, humilated and full of hate for this woman. “Ok, turn around and lean over on the bed.” I did as I was told. “Now stay!” She was talking to me like a dog. I heard her getting something from the troley and before i could turn around i felt a needle in my backside, and something was being injected. I tried to struggle but by the time i did the injection was done. My backside began to tingle, and my anus began to relax and swell. It was a horrible sensation. I began to squeal and she gave me an electric shock again with the collar. “Good girls don’t squeal!” The next thing she did was insert her finger into my anus with a cool jelly. I knew what was coming and was helpless to prevent it. As soon as her finger was out I felt a penis in my anus. At first it just sat sat at the entry, but after a few sconds it was jammed in deep. I didn’t know who’s it was, but it was definately a penis, too warn to be rubber. I Exected there to be pain, but it felt incredible. The drugs had made it feel like the best thing in the world. The penis stayed in my ass for a short time, and then started moving in and out fucking me. Slowly at first, then gradually gaining speed. I was in heaven. It was a million times better than any orgasm. Ten i felt the warm semen fill my anal cavity and the fucking ceased. Then i heard the womans voice “Did you like that?”
“Yes, Please give me more I want more!”
“Well that is all for today sarah. Stand up and turn around.”
I did as I was told to see the woman standing there, with a huge penis standing tall from her waist. “I was once like you, confused, scared. But the facility has everything you will ever want, It is heaven.” I smiled at her. That feeling was so good, i will sacrifice my life for it.

Late at night, i’m playing with my asshole and the man comes in. “Hello Sarah”. I looked at him and smiled “I take it you enjoyed Laura’s Gift to you?” I nodded. “Good. Now i have something for you” With that he walked over to me, undid his zipper and told me to hold my knees at my ears. I Knew what was coming and did it instantly. Before he entered, he injected me once again and i got the same buzz as last time. “See, sarah, we love you. We want your relationship with this facility to last. Do you want that?” I nodded again. “Good. I hope you stay here.” With that he penetrated me again. As soon as his penis entered my asshole I felt perect. I was in ecstacy, I Forgot about everything i would never see or do, I would be in this facility forever, but the feeling was incredible. As he bgan to fuck me he started to play with my penis, making the feeling even more amazing. He fucked me for a long time, in perfect silence, I wanted it to last forever. He gave one large thrust and i knew he was cumming in my ass, with which he started to pump my punis even harder and I came. Words cannot describe the feeling, I have never had anythhing like it.

 He pulled out and stood up. “Clean yourself up, I want to introduce you to the other girls.” He took me to a shower room where I washed my perfect, hairless body very quickly, I wanted more. I came back out, my long hair still very wet and my body naked anxious to meet the others. The man took me down a coridor into a large room, where around 30 transexuals, all as beautiful as can be imagined were there sucking, fucking and being fucked by each other. I looked at the man and he nodded, without hesitation i ran up to the mass orgy and joined in. Within a minute i was giving a blow job, being fucked and fucking someone’s ass. I was home. So many questions were still unanswered, but I had forgotten about all of them, and didn’t care. I wouldn’t leave this place for all of the money in the world.